Thread of Truth

It is here that I hope to help you to understand what this is all about. The information is overwhelming when it comes to " What is a Medium" " What is a Psychic" " What do you mean by Intuition" " What is Spiritual Healing".

Education is very important within this field of work. We are working with people when they are sometimes at their most vulnerable. This is a lifetime of training. I had to be discerning in every choice I made along the way. A very important choice was the quality of my Teachings and the Teacher.

For me, Discernment of the Reader is a key to the integrity of the experience for the recipient. The person doing the reading must know at all times where that information is coming from. Psychics and Mediums are working through the mind. During our training, we must not only work on the mechanics and esoteric aspects within our field, but we have to work on ourselves. I must know what is My Spirit, What is The Spirit and what is Your Spirit.  Personal Responsibility and Discernment are key to the success of my ability to do my job for you to the highest calibur. 

The Medium

( My Spirit talking to a Dis-carnate Spirit - A loved one who has passed over)

The information I would be getting in this type of a reading would be proof of life. When our loved ones pass to the Spirit World they are very much the same as they were when they were in the Physical World. My job is to bring through the essence of who they were and still are. Through the information I receive you will know I have your loved one with me. My responsibility is to the Spirit and to not put words into their mouth. This may be the only chance they have to communicate with their loved one. When they come to talk to you, they will be bringing back memories of who they were and reminding you that they are still with you...and most of all to say..." I love you and I am ok". My teacher once asked " What is the first thing we want to do when we go away?" ...the answer is " Phone home to say, I am ok". In this type of reading I tune into The Spirit-Your Loved One.

In my understanding and from my Teachings, Mediums are born with the Faculty, that ability to punch into the Spirit World using the Psychic Muscle. Not everyone is Mediumistic.

The Psychic

(My Spirit talking to your Spirit)

The type of information I will receive within a Psychic Reading would be about you. My belief within this type of reading is that I will help to unravel and bring to awareness that which you already know. This information can be a tool to facilitate understanding, which in turn can help you to make discerning choices for yourself. I am not here to tell you how to live your life. I am not a fortune teller and I do not tell the future. My job is to assist you within your own understanding. The information you receive is a " Potential" and based on your choices that " Potential " can change. In our terminology,  in this type of a reading I tune into "Your Spirit-You"

As Human Being's, we all have the Psychic Faculty. Psychic's can have a Mediumistic Experience.


(My Spirit talking to My Spirit)

We all have Intuition. That little voice, that knowing, that feeling. You do not need  anyone to give you an intuitive reading. You carry the Power of your own Intuition.

Spiritual Healing 

(Healing Conduit for the Spirit World)

Within my understanding, you need to have the Mediumistic Faculty to be a Spiritual Healer. Using my terminology, we as healer's go into the Power to then move into that flow of the Spirit World. It is here that we become the conduit for the Spirit to work through us to facilitate healing in the Physical World. It is like shifting facilitates within the Medium a speeding up which allows us to move between Worlds. ( I personally sit with an accredited group of Healers who have been sitting for Absent and Hands on Healing for 10 years) This is highly disciplined work.

Psychic Healing

( Healing using your energy)

This form of healing is done by a Psychic who is using their own energy to help facilitate healing within others. It is usually done by placing your hands on the recipient. This type of healing can be draining as you are using your energy, unlike Spiritual Healing. When working Psychically you can also have experiences where you may feel the areas in the recipients body that are having issues. That would make sense, as your spirit is connected to their spirit.

I always tell my are a part of the process. Use your own common sence. Honesty on both sides is of the utmost importance. Accept nothing but the best in a reading or healing  from a Medium and for Yourself in a Psychic reading or healing.

This has been a short overview to help you to understand how the differnt Modalities work. It will also help you within your own discernment when you experience any of these forms of Readings or Healings. Choose wisely. Knowledge base and Training are an integral part of the person you are handing yourself over to.

I look forward to being of service, should you choose.


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