Healing Room

" A Place to Be"

This page was inspired by the Blog " Erin is Love" and is a Place to just Be when you need to go into the quiet. The following is the first post I will do here, as I feel it has a place on this blog and is timeless in it's message. I will incorporate Native Art as a symbol for the essence I wish to portray here. Within " Raven " we can seek the answers needed for our own understanding of our "Healing Journey"...as he guides the " Healing" and the "Change" in your own "Consciousness."

" Wolf...the Teacher"
...drawing by Ravenmyth

Our Beautiful Moment in Time...

You decided to go, your Journey was over... I held onto you, and together we walked in Love and Understanding... I stayed with you... until the fork in our path... where you said goodbye.....
 This was yours to do alone...
 I am left to find my way... the choices they are many... But.. I remember us.. and it all becomes clear...
I will celebrate "Your Life" and find the opportunities in the ending... of our Beautiful... Moment in Time... I still hold onto " You"... and I still walk in the memories of our Journey....you by my side...
 You have crossed the boundary of your special place... to watch over me...with your loving grace.... You are everywhere.... you are nowhere... I know it... I feel it...
You understand...
Gently "You" leed me... back to life...
 Slowly... the " Healing Begins"...
You are everywhere......
 " In Memory of a Moment in Time...  "David & Erin"....

"Native Art of Raven and Wolf"  photo Google

"Raven" brings the new state of wellness from the "Void" and "Wolf"   teaches you how to "Know"


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  2. Lovely. I still miss the little dog that I grew up with; he was an American Eskimo and he lived to the grand old age of 23. I am positive that he held on that long to stay with me, see me raised and then he let go. When I go home to visit, I still find myself glancing around for my little white shadow, and I quite often feel his presence next to my feet. I enjoy visiting David's blog and reading of his wonderful journey w/ Erin & I know this post will touch his heart and many others.

    Much love,


  3. David commented on this post before I created this page. I feel his comment is a part of the post and will attach it here.

    David Said:

    Thank you so much for the dedication!! The words are amazingly beautiful and so personal, it was my belief that you penned it for us thus I was surprised to see it written in 1995. The passages appear to be written especially for us, every ...sentence made me think of my journey with Erin. You must have suffered a loss many years ago to have written such a poignant piece. Love it very piece as well as the beautiful wolf sketch!! Thanks my friend!!

  4. @ Dawn: This is an amazing story about your little dog. I have never heard of a dog living that long..and I am sure you are right...his love kept him with you at those formative years when we so need unconditional love. What a gift he gave you. Yes, their presence and imprint stays with you...wherever you spent time together..a memory of Beauty in Time and Space...thank you for sharing your " Little White Shadow" with us....never forgotten...

  5. @ David: here was my response to David that I will now post on this very special page...

    Yes, David, I did, and that is where it came from...my own walk along that path...and coming from my own understanding of my experience. Little did I know that someday it would touch another. When I read you post, the story I wrote for my l...oss felt like you and Erin..hence it is timeless. It was published by Palliative Care in their Newsletter on " Death and Dying"...which then lead to me speaking in front of groups for Burnaby Hospice...which then filled 3 sessions of Hospice Training. They said the phones were ringing off the hook afer it was published.

  6. ‘Healing Room’ is a calming image… and your Native art is amazing; that drawing of ‘Wolf the Teacher’ is wisdom embodied: a perfect symbol to accompany your piece of poetic prose in ‘Our Beautiful Moment in Time.”

    For indeed it is only in ‘time’ that we must diverge at the fork in the road and go our separate ways. And it’s at that juncture we seek out healing for our loss loves.

    Thank you for this compassionate tribute to David and Erin, both blessed and loving souls.

  7. @ Debra...I am so happy the phrase "Healing Room" is calming...that was my intent. I drew that in 1995...and as Wolf embodies the teaching...to " Know"..it felt right here...

    To Know that time and space is seemless..and through our Journey together we will always live on...I feel that with David and Erin...

    Thank you for adding your wisdom to this post...

  8. Beautiful artwork. Profound and touching words from David. He had a special and beautiful relationship with Erin. Great post :)

  9. @ Jessica...yes, David does have a profound relationship with Erin...an inspiration to all of us for that committment and dedication of " Love" within the Spirit. For me..the Art adds a sense of flow within the words...and illustrates visually what may be felt...

    Thank you for joining your own words and insight to this post...

  10. Hello Raven -

    I really like your post. I especially like how you stated, "You have crossed the boundary of your special place...to watch over me with your loving grace..." I feel strength, courage, hope, and faith in your words written above ... encouraged. That's how I experience your post this early morning. Thank you. :)

  11. wow it was soothing, lovely and creatively woven in words. It really depicted the closeness and separation very well !!!

    Nice one.

  12. What a beautiful and sensitive tribute to David and Erin, Leeann.So true, in this journey of life we come across so many forks where we have to part from someone we love but they live on in our hearts...You are everywhere...you are nowhere and yet we sense them all the time. Lovely and full of wisdom as always.

  13. @ Charlie..a beautifully stated comment filled with the feelings this post evoked in so many. It moves me every time I read it..and then each comment weaves another layer into the experience. You have added "Encouraged" to the Journey taken here...

    @Jyoti...this page is about healing and bringing peace within..a nurturing of the Soul..even in separation we are never apart..as long as we live on in the memories left as an imprint on everything we touch...

    @ Rimly...when we have experienced that connection of another Soul through Love..the tie that binds never ceases to exist. A thought or a memory, coming from nowhere...or you hear their name in the silence of your thoughts, know that they are near...

    Charlie, Jyoti and Rimly..please know you have each added another thread for healing within this post through your own words of wisdom...thank you...

  14. Looking forward to more posts in The Healing Room and based upon past work, it will be insightful and touching. Would love to print out a copy of "Our Moment in Time" and place it upon Erin's shrine, it would be appropriate and fitting for sure. Thanks to everyone for the kind words about my bond with Erin, it's touching for sure :)

  15. @ David..I would be honoured if you would Print a Copy and put it on Erin's Shrine. It truly tells your story....a story that moves between two world's and touches us all.

    Thank you for coming back and commenting again..it is perfect synergy to see her picture on this wall...beside your name...heartfelt...

  16. What a great tribute to an equally fantastic blogger - I have been following David for a while now and am moved by each of his post beyond belief. This was great Ravenmyth... So glad to have visited..

  17. No matter if human or animal when we love and we connect there is a bond that death never can end. Great blog Ravin


  18. @Kriti..David's was one of the first blogs I followed and I have just been doing this now for about 1 1/2 months. Many times, when I have worked with my Mediumship I have seen the pets of the receipient. I have seen my own pets that have passed. He writes with the essence of Love in every word..

    @ Jim..You are absolutely right..that bond will always keep the Veil thin between the two worlds..sometimes we will feel them..and other times they come to us in our Dreams..or in a thought...and over time..the memories bring a soft smile to you face.

    Thank you Kriti and Jim for bringing your own words of support and love to this post....

  19. everything was very calming here, the words and pictures. Thanks.

  20. Beautifully put and perfect for David who is walking his new path with Erin in his memories. Lovely sketch you did!

    I particularly like this line: "You have crossed the boundary of your special place... to watch over me...with your loving grace...."

    Another great post!

  21. It doesn't matter if it is the bond between two human or a human and an animal...what matters is how strong that bond is.Very nice post to dedicate to Erin and David.I loved what you wrote and the images speaks for themselves....Beautiful. :)

  22. @ Stuart..thank you for the feedback..this is the feel I want to create on this page...
    @ Mari...I also love that line. I could write it because that is what I feel coming from the "Spirit World" ( as we call it)
    @ Abhisek...you are right..the bond of love that binds will always keep us together..even in the parting.

    Thank you all for your beautiful contribution to the Healing Room..

  23. Oh my...I understand...oh my...thank you so much!

  24. @ Ron...I knew you would. You have had to have travelled that road to understand...it can only be reached through experience...it changes your life forever and we look at the world through different eyes....thank you my friend...Always..