Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Horse...Will you take back your Power?

Authors Note
I have contemplated the concept of "Power"
over the last year and came to that realisation of how
much outside influences can affect how we "Embrace"
or "Relinquish" our "Power". This would not be a
new concept of "Power"...it is an "Understanding"
of yet one more "Dynamic" or "Pattern" we use
within our own "Personal Survival"
I have observed, not only Myself, but those I care for
do the "Dance of Power"
I have witnessed how it either " Dis-Empowers" or
"Empowers" the "Spirit"...
depending on where "They Move" within
"Their Power"
Consider this...
Bringing The Vision
Mighty Horse
    Power to run across the open plains
Or the bring the Vision
Of the Shields
Dancing in Purple Dream Rain...
(Quote Sams & Carson)

The Vision of Me
You come to me with eyes that behold that which I can not see
If I look deeply....I may see the Vision of Me...
That which I seek, sometimes elusive...
Horse, you do not question the Power you Carry
It is Who you Are
You are your Vision

Horse Vision
Horse, you Dream your own Vision

Will I Dream Mine?
Do You Ask
When did I stop Dreaming?
When did I stop Believing in Me?
When did I let others have dominion over my Life?
When did I stop listening to the Cry of My Own Spirit?
Who Am I?
I Do Not Know Anymore?
When did I get lost?
Horse is a Physical and Unearthly Power.
In Shamanic Practises,
he allows Shamans to fly through the air and reach Heaven.
Before Horse humanity was Earthbound, Heavy Laden
and slow.
This could Metaphorically represent how we tend to be
...Feel Powerless...
...Fearful of Change...
...Laden with the weight of Life Challenges that we do not
seem to be able to Rise Above...
...Slow to Change...
However, upon aligning ourselves with Horse
humans altered their self concept.
Have we forgotten?
How Do I Perceive Myself?
Do I Even Know or Understand When I am Empowered?
Do I Know What Events Led Me To Feeling Empowered?
When Was The Last Time I Felt Empowered?
What Does Feeling Empowered Feel Like For Me?
Where Am I Within My Dance of Power?
Horse Cave Drawings
Horse was the first Animal Medicine of Civilisation.
We have seen their drawings depicted in caves and upon
the earth since the beginning of time.
(Quote Sams & Carson)
When man aligned with Horse, he began to feel Empowered
Black Stallion
Do You Seek?
Black Stallion asked...."Are you seeking an answer on your Journey?"
...I am from the Void where Answers Live....
Ask yourself
Have I been questioning lately?
I know we do at different stages of our life, depending on what
we are facing or experiencing at the time. Whether that be a life
change in career, a move, a change within our relationships,
the death of a loved one, an illness of a loved one...something has changed,
things just do not seem to flow anymore....
What answers do you seek now...in the Moment?
Yellow Stallion
Will You Trust
Yellow Stallion asked...."I can take you to the East where
"Illumination" lives...will you follow?
For here lies within..."The Wisdom of Owl"
As the Medicine Wheel is the Silent Teacher...as you Embrace
your Own Illumination and become a Teacher from Experience you
then go forth and Teach others by Example....
Here you begin to Wield
"The Power of Horse"
 You Trust and Understand your own Power, going back to when you came to this world and knew who you were. Here is where we begin that journey of remembering.
As Owl is the Night Eagle and Silent Hunter
Horse is the Power earned from the Guidance of Owl towards
Red Stallion
Joy and Balance
Red Stallion appeared...foretelling of the joys of balance within work 
and play. In humour the lesson is remembered within
the laughter.
Do you remember how to Laugh?
How many times have you laughed so hard with another and came away
remembering every nuance of that experience...only to tell the story
again and again.
Not only reliving the Joy, but Teaching the Joy to Others.
When was the last time you Laughed in Joy?
White Stallion
Wisdom & Power
I am White Stallion and I am the Message Carrier for all the Others.
I am Wisdom and Power.
( Quote Sams and Carson)
To carry the Power I must know the answer to that which I seek.
I must not only Own, but also Understand, the Light of my Own Illumination.
I must understand when I am in Balance and Know that I am Joyful
to be able to Deliver the Message from that place of Knowing and
I come from my own Truth of the Heart.
When was the last time you were able to Deliver a Message to Others
from your Own Truth and Understanding?
Did you ask the Question for that which you Seek?
Did you receive your Answer?
Did you recognise Truth when it spoke to you?
Did you step into the Wisdom and Power of White Stallion
and Know It?
Or did you make it OK to be dis-empowered by Others to be Loved
and Accepted...or to get your Needs met?
Were you Untrue to Self because you were afraid of Change?
White Stallion asks...when do You Count...when do you Stand up
and Speak your Own Truth...unafraid!
These are just some of the hard questions we need to ask ourselves
before we can begin to Understand the Wisdom and Power that is
brought by White Stallion and most of all, already resides within us.
The Beginning of My Vision
Power comes to those who are willing to carry the responsibility
of their own rhythm in the Web of Life
"True Power is Wisdom found in Remembering Your Total Journey"
Personal responsibility is a tough one...so often we make excuses as to why we chose and did what we did...trying to make it right...make it OK. Just the process of making a choice can be so stressful...is it the right one, how will others react, will I still be loved, will I get the outcome I am expecting or need.
Will I be OK?
If I choose, no matter what, will I stand up for my Choice and be Responsible, no matter what the outcome?
4 Horses of Power
Medicine Shield
Do you strive for a Balanced Medicine Shield?
Do you Wield your Power of Compassion, Caring, Teaching and Loving?
Do you Share the Truth of Who You Are?
If you can begin to remember those aspects of the Gateways to Power, that natural flow of Power which was a part of you when you came to this world, you can begin that journey back to reclaiming what you already own.
It does not always have to be an uphill climb....you do not always
have to be alone....even if it feels like you are.
Horse Rhythm
Horse asks, May I Carry You?
Will you melt into the Gentle Rhythm of my gait as I follow Owl?
Will you Ride on the Wind and Free Your Spirit...to then ...
See the Vision of Your Shield?
Here we begin to trust and let go...making that course correction from Dis-Empowerment to remembering that we are a Powerful Sentient Being. The voice within has been quietly whispering in your ear...for days, months or years...hear me, for I will not let you down...are you listening?
I Have A Vision
A Vision of Me
Greek Mythology
In Greek Mythology the Hippoi Athanatoi were the Immortal Horses
of the Gods. These divine steeds were the offspring of the Four Wind Gods
who were said to draw the chariot of Zeus in the Shape of Horses.
In Native American Totems the Horse is Freedom, Stamina, Mobility,
The Land and Power.
( Quote Legends of American Totems) 
Here, in different Modalities we see the correlation between The Horse, The Four Corners of the Medicine Wheel and the Four Wind Gods and Power.
Black Stallion in the Mist
Do You Seek?
As we wander through the Mist...we may ask...
...When Did I Give Up My Power...
...Who Did I Give My Power To...
...Am I Afraid of My Own Power...
...Do I Even Know My Power...
Move Beyond Limitations
There are many forms of Power....but Horse gave Humanity
it's first definition of Power...giving Wings to Fly...the Power
To Move Beyond His Own Limitations.
Man could now go farther than ever before...in many directions...and make course corrections if he needed to.
Could we not consider formulating this concept into our own Journey
to Personal Power.
Make no Mistake
You Will Step In and Out of Your Power
It is Elusive
...an Oscillating Energy we Strive to Master and Hold...
...A Place and Feeling we are always trying to get back to...
...How Do You Hold Your Power...
...What Does That Feel Like To You...
...When it is Gone from your Own Awareness...Do You Know It...
Lets Consider What That May Look Like To You!
Giving Away Your Power
...I can't do anything right...
...I am a failure...
...I'll never publish this book...
...I am the one that never gets that job...
...I am feeling out of control...
...I am out of step with my world..things just do not feel right...
...Why am I angry and unhappy...
...Why do I keep making excuses to make things right...right for who...
...Why am I always fearful...
Who Do You Give Your Power To?
...A Parent...
...A Friend...
...A Partner...
...A Person of Perceived Authority in Your Life...
...Your Own Needs...
...Your Own Fears...
Owning Your Power
...I feel like I can do anything...
...I feel successful...
...I published that book because I knew I could...
...I got that Job because I Believed in Myself...and then they Believed in Me...
...I am in Control...
...I no longer need...
...I am not Fearful...
...I Decide what is Right for Me because I am the only one who Knows...
Looking Deeper
What is Power?
Is It Real?
Is it a Concept?
I think it is Both.
When we are Wielding our Power it Feels very Real.
When we are not in our Power we may unconsciously conceptualise
the need for a feeling of being back in control of our lives...and living
without fear.
Coming Into The World
We come into this World as a Powerful Spirit
and spend the rest of our Life trying to Come Back To It.
(Quote Ravenmyth)
The Power Time of Horse
Lets Look at Horse in the Medicine Wheel Concept
The Yellow Stallion
The East within the Medicine Wheel Direction...a Place of Illumination...where we begin to Know and Understand our own Power and the beginning of Taking Back our Power.
The Power Time is Morning
The Red Stallion
The South within the Medicine Wheel Direction...a place of Innocence
and Trust...the beginning of the Journey when we were in our Power...when we first came to the world...the child within...when we Knew we were Powerful.
The Power Time is Mid-Day
The Black Stallion
The West within the Medicine Wheel Direction...the time for Introspection...caring enough about You...to go into the Void...to Seek...to Learn...to Understand...to Face Fear...to Allow those Answers In...to then Know the Truth of the Answers you Receive...To Then Be Your Own Truth...
The Power Time is Evening
The White Stallion
The North within the Medicine Wheel Direction...the Place of Wisdom...Leading to Power...Here I Wield my Recaptured Power through the Wisdom of all that
came before me.
Now I Know...Now I Live My True Voice...
Because I am Worth It!
I am now the Balanced Medicine Shield...I have done the Work...
I am Humility, an Instrument of ...
The Great Spirit
Of My Spirit
The Journey
I need to say this again...
True Power is the Wisdom found in Remembering your Total Journey
Horse is Understanding, bringing New Journey's of Discovery to your own
Horse Medicine helps you to ride in the New Directions. Here you will
Discover your Own Freedom and Power
Here you will come full circle, from the Powerful Spirit you
came into this world as...through the experiences of Life...leading you in many
Directions...some good, some not so good...
With a Knowledge and Understanding of Self you will be able to do those
Course Corrections along the way...gathering Wisdom as you go...
The Key
Listen to Your Own Spirit
 It Guides you with the Power of Horse from the Wisdom of Owl
To All That Is You
No Longer a Fragment of Self

Original Painting by Portia Burton
Follow the Link above to Portia's Blog
A Special Thank You to Portia for allowing me to include her Painting in this Post

Sams & Carson
Photos From Google
Thank you for Joining me within the Teachings of Horse as he Brings forth the Wisdom of Owl
I look forward to your participation within this post as you share your Vision


  1. Sweet Raven,
    This year has been a year of rediscovering my power. Of seeing the many ways in which I've compromised myself, seeking love and acceptance from those who seem so very powerful and important to me.

    I forgot the voice of my own spirit, and traded in my power hoping to find happiness, but all that I found was an empty space where neither happiness nor sorrow lived. It was a place of absence. A place of waiting forever. And I became so frustrated in this place because I expected happiness. Happiness from a source other than myself. I know...I was foolish. I felt desperate. Yet, now I can see the pattern of what I have been doing for so many years, looking without for what only lies within. That happiness has been there all along, waiting for me to claim it from myself. Waiting for me to walk in my power and own my path.

    I still have so much to learn. How to stay in this place of power? How to remember what this feels like. It feels rights, and complete, and loving and purposeful. It feels like nothing can harm me and all things serve my purpose.
    I know I've rambled on a bit here. I've been waiting for your post, and now that it's here I intend to listen.
    I love you sweet Raven. Thank you for this.

    1. Leah...your sharing within this post brought tears to my eyes as I know where you have been and the wonder of stepping back into my own Power. I liked your phrase of " seeing the many ways in which I compromised myself"...and that is what we do...so often for all the wrong reasons. But hopefully, like you we discover our way back to that Powerful Being that we are. We do trade in our Power hoping to get the things in life we are looking for, but we never do. The things we want to achieve in life come from our Own Power and if we give it away...we do not achieve or fullfill the potential of our own Spirit.

      I think that the experience is part of the Self Discovery of reclaiming your Power...and we only feel foolish looking back and wonder why we chose what we did...but it was necessary to learn...allowing us to tap back into what is already there...and that is what you did.

      It is not easy to stay in your Power and this may because we do have more to learn...do a course correction and get back into our Power...( just a thought)...plus the outside influences can knock us out of our Power and we do not always know it..then have to find our way back.

      I appreciate your participation and no, you did not ramble. You added value to this post by sharing your own Dance Within the Power..and if others read your comment..they too can learn...as you become the teacher from experience.

      Thank you for Listening and being a part of Horse...Love Always...xx

  2. Raven - Your posts are always so deep and riveting. I don't know where to begin. You ask so many profound questions...and even if answers are offered...it takes great reflection to find one's own place. "Have I been questioning lately?", "When did I stop Dreaming?", "Do you remember how to Laugh?", and so on. I love your insights...but the answers are as individual as the reader. Bless you for your guiding light and inspiration.

    So much to learn and think about.

    Be well,

    1. Ron...it does take time to assimilate the information when there are so many answers we seek within our own Journey to Empowerment.

      You are right, the answers are yours and yours alone, as is the seeking and the experiences along the way. These all become your own personalized Gateways to Power that you and you alone can do.

      We are asked to Remember where we came from and the Journey along the way.It is your personal Road Map filled with the DNA of Who You Are...reminding you of your own Potential..and thinking about "What Your Power" looks and feels like to you. You already have the answers...it is remembering.

      Thank you Ron for being a part of this post and sharing your own insight into the Power and what that is for you...teaching others at the same time...wishing you all the Powerful Joys of who you are...Always..xx

  3. I love your posts, and I really love horses. Now I have something of an understanding why.

    1. Anna..it is interesting how we are drawn to certain animals. Taking a leap here..this could be one of your own Totem Animals.

      I believe we are drawn to certain animals during certain stages of our lifes experiences and they support us in that journey with its ups and downs. The reason I say that is because I have been drawn to different animals and the essence of what they carry within their totem has been exactly what I needed at the time.

      With your own accomplishments in Writing and Publishing...it makes sense that you would walk with the Power of Horse...

      Thank you Anna for being a part of Horse and sharing your own understanding...Always..xx

    2. Yep, horses and cats, and not necessarily cute kittens.

  4. I have often felt that when we try to control circumstances and they dont come out the way we want, it can be unnerving. It is easier to live with trust that whatever happens is for the best and this faith is our power
    I believe too in 'following our bliss'. Although we accept our circumstance we put our efforts in the direction of our bliss. There might come hinderences that make us unsure of our direction but I think the hinderences may not be to make us take a u turn but may guide us to be more precise about what we consider our bliss that prods us to take that little necessary deviation from what we originally intended. I think eventually things are smooth when we are on the right track.
    Hmm... thought provokng post

    1. Jerly...you are right, it is frustrating when the circumstances we try to control do not come out the way we want to expect them to.

      I have felt that when we are trying to control an outcome we are not in the flow of the process and I then ask myself why am I needing to control this?

      Knowing your own Power is a wonderful gift and when we walk in our Power I feel we are in the flow of life.

      Yes, I think we all search for the Bliss within our lives...that wonder that comes from remembering who we are...

      I feel that we spend our lives doing course corrections, some large, some small...where we are being guided from our Spirit to come back to centre, balance or bliss...however that would look to you.

      It is such a personal Journey and each of us, on some level, will know our own Road Map to being in that smooth flow of life...

      Thank you for sharing your insight within this post and adding to the Message of Horse...Always dear friend...

  5. ... I have observed, not only Myself, but those I care for
    do the "Dance of Power" As you know I am a Danser, thereby making me a useless horse rider.
    The few times I have ridden a Stallion or more exact, a Nag, it has seemed to be in control. No matter how hard I try to lead, guide, coerce the Equine it is alway in control in leading me where it wants. Pretty much as my own self steed has done for most of my life.
    I would like to one day my colt to transport me to the owl.

    but as I said being a Dannser that most probably won't happen any time soon. :)

    Cheers A

  6. Replies
    1. Wesley...thank you for visiting Ravenmyth...I always like to combine the Visual with my posts...I think it helps us to visualize the words...

      Thank you for being a part of this post...Always..

  7. I always love your work but this might be your most honest and best!!!!
    Or maybe it just speaks to me !!!

    I will remember these lines for a long time.

    Great writing !!!!
    If I look deeply....I may see the Vision of Me...
    That which I seek, sometimes elusive...
    Horse, you do not question the Power you Carry
    It is Who you Are
    You are your Vision

    1. Jim, I always feel that when something touches us, it feels like a part of our own Truth being remembered.

      I imagined standing in front of a horse and looking into it's eyes and that is where those words came from...

      The Eyes ,as you know are the window's of the Soul...and if we take time to look deeply, we may see our own Vision.

      I have been reading your work in the last week and I honestly feel that you have stepped into your Power, filling the pages with your Passion and Compassion.

      Thank you for sharing yourself within this Post...Always my friend...

  8. I am adding the comment left by Willow Rose on Blognostics to Ravenmyth as I feel this belongs here.

    Dear Raven Myth; I just viewed your blog and feel as I have not merely "seen" or "viewed" a work of incredible power as experienced something "heuristic," the Greek word derived from "eureka" meaning I have found it. And it describes a process in which we give ourselves so deeply to our seeing that we take things right into ourselves and then give forth a new version of them from the inside, tinted by all of the possibilities within us, the "power" of which you speak, transformed the way an oyster takes grit and makes a pearl. It is a new thing, transformed by the questions you pose and those we must ask ourselves. The real result is not merely the picture; the real result is after reading your words we are different than we were before. I am expanded by your wisdom...expanded by the event you have created...Gratitude and blessings; I wish I could have left this as a comment; I just hope you see it from the same place it was written~~~~~

    1. Willow, I know what you mean about those Eureka Moments..they are so Empowering. I loved your analysis of the Oyster and The Pearl...something that was not seen before takes shape and then is this thing of Beauty, not unlike the Human Soul when it discovers and exercises it's own Beauty within the Power of Knowing Itself.

      I agree, when we experience our Own Power and recognise how that feels, we are never the same. You become a less fragmented Self than you were before...

      I just facilitated what was already inside you and you remembered those aspects of yourself that have always been there...being Empowered and Knowing you can beging to share with the World more of who you are...stepping into White Stallion...

      Thank you Willow for adding your own wisdom to this post...Always Dear Friend...xx

  9. Profound-I must say!You delve deep into the subject and explore hitherto unknown/little known /less understood aspects thereof! Horse it seems has an eternal association with man in contexts to power, even war and peace. Indian Mythology is replete with the stories of such intimate association in between man and horse. Sun rides on a chariot pulled by seven horses(all the color components),Lord Krishna uses chariot (Rath)in great war Mahabharat. Some beautiful artistic drawings you could find on web, for example this one- http://www.angelhills.org/siteimages/bg2.jpg
    modern day Indian painter (now late) M.F. Husain’s “Sprinkling Horses” sold for $1.14 million at an auction one of the highest prices ever paid for an Indian painting work, He perhaps depicted horses as symbolism of masculine vigour and virility in his almost all paintings.
    A complete satiation in reading this post! Thanks!

    1. Arvind..thank you for noticing to what depths I tend to go with the subject..always delving into how Totem Animals can correlate with the Human Condition. But most of all, how the analysis may help us to better understand ourselves, coming from Myth and Legend of those that came before us, in our need to understand who we are.

      When you look at a Horse you can see the strength he carries from within and you can feel the Power of Horse if you have ever ridden.

      Yes, he has been depicted in Art from the beginning of time and became the first form of mobility beyond walking that man experienced, never to look back again. They are beautiful creatures and we are blessed to walk amongst them.

      Thank you for sharing some of your own Myth and Legend within this subject and for being a part of Ravenmyth...Always Dear Friend...

  10. Alejandro...you made me laugh again...being a Danser your feet will always be firmly planted on the earth...much safer that way. I see you give up your Power to the Horse..not to worry...once you have the Wisdom of Owl you will be ....in control of those reign's...Always a pleasure my friend...you bring a lightness to my sometimes heavy subjects and Remind Us To Laugh!

    You are Red Stallion...Always...xx

  11. I have been coming back time and again to read this awesome post of yours,just soaking in the words.There is so much of positive energy here.After all that I have gone through and seen in life,I feel that each day is a discovery of myself.I am finally learning who I am.I went from being somebody's daughter to somebody's wife. And then I was somebody's mother.It was a lot of somebody's somethings and it all filled my life, but now the roles have shifted a bit and I have realized I have time to be.....ME!! It's as if, by rediscovering myself, I've brought more to my every day connections.Life got busy, I guess, and the role of being somebody's something took up a lot of time. I don't necessarily have more time now, but I'm learning to create it. To give that time to myself and to rediscover the things that matter. I like the woman I'm finding in the process. I like the rediscovery of me.
    I am reading this post at just the right time in my life,where change is the only suitable thing that is required...and I am striving towards it,no matter what.Thank you Dear Ravenmyth......You are a gem of a person.

    1. Alpana, I would agree that each day is a discovery of self as we ride the waves of life, never still for long. I loved your statement, " I am always somebody's something"...so often a roll of women in our societies,no matter where we live.

      I am so happy for you that you have come to that place in life where you have time to be "You" and discover all the wonders and beauties of who you are. I am also happy that you are creating time to continue in that space of Self Discovery...not always easy to do in our busy lives. However, you are important and taking time for yourself is just as important as being somebody's something.

      The wonder of liking who you are and what you are discovering is pure gold. Good for you.

      How wonderful that Change is the only thing required, and you sound like it is not a big hurdle for you.

      I believe we are led to where we need to be at just the right time to spur us on in our quest, no matter what that is. I am honoured that you landed at Ravenmyth just when you needed it.

      Thank you for sharing this insightful story within your journey of Self Discovery my dear friend...Always...

  12. everyone has said so much here after your post, I am pretty much left speechless. Your profound words of wisdom and clarity, have made me think and search. YOu are so right, with the alcohol I gave up my power completely, when I gained it back, I gave it up again to the slow reaching and cloying of everyday dramas. Forgetting that the power was mine to change things. I felt so fresh and new when the alcohols powerful grip was gone. Now I find myself wallowing again on the edge of depression. This post has done more than you will ever know. Thank you so much. Incidentally the animals that are closest to my heart are eagles, wolves, cats and of course the ever present squirrels.
    Thank you so much Miss Raven Myth for this eyeopening post. It is as if you always know what I need to hear.

    1. Jan, I love the interaction between all of us when a post goes up and the experiences and wisdom each of you leave behind when you comment. I believe we all help each other when we leave a little of ourselves.

      I do not think we all realize when we give our power up. It is so ellusive and while we move on automatic pilot, we keep leaking our power out..not unlike a battery leaking the power it needs to run an object. We know we feel drained or a little off, but can not quite put our finger on why.

      I like your realization within the statement..." Forgetting that the power was mine to change things"...very insightful.

      You know from personal experience with alcohol what it felt like when you took back your power.

      I am so happy that you found your way to Ravenmyth just when you needed it the most...all the power is within you...all you have to do is feel and know where to direct it...and when you feel depressed or out of sync with your world...just stop for a moment and have a look at where your power is going...then start to discard that which no longer empowers "Your Life"....

      I love the mixture of animals you are drawn to...they are all Powerful Totems in their own right.

      Thank you dear Jan for sharing yourself with us in this post and recognizing what your own Power feels like...Always...

  13. Well, this is about as timely as you can get. Yesterday I was griping (and this is unusual for me) about letting another ‘have dominion’ over me. A writer friend working on her first novel asked me to critique her work, and every few weeks sent me a new chapter. This has gone on for the past year. And with each new chapter I’d spend approximately one and a half – two hours on analytical reading and feedback at the expense of my own writing. This feels like an example of not listening to the cry of my own spirit. My horse spirit was unhappy about it. But now that the experience is over, I’ve learned from it. Now I understand that I was unbalanced and not so joyful about it :-( There have been times I’ve stood up and set boundaries. But in this case I allowed myself to be used and didn’t stand up for myself.
    I hold my power by staying true to my own call, not at the expense of seeing that others fulfill theirs first! In no way am I implying that I should be self-centered. Part of my call is helping others find their unique calls. Thank you for this timely message. You are amazing my friend.

  14. Returning to read your lovely blog after a long long absence! How I have missed this place and this post simply takes the cake! One of the most majestic, enigmatic, honest creatures of the world. You are right their eyes are beyond this world, so deep you can lose yourself in it!

  15. Raven,

    As a Sagittarian, (the zodiac symbol is half-horse, half man this post really spoke to me. I have been asking myself a lot of questions lately as I have been going through a challenging period of late. Well, actually the past two years have been a challenge and I always harken back to lessons learned from life experience and spiritual teachings and my own inner strength. I think when we reflect on our power instead of on how others can help us, we can better see our way clear. Thanks as always for your wisdom! We've missed you! :-)


  16. I had a conversation recently, with someone deep in my heart. The discussion was about the dance of relationship, where there is grappling to understand that other person. Where most tend to want to enforce "I win, you lose", or "I'm right, you're wrong" into the mix, neither of us wanted that. We were focused, instead, on learning the language we each speak. Sometimes we don't do such a great job of interpreting; it's a new language we're learning, after all. But the desire to continue is there, even with all the misunderstandings, confusion & occasional hurt that is unintentionally inflicted.

    Those positions of Power haven't ever really mattered much to me, unless they are grounded in Self, rather than projected outward to others. I've never had interest in controlling other people, and I have rarely allowed others to step into my energy in a controlling manner. Oh, certainly, it has happened. I've stumbled greatly a time or two. As long as I stay true to who I know myself to be, I can't be swayed. <3

    Lovely post, sweet girl!

    - Dawn

    1. Following up after a month, and I find that I still hold the same mindset on this topic. Power...who holds it, who wants to steal it...for whatever reason, that's never been an energy I want(ed) to manipulate. Standing strong in my own body, yes, that Power is important and necessary to own. Worrying over what others do hasn't ever been a priority. I always come back to my Granny Reagan's edict that "keeping your own back yard clean will keep you plenty busy!". I'm sure I've shared that homily w/ you before, and it always rings true.

      Searching for different expression of Self, and that manner of shaping personal Power, however, is a focus for me in the new year that approaches. It's a never ending process.

      Much love,

      - Dawn

    2. Coming back here today in reply to your visit to Healing Morning! My totem today was the honeybee, and I learned quite a bit when I researched the message it brings. Most of the time, my totem animal is the manatee. This is what the manatee governs:

      Manatee/Dugong's Wisdom Includes:
      · Ability to walk gently upon the Earth
      · Gentleness
      · Seeing clearly what lives in water (emotions)
      · Connection to water herbs

      I love how our Power Animal so accurately aligns with our unique, specific, leading energy! :)

      Loving you,


  17. It is always such an amazing and revealing experience reading your posts, Leanne. Missed your posts. Reading this is like an eye opener. It makes me think and realize that the past one year I have changed so much, trying to take control of my life, trying to live without fear. I am in a much better place today than I was all my life and connecting and reading you has helped me so much in the long run. Thank you for sharing this my friend.


  18. I came back to this post reclaiming this power Raven. I think I am more capable of handling this horse within ~ this willpower. I have struggled a lot this past year and have been overshadowed by blindness. But now, I do feel ready to get involved with this wheel and the directions the stallions are taking me... I resonate with the white and the red stallions.

    Thank you so much for this post. Lots of love!

  19. What a wonderful post dear. Really love it.