Saturday, 28 May 2011

Legend of the Void....I am " Raven"...

Photo-Google Totem Animal

This is the ongoing story of the Void, within the  Daisy Lemmas Riff created by the Founder

Roy Durham and being posted by Ravenmyth I will add a story, of a Legend, unspoken, within the Void.

Photo-Google-Totem Animal-Raven

As I sit with the Storytellers of our Tribe, I must remain Silent. They talk of the "Legend" of the "Great Mystery" ..."Raven" is the Messenger of the "Void".

A sxwoxwiyam being told ( a story about how the world was in the past, when humans and non humans had powers to transform themselves into other things. I am the " The Shape Shifter"

 My initiation into the "Void" is about to begin.

Photo-Google Totem Animal

I must not speak of the " Memories " of the "Void" for they are the  sxwoxwiyam (stories) that came silence the " Power of Their Spirit" remains.....ever locked in " Eternity".

This journey must be is within the experience ...for you now become an" Initiate" the " Seeker of Answers"

It is the final step to becoming..." Raven Magic"....

Photo-Google Totem Animal

In Silence...I step into the Great Darkness of the " Void"

Photo-Google Totem Animal

I am Raven....I am Magic...

If you fear me, you have touched the Void and stayed too long. You are engulfed by the Memories that linger...not of you...not of Raven...but of those trapped before you. They are calling from the Great Darkness of the Void....ravaged by the Fears they carry from the Unknown.

I am "Raven Magic" and only I can harness the courage to enter the Great Darkness of the Void....the home of all that is not yet in form. The Great Mystery...I am the Messenger of the Void, on the edge of time, past, present and future...all colliding together...feeling like chaos...when engulfed in the Memories of those before you...trapped in the " Dream State".

Or can I? Am I illusion? Am I of the Dream of Raven? Do I dream Raven...or does Raven dream Raven the Great Darkness of the Void? No, I will not be pulled into the " Web of Dreams"...for it is the asks me to question...

I am no longer Myth, I am no longer Legend...I am Shape Shifter...I am Raven, the colour of the Void. I am Creation.

Photo-Google Totem Animal

I welcome the cold.

It is the moment the Void fills me with the Magic of the sxwoxwiyam ( the stories) that came before. Do I take them to the Transformation of Raven....or.... do I sink back into the Great Darkness?

Photo-Google Totem Animal

The light looms before me, yet the Great Darkness of the Void continues to call.  I sink back into the Great Darkness....

I am Raven. Now I am a Memory in the Dream of the Void.

Photo-Google Totem Animal

I am the " Shape Shifter"     Do you see me...within the Mist of the Great Void?

I know you do....I can feel your Fear!


Come and Enjoy the Authors and the Characters in the Void

Monday, 23 May 2011

Limitless Religion...can we make the Leap.....

This post was inspired while reading " Primitive Mythology, The Masks of God" by Joseph Campbell. I was not sure if I was going to post this, as it could be controversial. My intention is to expand our thinking beyond the physical into the Limitless...through and within the " God" of your own understanding.....

I had the privilege of visiting Roslyn Chapel, in Scotland in 2010. This beautiful little Chapel along with its History has long been an intrigue to me. Even though it was under major restoration at the time I could not help but feel the energetic imprint of the place, or what I call the " Spirit of Place" that was present.

Ok, so here goes....

The " Spirit"  and our " Belief's " are "Within" and then we create a place to exercise them from.

Religion is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to beliefs and values..... Wikipedia-Religion
Can I stretch the imagination by bringing this dwelling into a " Symbol"....?

Inside Roslyn Chapel, Scotland -photo from Google

Is there a need to express ourselves through a Defined Religion...rather consider...a Religion Defined through and within the " God" of your be "Limitless"....

Bear with me...this is " Food For Thought"....maybe confusing I know, but lets see if I can bring this into some form of context.

Why do we as humans, take some events, and limit it to the restriction of a " Defined Religion ? "

Why can it not be Limitless...yet to unfold...and in time, through life's experience be understood from your own perspective in that moment in time.

Or, as a human race do we adopt the process of definition through that symbol, to relate those experiences, beliefs, values and concepts of who we are. It is yet another form of searching for self and how we fit into that whole.

If God is limitless, time is limitless and we are limitless...why then can we not make our Symbol Limitless?....again " Food for Thought"....or, we become that Symbol of the Limitless....

This brings to mind an experience I have been having. That flow of intuition coming through in words...written on paper, yet loosing something in the translation. I feel and know there is a depth to the concept being given, yet I can not bring it totally from the Essence of Limitlessness to the Limited Physical interpretation. Is it because it is being brought through the Physicality of the Human Mind...a more restrictive tool as it needs to analyze and define from that limited understanding?

 Roslyn Chapel Scotland-Photo from Google

Or, maybe it is mitigated so that the mind can comprehend the phenomena of the experience.
We are, from time to time, touched by experiences that takes us beyond the realm of the everyday mundane to a place that we know to be outside ourselves. Maybe, just maybe...we are to witness ...a reminder for self that we are being mindful and in the moment. It is for just us alone to know. It is....maybe...a time when we enter our own place of " Limitlessness" for just a moment. This, if felt again, becomes a " Signature" for you alone to remember...I have done this before...and I can do it again. And can build on this Signature until it becomes the " Norm" rather than the " Exception"


Photo taken at Zuma Beach, Malibu, California

We carry the D.N.A. from the beginning of time within us. We are " Infinity" evolving through it's many stages...each a " Lifetime" unto itself.

Could the " Religion" of your understanding not become " Infinite" also, as it is of the " Limitless Time"...consider moving it beyond the constraints of the Human Condition. Let it flow through that " Knowing" that you are in that space outside of yourself, part of a " Whole" yet still " One"....within the " Whole"

Photo taken at Zuma Beach, CA...Pelicans Feeding....
Being One within the Whole

This photo re-iterates that statement. I watched these magnificent birds, soaring, linked to each other, yet each " One" a part of the formation and dynamic that was taking place. There was no fighting for territory or a place within the formation of flight. There was no evidence of any one bird going hungry or competing for food. There was no evidence of exclusion. There was no evidence of destroying just because of a difference. The " Whole" working as " One" yet part of the " Whole". Continuity within the " Dance of Life"

Photo by Liane Gustafson

A concept waiting to be born.

And Then...Maybe....

Through and within the " God" of your own understanding...go to and be " Limitless"

" Participate in your own Awakened Humanity"...Joseph Campbell

Whale-Totem Animal

Record Keeper

Of mighty oceans,
You have seen it all.
Secrets of the ages are hard within your call.

Teach me how to hear your words,
And how to Understand,
The very roots of History,
Of when our World began....
(quote, Sams and Carson, Medicine Cards)

" Whale reveals the layers of Knowledge being brought forth to the " Physical" from the " Memories" of those before " Remember"...(quote Ravenmyth)

" Maybe"

Sunday, 22 May 2011

One Lovely Blog Award....

I have just been awarded the " One Lovely Blog Award" by Mari Sterling Wilbur Photography
Her beautiful Blog takes you on a journey of Stories and Teachings through the lens of her camera...which does not disappoint.

This Award requires that I list 7 things about myself.

1. I love conviviality through the art of Fine Dining and  full bodied Red Wines.

2. I feel blessed, living where I do at Deer Lake, looking out over a landscape of Snow Capped Peaks, Deer Lake, Eagles Soaring and Nature bursting forth through all its beautiful seasons.

3. I am very sociable, yet need my space to just be. I am very comfortable in my own skin and with my own company.

4. I do everything from the Heart and come from a position of Compassion for all things.

5. I love my children, my grandchildren and Bill even though they live in other cities, they are always in my heart....and my little Buttons who keeps me company.

6. I enjoy my photography, I paint when I can, I do little pieces of art when I make cards...( thank you Nicole, my daughter for introducing me to this art)..I love to travel...and I am very much an entrepreneur.

7. I am not a fan of those who selectively treat people differently and can not stand abuse of any sort...especially to children and animals.

I will now pass this Award onto 5 Blogs that I have been following, each one adding to that Creative Flow within a wonderful community. Please take time to drop by and visit.

Thank you Mari at Mari Sterling Wilbur Photography for including me in this Award. Please stop by and visit Mari and enjoy her Creations through the Lens.

From left to right, My Mom, Liam, Me, Mercedes, Brayden, Nicole and Brent

Taken on a visit to Calgary to be with Brent and Nicole, then off to Beautiful Banff and Lake Louise...

Ava & Luke
My 2 Beautiful Grandchildren who I do not see often...

Bill and Myself
He is my " So-Cal Guy"

My Beautiful " Buttons"
Just turning " One"

As a little anecdotal story, I was in the middle of this post and Buttons decided to chew through my USB cord on my keyboard...of course, bringing everything to a halt. Needless to say, I am now wireless....

Please come and visit anytime...and thank you for " Dropping In"

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Participate within your own Creation.....

Phoenix Rising

These are times of Global Restructure, not only in Politics, Religion and Finance...but in Weather Systems, Melting of the Ice Caps and the Extinction of Species.

Through all of this we are beginning to see a change in consciousness. Symbolically, as the Rising of the Phoenix, we must surrender to the Destruction...or Rise again.

To Burn is to Cleanse. Everything must return to it's natural element before it can re-define become again, unfolding in the process.

But, to become what?

Photo Tortoise Shell Butterfly by Liane England 2010

Own and become the Creation in every " Now". Each thread weaving the cocoon to become the Potential Outcome...

Through our Thoughts and Actions we can be that Potential for a New Creation.

We cling to " Hope" like a Moth to a Flame. It is " Hope" that beats within our Love again, to achieve again, to have success again, to work again, to be healthy again, to feel that life force running through us again.

Everything you need to know to actualize that " Hope" and " Create" its desires you carry within. This is not new stuff, it is just a reminder.

Are you ready to Participate within your own Creation?

Try this for one hour. Be " Thoughtful within your Thoughts." What I mean by this, is start the process of " Knowing" where your " Thoughts" are in the Moment. Have that awareness of what is going on within and then being shown outwardly. From here your thoughts become " Choices" that are finally " Acted Upon."

How does that reverberate throughout our Home, our Neighbourhood, Our Community, and finally our Universe?

How do our Choices affect Humanity? Our Families? Our Partners? Our Children?

This is where we, as individuals, become part of the Creation, the Restructuring that takes place.

Birth of a Star

To me, this time in History feels like the " Rising of the Phoenix". Even the Season fits. New Beginnings, rising from the decay and rest of Winter to become and create again.


The Swallow does not have the ability to fly from the ground. They have to fall to be able to Soar. They just know that to Fly....they must Fall. The Bird builds it's Nest, to raise it's young, to then begin again.

This is our Nest and we are the Builders.

" How Do You Create?"

Our Earth.....Our Connection to the Common Thread.....Our do you contribute to the Potential we are in the process of Building.

Totem Raven

" Raven is the Symbol of changes in " Your Consciousness" through levels of " Awareness" and " Perception"....

" Creation" has " Responsibility"...." Own your own Creation"....the Manifestation of your Choices.....

" Go Forth and Create"