Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hummingbird....Creature that Opens The Heart

Hummingbird asks....."How do you Heal?"

Hummingbird....she is the tiny creature that "Opens the Heart"...
(quote The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

We are sentient beings....yet we tend to keep ourselves cut off from the "Feeling Heart". "Emotions".....are felt in every cell in our body...yet they can "Be-Still the Beating Heart".

When did "You" become Locked in "Your Heart"...afraid to  "Feel"...?

Throughout History, Humanity has written about "Love" Poems, Stories and Novels. The Human Heart is that symbol for the Expression of all that encompasses "Our" understanding of "External Love" and "Internal Love"


We profess our love freely , as individuals, in our beautiful poems, our stories of love to aspire to and love lost, the little card sent along with a bouquet of Flowers or the Hallmark Card sent on that special occasion.

But what of our " Hearts Love"

Hummingbird Photo-Google

Through Hummingbird we can know the "Joy" of the Old Ways. Let her be the "Symbol" for that awakening of the Heart. We are not meant to live in "Pain and Suffering".

If you feel that sense of Loss of Connection in all things or just some things.... feeling "Unloved".... feeling "Heart Broken" from the unspoken "Hurts"...."Dis-Heartened" by the flood of memories of past pain, ever holding you captive in the Stillness of Your Heart.

Your Heart, afraid to beat again in your Love of Life and it's Joy.

When did you start to think you were Unlovable?

The Hummingbird song brings to you a pure vibration of "Joy" Whale, she Knows who she is. She darts in her element of air, always in motion.....her wings forever the rhythm of the Earth...." The Heartbeat".

Hummingbird Feathers-Google Photo

In Legend, her feathers have Magical Qualities that conjure up Love. Hummingbird Feathers "Open the Heart". Without the Open Heart, you can never taste the nectar and bliss of your own Life.

Hummingbird -Google Photo

Begin to "Know" your own "Magical Qualities"

When you connect to Hummingbird you radiate the essence and colour of the " Heart That Speaks" from "Within". You become that "Joy of Life" that then facilitates the "Fullness of your own Potential". It is from here that "Your Presence" brings touch others and bring out the best in them. You radiate Beauty and you attract Beauty. You are now in step with the Beat of your own Heart. It is here that you are one with your environment. You begin to know instinctively where you are at all times. Your self purpose starts to become more clear....and slowly there is no longer any room for doubt. How can you doubt, when you come from the "Essence of your own Purity"...your "Heart"

Hummingbird Carving

Do you profess "Love to Self"

If we do not "Love" ourselves then can we profess to "Love" another? All "Love" starts with the "Self" and only then , once "Love" is "Aware of Itself" can it "Express Itself".

Learn to fly away from discord and disharmony. Stay in your centre. Bring forth the Musical Sound of your own Laughter, Light up the World with your Beautiful Smile....

"Reclaim your Heartbeat"

Hummingbird -Google Photo

Hummingbird is that Whisper on the Wind, darting in every direction, never loud. Let her be the Symbol of that "Flash of your own Spirit"....remembering the fullness of it's purpose. The Magic of Living.

Hummingbird-Google Photo

She is tiny and other worldly...bringing her that you may remember "Your Beauty".
There is no room for Sadness when your Heart if Full.


What of "Our Hearts Love" we "Know" it at all....or do we "Lock Love In"....only bringing "Love" out when we are comfortable, or when we feel safe.

To "Love" is to "Heal" "Heal" is to "Love"
When your Heart Live...when the Heart stops beating you go into the still silence...a memory whispered on the wind.

Hummingbird Pottery-Coast Salish-Ravenmyth Collection

"Awaken the Heart Within"

Be Joy
Be Love
Be Heartfelt
Beat Again

Open your Heart.....Live Your Hummingbird Within

To Dad and Mom

Today has been a day of Heartfelt Wishes to all our Dad's. My Dad passed on December 19, 2010 at the age of 85 years young.

Today, my Heart is Sad...for it feels the loss of this wonderful "Spirit" who touched my life in so many ways. He lived his Joy and Hummingbird, he was not loud, just a whisper on the wind, quietly guiding from strength and Love.

Because of you Dad...."I Default to Joy"

Love You
Miss You
Thinking of You..."William Stanley Almas"

I Remember

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.


  1. We have hummingbird feeders in our back yard and we love to watch them hover and feed and then disappear as if they were magical beings--which, in many respects, they are. We also have two little finch birds in a cage in the house and they are simply adorable "Babies" who know us and interact in the most charming manner imaginable.

    My Dad has been gone too...since 1957. But you know what? He is in the river that flows and the flower that grows. He is in the sky above and in the wind that blows. He is in all my sacred secret faces and in all the people's faces. He is forever carved upon my soul and is still part of what makes me whole. He has never left me. He said he wouldn't and he didn't.

    I sense him in the smoke of the fire at night and in the hooting of the distant owl. I hear him in the bay of coyote and the soft drizzle of the rain. His face appears in the summer clouds and I can often see him inside the dew drop upon the dandelion there.

    Yep! Dad is forever with me in one way or another.

    I love the sensitivity of your "Hummingbird" piece here because, inherent in it is the Spirit of The People and The Earth Mother and all that Creator has made. It sings a life-giving melody to those who will open and listen and I appreciate it. Thank you.

  2. What a sweet poetic tribute to your dad. A memory of love and blessing. He is so present in these words that I can almost feel his wings…

    With wings spun of silver and hearts of gold,
    These tiny creatures our hearts behold.
    With angelic features and colors so bright,
    Make even the heaviest heart seem light.
    The magical way they flit through the sky,
    They appear, then vanish in the blink of an eye.
    They're sending a message for us to retrieve,
    Anything's possible for those who believe!

  3. @ John...beautifully said John..a lovely tribute to your Dad. They are magical little illusive creatures...I have always had an affinity to Hummingbirds and have quite a few of the Native Art pieces depicting Hummingbird. I am happy that you felt the sensitivity of this piece...and it does bring forth the Natural Teachings...that we as a Society have in many ways forgotten. Thank you for adding your inspiration...

  4. @ Debra..thank you Debra for adding this beautiful Poem of the Magic of these beautiful little birds.They remind us of Love and Joy...and that we do live in Magic...all we need to do is remember.They are a lovely symbol for those we Love...

  5. From S.k. Delph... What a beautiful tribute to your dad for father's day. I lost my father too and today is difficult for me to say the least. The story and meaning of the hummingbirds are amazing. I never knew. I've always been so intrigued with the tiny lit...tle birds. The pictures are beautiful, especially the one with the close up of the feathers. They are so delicate and iridescent too.

  6. I absolutely love hummingbirds. Their movements and sounds are thrilling. Hearts are precious things sometimes we open them and close them shut when injured so badly. Exercising the heart muscle properly takes practice. It's true though that it's more healthy to feel in the moment and not stuff the emotion. This is something I have to continue to work on. This day I remember two men. A biological father that I was cheated out of knowing and a adoptive one that was not always present when I wanted and needed him to be. They both died, 1988 and 2002 respectively. I love and miss them both and I often feel sad because they weren't a part of my life in the way I wanted them to be. There I said it. Heart open. Good night. :-)

  7. @ S.K....thank you for your contribution to this post. Their feathers are considered magical and when they cross our path..there is a feeling of the Mystic with them...but we always smile when we see one and stand somewhat is Awe...ass they Weave from their own Beauty...

  8. @ Tameka...that was a very heartfelt sharing ...thank you for that. All that you say about the Heart is so true in our Lives and like the Hummingbird they are precious and yes, fragile.I like your Phrase..Stuff the Emotion, isn't that the truth...we do know how to swallow it. Yet, in your sadness of both these men, you remembered and Loved. Well Said!

  9. The question that got me, was "When did you first decide that you were Unlovable?" That is a deep one. Have we all felt that way? I did during my early elementary school years, but I didn't realize that until I saw your question. I'm going to look into this and do some healing work. Thank you.

  10. What a wonderful touching tribute to your father!! It's obvious that you miss him very much on this day of rememberance but I'm sure he's proud of you and loves you very much. Even through his passing you must be able to connect on another level as love really does transend all. Thanks for the message of love and healing!! I can always count on you to lift my spirit and remind me of what's important in this world!!

  11. Just beautiful, very touching.
    Thank you, Dee xxx

  12. Beautiful,I know for sure,wherever you Dad may be today,he must be smiling,and be so proud of you.I love every line of your post..I was feeling very low today,and after reading this,I am better...a see things in a different have come into my life,as a breath of fresh u.

  13. A really beautiful dedication to your father Raven.May his soul R.I.P.It touched my heart.Thank you for sharing your parent's photograph with us.

  14. I just loved it Leeann. Your dedication to your dad is beautiful. I never thought of the humming bird as one that opens our heart. I have always been fascinated by them even though I have never seen a live one. I have often wondered if there was something wrong in me to keep hoping and looking forward to love despite relationships going wrong for me but I could never imagine closing my heart to something new or better. I was never one who is "once bitten twice shy" and I am not ashamed to keep hoping foe love. Thank you so much for making feel better with this beautiful post of yours.

  15. a really warm, wonderful tribute from a daughter to her father.. really touching

  16. i remember the hamming birds when i was in my in-laws place, naihati. there was a papaya tree. i got up each morning sat beside the window. the papaya tree was just by the side of the window.
    hamming birds came each day to suck honey from the papaya flowers, put their extended beak right into the flowers in a very delicate way, flapping their wings continuously.
    i was amazed by their energy and will power of hard work to get the what the bird wanted in fill their empty stomach and be happy. they taught their a wisdom of life.
    i open my heart to them.

  17. This is a wonderful tribute to your Dad. I'm sorry for your loss.

    I haven't lost anybody recently, but thinking back to when I have, I know the first year is always the hardest. All the days you would normally be celebrating.

    I'm sure he would greatly appreciate and love what you've done for him today.

    This is marvelous.

  18. Such a lovely post and tribute to your dad on Father's Day

    K :-)

  19. Thank you so much for finding me through my blog. I am so excited to connect with you and I can't believe I haven't seen your blog before. I may end up making this my new home. lol Such a penning of words and images to match, I think I have fallen in love with your blog and can't wait to read more.

  20. @ Orea...I think we have all felt Unloveable at one time or another..and yes, sometimes we forgot and did not know that we still carried the hurt of those feelings..which can then close the is within our awareness that we can Heal and "Open the Heart...just a little wider than before..."

    @ saw my friend how I was missing him and needed a place to be sad and loving all at once..this post was.."I thought" going to be something else..yet the Spirit works in mysterious came out totally different and how it was supposed to be. In some ways, he gave those of us who had suffered a loss a place to remember and feel the Smile of the Heart.

    @ deesdialogue...thank you Dee for your Kind words...even though I was missing my Dad...I had those beautiful memories to keep me warm...

    @ friend, it feels like you were touched by the essence of lift and bring Joy to the heart and that light whisper of the wind into your step...just when it was needed. Heartfelt...

    @ Abhisek..It warms my heart that so many enjoyed the photo of my parents. It was as I was writing the post that I knew that picture had to go at the end...he touched many people while here..and even now..he carries on through we remember the Gift of those that came before us...

    @ Rimly...I feel that when we see a Hummingbird..we smile and are held by their beauty...and when you look at how hard they work, just to get the nectar from the know how strong they are within their delicacy...relationships are hard work...and we need to be strong to learn from those who touch our lives and ask us to that someday we can meet the person who is right for us. So, like the Hummingbird, remember to be that Heart that is full...heartfelt

    @ Jim...thank you for your support and beautiful words...we were very close..and very much alike..he was not only a Dad..but a dear friend. I miss phoning him and saying.." Dad I need your help"...he was always there. We loved computers and talking all things computer..I bought a new computer in January..and usually I would call Dad and we would be back and forth for days on the set up etc..but it just sat for over a month. I could not bring myself to get her up and running...and then I realized why.Interesing the things we do when we do not realize it...thank you Jim for reminding me of that...

    @ Fantacy in Practicality...everything you say is so true about Hummingbirds..if you just take the time to be with them. That is not always easy as they are illusive and they come and go very quickly..but they are hard little workers..just like bees. I saw a Hummingbird once in Kauai that was the size of a fat bumble bee. It was the tiniest one I had ever seen. I felt priviledged to see him. I think when we are in Awe of is the opening of the also had that priviledge every be with Hummingbird...

    @ are right about is all the firsts. I now know why my spirits were low over the last week, reading all the stories of Dad's in our blogging communities. This post was cathartic for me...a place to just be with Dad...and remember.

    @ Karina..thank you for your lovely words Karina..his acceptance without judgement with all he met allowed me to be a pretty happy child..he gave us a beautiful start in life with our playground being the Pacific Ocean and all the beautiful little fishing villages along the coast of British Columbia...

  21. @ forjensake...I too am happy we found each other. I was very moved by your post and felt some synergy between us.I am glad you feel the same way...I will put a link to your blog from mine...

  22. Glad to see this post about your father! Nice one.
    Very poetic.

  23. @ Jim...thank you Jim for your warm thoughts...he was my inspiration and still is..especially when I am sitting at my computer...which is where he spent alot of his final years...

  24. Hummingbirds are so beautiful! I love them!!!

  25. What a wonderful tribute to your dad! I love the wedding photo. The gown, the bouquet the cake and your dad holding your mom's hand. He looks so serious as he takes on his new role as a husband, caretaker and provider. Beautiful!

  26. Fathers are special and the daughters never forget their love. I lost my father last year and still feel pain everyday.Your tribute to your dad is beautiful and touching. It has such a positive message too. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Hello Raven -

    I always feel a strong sense of positivity and joy when I read your words, images. In the early years of my father's passing back in 1986, I did not take this matter lightly or well.

    I've grown up a lot the past since then and can appreciate your affect and the beauty you find in one of nature's most admirable creatures, the hummingbird. One sees God when one witnesses the glory of the graceful and magical bird. One also feels God when one reflects upon the love and life of a parent, a father. Nicely done. :)

  28. I love the way you talk about love and your father.

  29. @ Nelieta they are beautiful creatures...they remind us to come back to joy and smile..

    @ Mari that is one of my favourite photo's of Mom and Dad...he looks so young and you are right..ready to take on his new life. He was a very shy man and back then the girl's just loved him...he had black hair and beautiful blue eyes. There is something very romantic about the black and white photo's of days gone by. Thank you for your insight into this beautiful piece of history...

    @ Sulekka you are right about Father's and Daughters...I am so sorry for your loss and thank you for coming and sharing with us. I felt it was important for those of us who had lost our Father's to have a place to celebrate their life.

    @ Charlie..the passing of a parent is a great loss to a child. They are always there when we turn to matter what our age. We never forget.I am happy this post had a positive and joyfull feeling to it. Even in our loss we have that Joy of sharing Love with another. Hummingbird is the essence of those emotions. Thank you for your beautiful addition to this post.

  30. What beautiful words expressed for your heart and love of your heart. Thank you


  31. Beautiful dedication. Heartfelt, full of devotion and pure love.

  32. @ Alejandro and Jessica...thank you for your lovely thoughts and addition to this post. It is the expression of the Joy of the Heart in motion.