Sunday, 11 December 2011

Butterfly...A Call to Transformation...

Native Butterfly Carving

Butterfly that flutters in the morning have known many forms before you e'er took flight
(Quote Sams & Carson Power Through The Ways of Animals)

We are transforming on a cellular level within every breath we take...quietly re-defining our physicality .
The Metamorphosis of Butterfly is one of the Mysteries of Nature and within this post I will be using Butterfly as a Metaphor for Transformation within "Your Own Creative Cycle"
Butterfly is very sensitive to the Harmony of the Earth. We, as sentient beings are also connected to the Harmony of the Earth. When we feel that discord within our own connection to the Rhythm of the Earth...we are no longer in Harmony within our Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies.

Many of the Ancient Civilisations believed that Butterflies were symbols of the Human Soul. The Greeks believed a new Human Soul was born each time a Butterfly emerged from it's cocoon. ( I will refer to this later in the process of transforming within the Spiritual Death)

In The Pacific Northwest Coast Native Mythology of the Haida Gwai the Butterfly Totem was the Companion, Scout and Spokesman for Raven.

The Hopi had a Butterfly Clan and frequently painted Butterfly on Prehistoric Pottery in the Ritual Butterfly Dance.

Aztec Butterfly

The Native Americans of Mexico or the Aztecs believed the Butterfly was a symbol of Re-birth, Re-Generation, Happiness and Joy.

 The Blackfoot believed Dreams are brought to us by the Butterfly


What of the Transformation within your own understanding of your Spirit? What is your next step to Internal Harmony?
Let's Begin.....continuing within that next layer of the Medicine Wheel.
 ( If this is your first visit to Ravenmyth, please read the Medicine Wheel Post before going on to Butterfly)

To Transform we need to allow a " Spiritual Death" to take place...surrendering to the Rising of The Phoenix through a Burning of "Old Patterns of Being"
( For clarity purposes, a Spiritual Death is not a Physical Death. It is a Metaphor for the "Death of that which no longer serves The Spirit")

Your Spirit is always calling to

Andy Everson K'omoks Native Artist

You can physically and mentally hear and feel that call when you feel out of sync and out of step with your Earth Rhythm or your World. This will register in your body or mind in different ways. Be aware of your thoughts at this time or how your body is feeling or reacting. This is where you begin to build your own understanding of your Message-Language ( your Internal Dialogue) 

What is the Message your body is trying to send to you?
How does your body Speak to you? Once you start to understand your own Message-Language you will start the process of Releasing your Spirit to its own Cycle of Transformation.

The Caterpillar

The Caterpillar did not question when it surrendered to the process of the cocoon. ( Her process is that Metaphor for the Spiritual Death)

She allowed herself to surrender her old form, trusting she would be born again in her new form...her Creative Cycle Process of Faith.

Will You Surrender To Transform?


....Ask yourself....

What is that one part of you, calling to transform, that you are willing to surrender to?
Where, in this very moment do you feel the most discomfort within your Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies?

Is it your Fear of Surrender?
If I Surrender I am no longer in control. When I control I do not have to feel or deal with those Inner Demons that Taunt my Pathway to Harmony.
It is easier to Live with the Familiar Old Patterns than to "Change" or "Transform"
"You ask too much of Me."

I am too busy!
I am afraid!
I can't do this!
It is too hard!
What will happen to Me!

Is this your Message- Language ...
(Inner Dialogue) of Self Deception talking?

Will you Surrender to Transform

Faith of Youth

When we were young, we were not afraid to Surrender. We were invincible. We danced to the Rhythm of the Earth and embraced the Harmony of our Spirit. We walked in our Power...unafraid.

The Power that Butterfly brings to us is the Element of Air. It is the Mind. In the Medicine Wheel she is Butterfly Clan ( Air). From the East we follow the Path of Enlightenment to the West, the Path of Introspection and Transformation coming from the experience of strength within the Sacred Elements.

Know your Mind to Change it. Understand your own Message-Language.
It is the Art of Transformation.

The Cycle From Cocoon to Butterfly

Like the process of stasis within the cocoon...self transformation is a cycle.
In Butterfly Medicine you need to be aware and observe your position within that cycle.

To do this you may want to explore your own understanding of where you are within any given moment.
Be Mindful.

Butterfly Reflection

Your body will always Reflect and Talk to you, telling you where you are at all times.
This is your Message-Language.

The key is " To Learn to Read your own Message-Language". This is your Signature. No one else has it.
"What is your Internal Language"
This is your starting point within your Cycle of Transformation.

Turning Point

This is now your Turning Point. Here is where your faith and trust come into play...overriding your fearful voice of Self Deception.
Are you Listening?

Let's try something.
When you get a sense of a Message for Transformation being presented to you...Write it down....
It could be a Positive Statement or a Negative Statement. It does not matter. It is the "Signature" of your Language trying to communicate to you. I feel you will start to see a Pattern for Recognition. This is essential for understanding what your Pattern Dynamics are.

Once you know this Language....only then can you begin to Transform Old Patterns and Habits.
....If you Choose....

The Emerged Butterfly

Now you are being "Guided" by the most Powerful Medicine of all
"Your Inner Spirit"
The Butterfly emerging from the Cocoon

Like Butterfly you are always at stages of Transformation.

My interpretation of Harmonic Transformation

Within Myth and Legend, like Butterfly, you are always at stages of Transformation in your life.
The way to Discern where you are in your cycle of Transformation is to be aware of which stage you are in ( quote Sams and Carson)

The Seed or Egg Stage

Butterfly Eggs

Your Thought and Awareness within your Message-Language....the Beginning is a Seed, planted within the Mind...not yet a Reality...waiting to be Born.

The Larvae Stage

Butterfly Larvae

You choose to create your Transformed Self in the Physical World.

The Cocoon Stage

Butterfly Cocoon

This is where you go within...learning your Message-Language in a state of quiet...and re-developing your aspect of self from knowing who you are in the Moment and who you will Transform into after Surrendering to a "Spiritual Death" or "That which no longer serves the Spirit"
Here you integrate Thought and Choices, preparing the Manifestation of your Creation.

The Re-Birth Stage

Butterfly Birth

The final stage of Transformation is leaving the chrysalis and birth. You are now sharing the many layers and colours of your Creation within the Web of Life. You are now that New Perspective...shedding one more layer...or many layers.
Living the Medicine of Butterfly


Transformation is not easy...but give yourself permission to try...take baby steps...and if you find some too hard....Cocoon....and take the time to develop whatever you need to step out and try again. You do not need to force it.
Be within your own Flow of Transformation, Be Patient and Be Kind to Yourself

Let these Stages be the Headings where you place your awareness of your Message-Language received. It will become your road map to Transform through your own Inner Guidance.

Each Layer will be Revealed....Will you Follow Your Own Road Map to Self Transformation?

Road Map to Butterfly Transformation
Andy Everson, K'omoks Native Artist

Here we  begin the discovery into your Message Language and what that would look like for you.

I am going to give you an example of a Physical Reality and we will look at how that would equate into a Message Language ( Inner Dialogue) .

You are running in 10 different feel out of are exhausted...your coping skills are at nil....nothing is getting completed...others are pulling at you, wanting their own needs and wants is unravelling in your work place, in personal relationships...or all of the above...

Emotional Body

I feel cranky and angry
I feel overwhelmed and bunched up
I feel a loss of control over my choices
I feel fear, I may loose my job
I feel a drop in my coping skills
I feel I have to give more to others, but I have nothing left to give
I feel out of sync with my personal relationships

Mental Body

I am done!
I can't do this!
I am better off the way it was!
I will go back to doing things the old way because it is easier and that is the way I have always done it!
I will not change....It will Fix itself!

Physical Body

I am physically exhausted!
I have no energy!
I am getting sick all the time, cold and flu!
I am getting headaches lately!
I have an upset stomach!
My nerves are always on edge and my body is off today!
All I want to do is sleep...then I do not have to deal with all this!
I am not sleeping well these days!

These are just a few examples of how our built in defence mechanism can keep us stuck in old patterns and we do not even know how we got there.

Unlock the Mystery of your own Message Language

Will you Listen to Butterfly Medicine?

 Our Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies are Screaming
I need your help....I am out of Sync...I am not in Balance

This is your Message Language talking to you....can you hear me?

Are you drawn to certain colours?
Are you drawn to quiet places?
Do you want to or just Turn your Phone Off?
Do you feel you need to take time out from Events and People?
Are you drawn to Comfort Food?
Are you drawn to an Alcoholic drink at the end of the day to help you to relax?
Do you just want to be left alone?
Do You Feel The Need To Cocoon?

If you have felt any of the above or some of the above, you are not alone...I know I have!

What do you See within your own Transformation

To Transform, where are you in your Cycle

We all need Positive things to Hold onto...can you choose to not waste Heartbeats on that which you cannot change and focus on what you can.
Every breath you take is Creative...what do you Create within your own Breath of Transformation.
Are you in a Positive Creative Cycle...or are you in a Negative Creative Cycle"
They are both Creation
 The Negative Creative Cycle can only hold you back...if you let it!

Negative Message Illusion....Positive Message Language ....Is Perfection

How can we Transform to Perfection when we are already Perfect within our own Creation...constantly changing our Perfection within our Transformation.


Butterfly enters our Life as a Message for Change. She asks us to stop keeping our Joy at bay. Take the Time you need to be Alone with listen to your gentle request for Natural Transformation

Take notice of what your body is telling you...let Butterfly Medicine give clarity to your mental process and guide you to your own Personal Transformation.

Be Discerning and Mindful of your Message Language

Monarch Butterfly in Flight

Learn your Language and it will become the Facilitator of your Own Transformation

Will you follow the Flight of the Butterfly?

Butterfly Nebula

This is a time of year that can be Joyful for some and Sad for others. It is also a time of year when we make our New Year's Resolution for Change. I will be kinder, I will listen more, I will be there for others more, I will quit smoking, I will go on that diet, I will find a job...etc... but, to do all these things or just some of them we first need to step at a time...
She is the Human Soul, emerging from her Cocoon...regenerated in her Joy and Living Her Dreams...supported by the Voice of Raven.

Be your Potential
Today I am Butterfly
One Day at a Time

From My Heart to Your Heart Wishing you The Joy of Butterfly Medicine Within This Season Of Potential



Sams & Carson Power Through the Ways of Animals