The Tarot

......The Crowley Thoth Deck......

The Tarot started off as a Game in the 15th Century and as time went on it began to integrate with Ancient History. Then, in the early 1700's the first Tarot Readings began with a stack of cards. This was the beginning where the cards were used as a Divination tool....telling the future. In the late 1800's we saw the evolution of the cards when Imagery was brought into the Tarot by the Golden Dawn. Today, derived from the Golden Dawn, is one of the most popular decks...the Rider Waite Deck...1910.

21st Century Tarot Art takes you back to the Symbolism of the Ancient Times of Greece and Egypt.

There is an Esoterica Aspect to the Tarot and within the use of the Tarot it has the potential to move between  Two Worlds. Within my studies I use it for my own Personal Discovery, honing my Psychic Faculty and the ongoing development of my Mediumship.

The Tarot is a Lifetime Study. It cannot be learned in a weekend or a day. I have been studying the Tarot now for 4 years and I realize I have not even begun to scratch the surface of the layers and depths that The Tarot can take you to.

I am by no means an expert on the Tarot, but like all my studies, I take it seriously and continue  to learn within this Modality. I can share with you what I know and believe to be true for me within this study of the Intuitive Arts.

I have created a display of The Crowley Thoth Deck as a depiction of the incredible art within the Tarot Decks. Everything has a meaning and when interpreted in your own spread it brings insight and understanding into what may be taking place in your life at present. As time goes on and change takes place within yourself these interpretations will evolve with you. I loved the Quote from my Teacher...." The Tarot is the Mystery of the Divine within the Mundane"

As seen here in the High Priestess...she has the Potential to bring the Mystery into Awareness of the Seeker...or facilitate the understanding of the Human reflect that which is already within us...." Searching for Understanding".....

One of the key elements for me in understanding the cards, lies within the Arcana's. The Major Arcana reflects our Inner World. The Minor Arcana represents the Choices we make in our Outer World and the influences it has over our Inner World.

When I work with a Tarot Spread...I can see these aspects taking place within the Recipients life. As you map the cards back and forth within the intertwining of all the nuance's that take place on a day to day start to unravel the influences that are taking place. From here...the ability to facilitate change can begin to take place.

A very important aspect to remember, and something I tell all my clients, what is taking place in any reading, whether it be a Psychic Reading or a Tarot Reading, the outcome is a " Potential". It will always depend on the " Choices" you you have free will.

This is a very short overview...and I will continue to expand on this subject over time. Feel free to comment and ask questions and I will be happy to feature my responses, which in turn will unravel more of the layers within all of us.

When you are ready....go to my " Book a Reading" page and give yourself the Gift of exploring " You"....

" The Journey Always Begins With The First Step"


  1. I have been to a Tarot reading. She did tell me a lot of things but as you say finally the choice is ours alone to change our life for worse or better, Thank you sharing. Look forward to more from you

  2. I get my tarot and ruins read once every year.

    I have my own deck (an Egyptian set) but I found it quite hard to read with them

  3. @ Karina...I love the Tarot. It is honest, the cards tell the truth and support the psychic. I know before I put the years into my training, there were many decks I could not have even begun to understand. My personal deck is the Crowley, even the experts have a hard time touching that one..and so would I years ago when I first bought it. Way too intimidating...but feels like a part of me.

    If you ever want to try a combination of Psychic and Tarot together, let me know. Would be happy to set up an appointment for you...thank you for following...

  4. Hi let me share a quick story about my experience with tarot. Somebody i barely knew on the internet said she thinks i have a gift and she said the best tarot cards are giving as a gift so she sent me tarot cards and she told me don't charge people too much and to give free readings to those who need it the most.

    So i ended up working with miss cleo for a couple months though i could no longer be a part of that hustle and just did free readings and let me tell you i scared myself with the possibility of tarot.

    During the election of george bush and al gore i was doing a reading and had pictures of bush and gore next to each other when the election was in doubt. Turns out every single card came out negative i never had a reading that all cards were bad the last card was the tower card on my tower card you can see fire on the tower.a couple months later 911 happened then the afghan and Iraq wars.

    Now you may not think much of that but during the Tarot reading my fish were going crazy and splashed water on the picture of bush the very next morning bush was on TV he had a band aid in the very same-place where the fish splashed the water. And the media asked bush if he think he won the election later on the supreme court ruled that he was in fact the president...

  5. @ TurnRich..this is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing it with us on my blog. Tarot does not Lie. They are an amazing tool to both our Inner Worlds and our and the influences from the Outer World. I know what you mean about Scaring yourself with the possibility of Tarot. The information received can be absolutley uncanny. It continues to hold me in "Awe".

    On another note, it has been mis-used in our profession and sometimes has had a bad name. But, I am here to tell you, in the hands of the right is "Truth" within the information received as a "Potential" for the recipient, depending on their choices.

    This is a good add to the post...

  6. @ Rimly.. That is the key to Tarot is a potential. It is not carved in stone as you will make choices that could change the final outcome. It is however a wonderful Tool of Truth to guide you in your life. It facilitates change, depending on what you are ready to hear...and it can sometimes give you the Strength to choose when you may not have.

    Thank you for your contribution to the Tarot...

  7. I have always wanted to have a reading done ... but also to chicken to actually do it ...

  8. @ Debbie...there is nothing to is a natural process of guidance helping you in your daily life...usually bringing clarity to what you already know on a subconscious level. The cards are truth and assist you in your is actually alot of fun...but most of all a reading can be very helpful. I have always found them to be a good tool for guiding me through the bumps in life...I am here for you if you want to give it a try someday...when you are ready.