Sunday, 25 September 2011

Crow...Keeper of the Sacred Law...." Will You Shape Shift"

Crow Totem-Stanley Park British Columbia

Crow you are have a piercing stare. I feel you know more than I do, but, like me you can be mis-understood. Do I really know you?

Crow, you pierce me with your stare and you ask me....

"Follow me into the veil of darkness...your Inner World...Know what I know...Step into the Mysteries....Know the unknowable mysteries within your Creation...

....I am the Keeper of the Sacred Laws....

Crow & The Moon (In Tarot the Moon can be Illusion)

I am perceived as" Illusion", you may not hear my voice, yet I am forever whispering from the hidden soul within...reminding you of the "Universal Laws or Law of Attraction"

In Native Legend, Crow can bend the laws of the Physical Universe and "Shape Shift"...taking on another physical form to observe what is happening far away. (Quote Sams and Carson-Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals)

(Google Photo)

Crow is the master of Illusion. He can "Shape Shift" ...bringing an awakening in the process.

....I Look at You and I Ask...

Vancouver British Columbia
(Photo by Ravenmyth)

" What is your Illusion?"
"What Form do you take on?"
"What is your Perceived Self"

I believe we come to this world with a "Signature" and we spend the rest of our lives trying to find it...hence the understanding of where we fit within the cosmos of life.

We as human beings are on our Life Quest of " Self Discovery"...unraveling the Mystery of our own Creation....

....And Crow Asks..... " Follow Me"...

Lets take a leap
 "Follow Me into your own Worlds upon Worlds"

Crow-Piercing the Veil

What do you "See" reflecting back to you as you pierce the "Layers of your Mask"

Coast Salish Carving-Crow Mask

....." Fall with Faith into Your Worlds".....
"May you always be Inquisitive in what lies beyond what you can "See"

(Photo-Deviant Art)

In your World do you reflect the "Illusion" of "Fear" around your "Self Worth"
In your World do you "Perceive"...." I never measure up to the "Expectations" of other's....I KNOW I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH"
In your World do you say.... " I am not "Responsible for what I "Create"

In your World do you say.... " I am "Fine"...everything is " Good"...when your World is crumbling around you"

Am I Illusion

My World of "Fear" can sometimes carry the "Illusion" of depression and loss of hope and faith in my purpose.
My World of "Perception" says .... " Stop trying, it is never good enough anyways"
My World of "Responsibility" ....." I am not "Responsible" and then I give all the "Reasons" why"

My World of "Denial" I allow others to enable me to allow myself to live the untruths I have created to survive the fear of what is really happening in my life.

 Will I Turn Away

My World has deep will I allow the Piercing stare of Crow to penetrate those layers and begin the awakening process of Change?

.....An the Soul Whispers....

Human Law is not the same as Sacred Law.
(Quote Sams and Carson)
We adapt our Worlds to fit into the acceptable behaviour patterns of "Society". We are the "Illusion" ....within an "Illusion".

Crow & Raven

"Crow sees the Physical World and the Spiritual World as humanity interprets an Illusion. There are billions of Worlds....there are Infinite Creatures...the Great Spirit is Within All" (Quote Sams and Carson)

Omen of Change

There is an essence of the "Death Card" in Tarot within this photo which I call "Crow-Omen of Change. Within the Tarot, Death can depict new beginnings and the end of old is a process of change from one state to another. It falls in the area of Life Challenges for Endings, Transition, Elimination and Transformation. Change is one of the hardest challenges the Human Spirit faces on a daily basis.

....Crow comes to you as an Omen of Change....

 Will You Follow Me?

(Quote Sams and Carson)
"Are you Cawing so I may know the secrets of Balance within my Soul?"
"Are you sending your Sacred Caw just to remind me of Universal Laws?"(end Quote)

You Choose....Where does your World lie within the "Call of Crow"?

The Human Soul, like Crow lives in he Void and has no sense of time. Crow sees Past, Present and Future simultaneously...merging light and darkness...seeing your Inner World of Reality and your Outer World of Reality.

Crow and Wolf (Illusion and The Teacher)

When you allow the process of change to unravel the Illusions you
have lived in your Worlds you begin to be the Voice of your own Soul. It is now that
Your Voice becomes a powerful Advocate for your "Voice in the Wilderness"....pulling up through the layers of your Illusions and stepping into Crow.
"Crow  teaches us to Know ourselves beyond the limitations of one-dimensional thinking of Laws" (Quote, unknown Author)

Crow teaches you to dissolve old patterns and live your part in the "Universal Law"....for it takes one to begin change that will then reverberate through Worlds upon Worlds.
" Be willing to walk your talk, speak your truth and know your life's mission. "(Quote Sams and Carson)

...."Shape Shift Your Soul"....

The Magic of Crow

Be that Shape Shifter....bend the Physical Laws
.... Shape Shift your Worlds....

....Personal Integrity becomes your Guide...
....You no longer feel Alone....
....Personal Will guides you to stand in your Truth....
....You are now Mindful of your Opinions and Actions....
....Balance Past, Present and Future into the Now....

Know that we all live in Multiple Worlds...shifting between our layers in the Human Condition....due to our fear of change.

Be Crow Magic

Create with Crow Magic and appreciate the many dimensions of who you are. Learn to trust your personal integrity and your intuition.


....Crow Asks....


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  1. wow m the first to comment :)
    Raven in India we had some great philosophers in past one of them is Chanakya... I don't if u have heard of him..

    But ur post reminded me one of his quote-
    "Learn one thing from a lion; one from a crane; four a cock; five from a crow; six from a dog; and three from an ass."

    5 things to learn from crow r:

    Having sexual intercourse in private,
    saving or collecting from time to time,
    being alert,
    never totally trusting anyone,
    collecting others by making sound,
    learn these five from the crow.

    He said:
    [Trusting others is an important value in modern times. If someone betrays the trust it can cause an irreparable catastrophe. Betrayal of trust has caused fall of kingdoms, killing of kings. Husband & wives have gone mad and murdered each other; businesses were destroyed - because of betrayal. So blind trust is not the right policy.]

    Nice Read..
    ur posts always give a thought to think upon

  2. Wow! can't believe that this post was about the Crow. When I was walking my dog today in the park we saw a couple of crows. Interesting!

  3. @ Jyoti..happy to have you the first to comment...and always a pleasure to have your input. Thank you sharing the words of Chanakya...and I feel we do learn from Totem Animals..are we not all connected.My posts are meant to inspire thought and input from those who take the time to read and share..You have added more dimension to Crow...Always...

  4. @ Sea Green Natural...thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. Yes, Crow is very much mis-understood. They are beleived to be one of the most intelligent birds on the planet and they were the first birds to use Tools . I watched an amazing Documentary on them and I will never look at them the same again. They are really Smart...and highly community oriented. Always..

  5. crow is a very common bird in india. we wake up listening to crow's caw!caw! but never knew a crow had to offer much more than waking us up. now the wake up will have a different perspective. thank you Raven for sharing the spiritual CROW.

  6. @ bring a smile to my face. Yes, crow is somewhat of a nuisance in most cities and countries...but they have so much value if you look we see in most things in life. I am so happy to share Spiritual Crow with you...and maybe a new perception on the Wake Up Call of Crow...Always...

  7. I love love crows Raven. What a delightful post! Intelligent and smart, they are very resourceful. Love them. Great post, thanks!

  8. @Jyoti Mishra- Loved ur comment!

    Raven its a great post..coz it requires lot f thoughtfulness to write on any odd topic as ths shows depth of ur insight.

    I am glad a got one more new friend n good creative soul.

    Keep it up!

  9. I have always been fascinated by the crow. I have thought of it as omnipresent, present everywhere and observing us. How true when you say that change is the toughest challenges we human being face in our everyday lives. It is so difficult to let go of the old for the new. I know I have died many time in my life to be born again. With every destruction there is transformation. I believe in it but I know it is not an easy process because we are so afraid. Another wise and thought provoking post from you Leeann. Thank you for sharing this.

  10. @ is nice to see someone who loves and understands Crows and the intelligence they exhibit....all we have to do is look deeper.We have alot of them around Deer Lake and every night at around 5:30 you can see hundreds of them flying to their rookeries. You can set your clock by their flight...

    @ Mani...welcome to Ravenmyth. Yes, Crow is a different topic...but they have alot to teach if we are willing to look beyond what we see...and be open. There is a synchronicity in Totem Animals that ties the Esoteric to the Human Spirit...all we have to do is have the Faith to Follow...thank you for adding your insight to this post...Always...

  11. Wonderful and insightful....

    In most world cultures the crow is considered to be highly inauspicious. However, in Indian mythology the crow is a symbol for caution. The crow warns all beings of incoming danger and thus serves the role of a protector and preserver. Due to this the crow has a revered role in Indian symbolism and is offered food during various sacred rites. The crow is also considered to be the vehicle of Dhumavati - one of the ten great wisdom goddesses or Dasa Mahavidyas.

  12. @ are wise beyond your years dear friend...I liked your reference that they are everywhere and they are see that in the photo I took..where he is staring right down the lens of the camera..I had no idea I had captured that shot until I loaded it into my computer...the destruction to transform is like the Rising of the Phoenix...never easy...always challenging...and yes, very much needed to unravel those layers of the many worlds we live in and project out. As Humans we become the masters of Illusion...To Change is to Shape Shift...I thank you for the wisdom you added to this post...Always my friend...

  13. I have been contemplating crows lately, even writing about them. Your post was stimulating. It drew me in and made me wonder. Beautiful post!

  14. Thank u for sharing this with us...Crows have a lot of importance in our Hindu culture...whenever we have a particular rituals..we take out the food that has been offered to the Gods,it is then offered to the crows...believing that our ancestors will get it....loved it a lot.

  15. I believe we come to this world with a "Signature" and we spend the rest of our lives trying to find it...hence the understanding of where we fit within the cosmos of life.
    Wow what a great quote!!! That will stay with me for a long while!!!

    Shape shifter yup definitely !!!! I stumbled and tweeted

  16. Raven you have been sorely missed dear writer! Crows are so mysterious and it is a joy to learn more about them through this post. I think in some cultures we are taught to fear the crow as they might bring some bad fortune, but in every dark spot there is light. I have sometimes been the illusion and am now transforming into the shape shifter. These words give me pause and much to ponder. Thank you as always!

  17. Crows used to frighten me... Now I find myself interested in them .. even more so after reading your post... Thanks for sharing Raven.


  18. I think a lot of people are shape-shifters. It helps them stay within their illusion or maybe the better term is delusion. They go into all of their relationships with a sense of... if they continue to keep up one of the many facades then nobody will figure out that all it is, is an illusion.

    An illusion that they are a great person, mother, father, bf/gf, employee, etc...

    Of course there are times when you should undergo a shape-shifting, ie shifting your mentality into a positive one, removing old habits; transforming your life and those around you for the better. (Becoming a better person without harming anyone.)

    It never fails to amuse me how many people on this planet still have no clue that every thing they do and say in this life affects others as a whole. That should be the lesson learned from the animal kingdom.

  19. Thanks to this post of yours crows have a new meaning ...never realized their potential.

  20. What's the difference between a Raven and a crow? Not much I see as they are both intelligent and far seeing creatures..

    Cheers wonderful and enlightening post

  21. I'm gonna have to let my husband read this post. He is part Cherokee Indian, and as you know, this is a big part of his heritage. He will truly appreciate this :) Thanks for sharing!

  22. Another enlightening and fascinating post!! The crow is often misunderstood as I am and like the crow I'm much too complex for most people to figure out. I've learned to trust myself more as the years go by but unfortunately doubts exist about what the hell I'm doing in this world. I discovered my signature 13 years ago but alas it died as does everything. Death is a new beginning as you say and I've been given the opportunity to fly like a crow again, hopefully I don't mess up this chance. Will visit again when I'm in a better frame of mind. Take care my friend!! Blessings :)

  23. In India Crows are really common but you portrayed a completely different Crow...liked it :)

  24. @ Janu...Thank you for the added Myth and Legend from the perspective of your culture.There are some similarities between the cultures and it is wonderful to integrate them on Ravenmyth...very much appreciated..It is nice to see that they are honoured during sacred rites...please share you wisdom anytime...Always...

    @ Leah...don't you just love syncronicity. I find it interesting that you have been writing about them ...and then read a post on them ...I am happy you enjoyed it...Always...

    @ Alpana...I have enjoyed reading the cultural significance that Crow has within your culture. You teach me...part of what Crow can do in the First Nations Culture is to connect with the Spirit World...and in yours carry food to your ancestors...similarities again...thank you my friend...Always...

    @ Jim...I am glad you enjoyed that phrase..sometimes they just come out of left field for me...I have to run and write them down before I is the Shape Shifter that learns and goes through the process of then transform...beginning to know his own signature...thank you Jim for adding to this post...Always...

    @ Tameka...thank you my friend..I know I missed all of you. It is a fine line between how we feel about fear and misfortune. Is it just the fear of change or is it unfortunate because we have to look deeper and make those changes...the death of self transforming and shape shifting into another form of self. Yes, I is food for thought. I think we walk in and out of illusion every day...the key is to someday shape shift and spend less time in illusion...thank you for adding this insightful comment that then causes more introspection on the subject of Crow...Always my friend...

    @ Debbie...that is wonderful Deb...I am happy you have a different perspective on Crows...they are very intelligent and interesting to watch. It is lovely to move out of the fear of something and into the wonder of it...thank you for sharing your feelings...Always...

    @ forjenssake...Yes, shape shifters can stay within their illusion/ is through discernment and understanding of self that they hopefully understand where they are within their Worlds...and yes, there are many who have not evolved to the understanding of how their daily actions affect the is only through experience, living a mindfull life and coming from truth that we can know anything.We are all on different rungs on the ladder within this process called life..Always a pleasure dear friend...

    @ is true...if we look beyond what we see...a whole new perspective can take form...I often feel they know more about us than we do about them...they have an awareness at all times that we do not live. When we become Aware of them...then we live what they live...thank you for being a part of this post...Always...

    @ BlogNostics...good question..Crow is the Protector of Ancient Records and Keeper of the Sacred Law...he is the bringer of change. Raven is Magic..and a bringer of change in consciousness. There are similarities in their Legend. Raven is the Messenger of the Void bringing back teachings of "Walking in the Mysteries"..but that will be another post...and yes, they are both intelligent and insightful...however...Raven is not usually feared or misunderstood where Crow is...thank you for adding to this post...Always...

  25. @ Mary...would love to have your husband read and comment on this post, sharing his cultural myths and legends around would bring more depth to the common thread we all share...thank you ...Always...

    @ David...I can see where you would feel that affinity to Crow...but, for those willing to go deeper into your complexities...there is so much to learn from. We mis-understand from our own fears...the key is to not take it on...walk in that Power of the Shape Shifter and be an example...not always easy though as you can feel like you are out of step with the world and swimming upsteam. I feel you discovered a part of your signature...a beautiful creature who helped you to write and live your story....yet there is more to come..I want to say to you..healer, heal thyself...for you carry so much compassion...and through Erin you were able to exercise that, I think much easier than with people. Yet, you have a purpose to fulfill....and then Cody comes into your life...and together you will write more stories..another world and level within you signature...teaching us all along the way...a pleasure my dear friend...I love the way you commented " In The Moment"...Always...

    @ Abhisek...they are pretty common in North America also...yet mostly unseen..they are intriging creatures...I agree with Jen...there is always something to learn from the Animal Kingdom...happy to have you here Abhisek...Always...

  26. THANK YOU Ravinmyth this was a really thoughtful action by you!!! I really appreciate it, your very kind!! I am honored and touched

  27. @ take us into a wonderful world of the visual intertwined with stories...your blog is such a soothing place to be...a palet of colour and a look into places that some will never see in person, but can through your camera made that happen...and it is so much appreciated by so is absolutley my pleasure to share and honour all your hard work...Always friend....

  28. What a wonderful reading this is. The crow is a fascinating bird, with many myths and stories behind it's existence. I love the way you have written this.
    This is perfect for where I am on my journey right now. Thank you so much for posting this.

  29. @ is so great when someone reads a post and it is syncronistic to what is taking place in their lives at the just confirms the phrase I use..." Walking in the Mysteries"..we are where we need to be in the moment. I agree there are many myths and stories around Crow and it is nice to see some of them being shared on this post by those who read and comment. Thank you for your valuable addition to "Crow"...Always..

  30. Have you ever seen a group of angry crows go after a hawk? It's really something to see. They are smart enough to work together to chase off a threat to their families. You don't want to mess with Crow!

  31. @ Orea...I have seen them after an
    Eagle..more than one. And yes, they are very intelligent and very community oriented. I have also seen them work with tools to accomplish something...I would rather learn from them than Mess with them...great contribution Orea...thank you...Always...

  32. Wonderful post! Very interesting. When I was a kid, out neighbor raised a crow and taught it to talk - honest. It sounded king of like a parrot. But it was magical!

    BTW - my button is fixed and on my blog. Thank you for your suggestions....:)

  33. Ravenmyth your blog is so spiritual and inspiring..
    I am so captivated by the Wolf and always have been, they are a great teacher for humans.. Where i live i have seen them on occassion, here and always tracks close by.. I love nature, ans am trying to instill in my grand-daughters the importance of respecting nature and enjoying all it has to offer..My oldest loves visiting know there is still much to see here and will be still surfing your blog..ty for sharing..your insights, knowledge and love of life..loves ya

  34. Amazing! Crow is intimately associated with many Indian legends and folklore.
    A bird (crow) protagonist named Kakabhusundi in Ramcaritamanasa -an epic work by Indian medieval saint poet Tulsidas has been depicted to enter in mouth of Lord Rama,reaches to his belly and beholds many ‘Brahmand” (i.e. Universe in modern lingo.)
    Thus narrates Kakabhusundi,” I beheld multitudinous universes with many strange spheres each more wonderful than the rest, with countless stars, suns and moons, innumerable mountains and vast terrestrial globes …..Everything I saw had a distinctive stamp of its own universe…..”
    Crow is an intelligent bird as has been documented by many ethologists and ornithologists! Definitely this trait was very well known to our ancient ancestors who were great observer of nature!
    Enjoyed reading post and comments!

  35. A reappraisal:
    About Chanakya's observation on the behaviour of crow (Ref,Jyoti Mishra's comment )of having sexual intercourse in private,yes it is one of most puzzling , intriguing and curious behaviour of crows. I despite being from rural area where crows abound have not even seen them courting even single time ....and to see it is a bad omen also , a curse declaring even the death of observer.Though a scientific inquiry does not care for such things but the behaviour is really very intriguing and needs explanation. i have not read any paper as yet describing this very strange behaviour of the crow. Do they feel shy doing it in vicinity of humans/or being watched ?:)May not be surprising seeing their self awareness and intelligence!

  36. I walk with crow, perhaps for too long. They are my family. So obsessed with the shadow it consumes you. You become shadow- passed by, forgotten, master of taboo. Listen you will hear the caw. Are they laughing with you? In the dark you will always be able to spot the light.

  37. As a toddler (maybe 2 1/2 years old) I ran outside ahead of my mother. A crow flew and landed on my little shoulder. My mother was terrified, but I sensed to not be afraid. Mom wanted to shoo the crow away, but I raised my hand to her and said "no." The crow turned to my ear and made what I can only describe as "warm" chortling sounds. I had no fear at all; only a feeling that it cared a lot for me. The crew then flew up to the roof top, and eventually away. This was more than 50 years ago, and I have always had a strong affinity with crows since that day. When I see crows, I always listen to them to try to understand what they are saying to me; to us. Sometimes they are playful, sometimes very serious. I truly believe that crows are a connection between our "world" and the "spiritual" realities that lay beyond that which we "see."