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The Medicine Wheel...Will You Participate in Your Destiny?..

To the "Four Winds" I cast my Spirit, open my Heart, release my Soul and Surrender to My Destiny.
Grant me the wisdom to understand the Sacred in Nature.
(quote..    J.E. Williams..The Andean Codex   )

Deer Lake Park
Photo Ravenmyth

The common thread weaves through many cultures, joining us all together in a commonality that connects the Human Spirit to a undefined knowing that calls our Soul to Wholeness. (Ravenmyth)

The Medicine Wheel is also known as the "Sacred Hoop". It is a powerful symbol of the "Earth" and "Universe". Medicine Wheels are built in places where the Earth remembers Ceremonies. The Medicine Wheel becomes our Silent Teacher, guiding us through our Life Lessons and Challenges. (quote Tony Gray Owl)

To Learn these Ways Learn the Wisdom of the Directions ( quote Mary Uslick, Shushwap/Stolo Nation, Coast Salish)

The original wisdom associated with the ancient physical Medicine Wheel's of Turtle Island has been lost in the mists of antiquity.
The Medicine Wheel represents the fundamental pattern of Creation. In each locality the Laws of Nature of the Spirit of the Land speaks in unique meta patterns of creative power.

The lack of historical data or traditional oral accounts from pre-Colombian times have resulted in an opening for creative interpretation of Medicine Wheel  teachings. ( for clarity purposes I am using the Medicine Wheel as a metaphoric symbol within the message brought forth by Ravenmyth in this post)

Will you Participate in Your Destiny?

Let us take this time, the season of "Fall" where nature becomes the artist and the landscape reflects her palette of colour.

Deer Lake Park
Photo Ravenmyth

What are you painting on your canvas?

When you walk the path of the "Initiate" within the " Esoteric" you become the observer of "Life's Magic" in all things.

The Medicine Wheel consists of the "Four Directions" ( North, South, East and West)

The Directions reveal that which you need to reflect upon. They can also reveal how you are learning from yourself , others and from animals. (quote Sams and Carson)

Within our human condition we are always searching for our "Signature" or "Purpose" within our own existence. We Never Stop. Our Spirit is in constant flux, needing to understand "Itself".

Ask yourself this

...How does your Inner World reveal itself in your Outer World? ...
...What language do you Speak to Self...what is your Inner Dialogue?...
...What have you learned so well that you now recognize its pattern and can say.." I own it"...( these owned patterns can be both negative and positive)...
...What are you still struggling with... knowing that you are stuck...but not yet fully understanding it's dynamic and how it plays upon your own sense of well being?...

Native Dream Catcher Depicting the Four Directions

Let's go back to the Medicine Wheel. It will now become that symbolic metaphor to help us to see and understand that dynamic...Revealing...our strengths within and our areas lacking in strength.

Are you prepared to take that Journey of look into the "Mirror of the Soul" and to "Participate" within your own Reflection?

It is when we choose that we begin our walk of the Initiate from " North" to " East" within the Directions. This is not the common directions that most walk, but it is the Direction I was drawn to within this post.

The North is the place of's colour is White and it is the place of True Wisdom. The symbols of the North are the Great Mountain, The Sacred Lake, Crystals,....The Moose ( Self Esteem) ... The Snowy Owl (Deception or the Night Eagle)...and The White Buffalo (Prayer and Abundance)..

When we embark on our Journey to look into the " Mirror of the Soul" we rise above our earthly physicality and become the observer from above...standing upon the Great Mountain of the North...

The Lions-North Vancouver
Photo Ravenmyth

Every breath you take will have an affect from both external forces and internal forces ( your own inner dialogue) that will have fracturing and healing aspects on the different bodies. The bodies are in constant flux from these forces and are "Seeking Harmony".

This is where we hold our "Consciousness"
Do you hear your inner dialogue say
...I am not perfect...
...I am too tall....I am too short....
...I don't like the way I look...
...I weigh too much...I am too skinny...
...I hate my hair...I don't have enough hair....
...I am not pretty or I am not handsome....

What patterns have you developed to compensate for your "Perceptions" of inadequacy within your "Physical Body?"

"This is where we "Think"
...Why do I have so many negative thoughts?...
...I think I will never be good enough...
...I think I will not succeed...
...I have thoughts of Guilt...
...I have thoughts of Anger...
...I have thoughts of Fear and Jealousy...

Please note that some of these thoughts are not a bad thing..they are part of being human..but what patterns have you developed to Guilt yourself over having these thoughts?

This is where we "Feel"
...I feel Guilty...
...I feel Sad...
...I feel useless...
...I feel pain and sorrow...
...I feel jealous...
...I feel hopeless...
...I feel fearful...

What patterns have you developed to facilitate the feelings that keep you stuck in your "Illusion"

You are out of sync and you do not know could you know that these 3 bodies (Physical, Mental and Emotional) are being bombarded daily with inner and outer influences that will shake your very foundation...keeping you in a state of discord.

Snowy Owl in Flight
Photo Google

When you become "Owl" you see the essence of "True Wisdom" within "Self" . You are now ready to "Participate" and "Reveal" your "Own Truth"
 It is here, in the North,  we begin to integrate the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies into Harmony through our "beginnings of clarity"

.... Here we begin to integrate our Strength....
...Here we begin to integrate the beginning of clarity in " Life Lessons" ....
...Here we begin to gain clarity in the " Life Challenges" we have faced and conquered...
...Here we begin to move towards " Wholeness"...

becoming the Snowy Owl ( the Night Eagle)...the Sacred Medicine Bird...casting out the "Deception of Self" ...he is the Silence in the Night helping us to interpret hidden meanings.

Will you Participate and follow the Snowy Owl into the " East" ?

Autumn, that time when Earth is preparing to go into the " Great Sleep" as she moves into the North...where time Integrate your own Self Discoveries that were born in the East...revealing Life Challenges for Clarity and Revealing your Strength....


The East is where a new day starts...a new beginning. This is where all Journey's begin after the Initiate has prepared. It is the place of Spring, the Element of Air, Earth and Male Energy. The animals associated with the East are... The Eagle, (Spirit)The Mouse ( Scrutiny) and The Snake (Transmutation)
The colours of the  East are Gold and Yellow

The Coast Salish Journey Carving

Within the East we are taught to trust in our own Vision and the capacity to Believe in the Unseen...that which is Hidden. The East is Clear Voice, Leadership, Truth and Courage.

The East is where we Heal the we Illuminate through Birth and Rebirth. In the East we gain strength of will to Participate within our Destiny...if you Choose.

In the East we can focus on Life Challenges...Be in the Moment...and Merge into Wholeness that which has been broken within the Physical Body, The Mental Body and the Emotional Body. Here we begin to integrate Harmony and a New State of Well Being.


The aim wihin your new Participation is to move beyond "Self Desception" into "Living Self Truth"
It has been too long that we have lived in our OLD HABITS.

To the East, the place of " Insight and Rebirth" I send a Prayer.
To the North, the place of "Clarity and Cleansing" I offer respect.


Will you begin a New Day and Participate within the Journy we are about to embark upon?

To bring the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies back to Harmony we begin our Participation within a process from Negative Perception to Positive Perception.

To begin this, we may want to consider that we need to go throught the Silence and The Great Sleep of the North to gain Clarity and Cleansing before we can enter the East....from our New Insight Be Reborn into the New Perception of Self.

Is this easy, No...we first have to know we are stuck in old habits, to shed old habits, to then even have a concept of what a new way of being would look like for us.


Where does Illusion and Self Deception End....and Where do You Begin?

I will follow the flight of Raven ( Magic) to the flight of Eagle ( Spirit) married to Wolf ( The Teacher) remembering Bear ( Introspection from the Great Sleep into Silence) taking me to Snake ( Transmutation) and becoming Snowy Owl ( The Interpreter of Hidden Meanings)

Coast Salish Raven and the Sun Drum

It is here in the East, within the Magic that we become a New Beginning

The Physical Body

...I am the Manifestation of the Magic of my own Creation...
...I am the integration of all the bodies "Living the Truth" of my "Beauty" within "Creation"...
...I am Perfect as I am...
...There is no longer room for Doubt...
I am     "Creation"   
....the New Perspective of my Physical Body...

The Mental Body

...I integrate the Negative and the Positive within my Thought Process...Neither is Wrong or Right...
...I have now found the Positive within the Negative...letting go of old creating New Thought Patterns...
...I Participate within my Positive Mental State of Being...allowing all thoughts to flow freely through My Bodies ( no longer affecting the Physical and Emotional).... I now choose from Self Awareness rather than Self Deception...
...No longer does Fear, Guilt or Anger generate my Thoughts...
...I know the Difference...
...Thoughts can no longer keep me stuck...
I am     " Self Awareness"   
... the New Perception of my Mental Body...

The Emotional Body

...I now Know and Embrace every Emotion running through my Bodies ( Guilt, Sadness, Depression, Pain and Jeolousy)...
...I control my Emotions and mitigate their impact on the Physical and Mental Bodies with Self Love ( not always easy, however I trust that I am Loveable)...
...Whenever I can I come from the Emotion freed by Unconditional Love...
...I am the Emotion of Healing all that has been fractured within the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies...
...I am Power coming from a Perception that drives the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies to Integrate and Harmonize...
...The New Perception of my Emotional Body...

How Vibrations affect the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies

Within my own Rebirth in the East

I Am

Creation the Physical Body through Awareness the Mental Body Integrated to Wholeness through Unconditiional Love the Emotional Body

My Perspective of the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies working in Harmony...

I Participated within my Own Destiny
I am Wholeness

Will you do the same?



Earthsong-Medicine Wheel Wisdom
Directions -Tony Gray Owl

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Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Call to Otter...Woman Medicine.....

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer Awareness

I felt a need for a Totem to bring to light the Healing Power of Women and their abilities within their own Intuition to bring about the Manifestation of Their Own Power From Within For Healing. 

" Otter, you are the Medicine of Woman, the Realized Dream"
(Quote, The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals)

Whether from Sea or River, you live in the Element of Water..."Emotion"...

You speak from truth of your experience of "Life" lived on many levels....metaphorically passing through those levels as you swim ever deeper within your World of Water.

Otter At Home in your World of Water

You are playful, looking at Life Challenges, and still finding a place to see the lighter side of all is because she represents "Balanced Energy" 

...For I am Otter....I am Woman Medicine...

So often "Life" tosses us around like a leaf floating in a stream, never really sure where we are going, where we will land and what hurdles we must conquer along the way...

Yosemite National Park-Alpine Area

Otter is feminine grace..she makes her home in the Element of Water and lives on Land. She carries the Female Energy of Earth and Water...that ability to Nurture from the Emotion of her Heart...

Women are complicated Creatures with Complex Bodies. We must constantly balance our Inner World with our Outer World.

We are forever Teaching
...."Hear My Voice, Echoing in the Water's of the Universe"....

Speaking Through the Power of Otter Medicine

I Love Deeply
I give Birth
I protect my family and give my life for them
I will Hold you and Nurture you in your Pain
I will teach you what I know
I will Forgive...because I Love
I will Honour you because I have learned to Honour Me
I will Cry with you because I can
I will support you in all you do, because I want for you, what you want for you
I know who you are because it was Important to me to find out
I will laugh and play with you because I know how
I am Courage in your Hour of Need
I will go the Distance with you ...even when you have given up
I believe in you

I am Woman Medicine
I am the Healer

Cancer Awareness

Like Otter, Women are curious....we want to Know and Learn "Everything Relationship" is in our DNA.

I believe that in many ways...we are the Keeper of the Knowledge of the ways of the Sentient Being's need to Connect.
In the Stories, Poems and Songs we write ..."Are we not always speaking or singing of our search for Love or our Love Lost?"
We reach out to connect with friends and family. We hound the men we love to go and see the doctor...we  watch over those that we love and care for. We adapt in ways that others can not.
We Gather....

On an Intuitive Level we are able to sense and walk the way of the Esoteric

When we walk in Otter Medicine we Embrace the Fullness of our Power.

" Become Otter and move gently into the River of Life's Flow with the Water's of the Universe. This is the way of the Balanced Female Energy. In doing so you will discover the "Power of Women" (Quote, The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals)

Otter Totem Animal-Sue Coleman Painting

Women are Caretakers of the Soul. We Gather together, a Force to Heal. Our natural ability to Nurture is Ignited when there is a Call to Action to Heal that which is unwell within the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. It is when we walk in this power that we think not of ourselves, we give unconditionally...because we can!

We are Otter...Woman Medicine

Mother and Baby

" The Beauty of a Balanced Female is that side of ourselves that creates a space for others to enter without preconceptions or suspicions . Otter teaches us that balanced female energy is not is Sisterhood anchored in the understanding that all accomplishments are Worthy of the Whole Tribe"...(Quote Power Through the Ways of Animals)

(It will not dis-appoint)

Do we as Women have to work on Keeping our Energy Balanced, absolutely. It is a Dance we do daily....sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. But we keep on Trying.

(Quote Unknown)

Confront the Dragons
Overcome the Obstacles
Understand the Risks
Really Live
Always Believe
Go the Distance
Expect the Best

"We are Otter....Woman Medicine"

Cancer Awareness

....Within Woman Medicine we Strive ....

For the Beauty of Balanced Energy without Control
For Love without Jealousy
Honouring Others for their Success as we Honour Our Own
For the Ability to Play when Life feels Hopeless
For a place within to be contented
To Know that we are all the we can Be...and it is enough

May the Beauty of my Inner World Reflect in my Outer World

As Above So Below

The Positive Collective Energy of the Power of Women flows into the Universal Stream of Consciousness to Heal the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
We Are the Healers!

(By Canadian Nickel Scrapn)

This is a Call to Otter
Woman Medicine

Confront The Dragons
Always Believe
Expect The Best

You hold Woman Medicine in the Palm of your Hands
Own It!