Thursday, 2 June 2011

When Eagles Fly....Spirit....

From Earth to Sky...they Soar they Circle...forever climbing.

Spirit  (the Spirit within a human being is the non-corporeal essence or animation, similar to the Soul , taken to be the seat of the mental, intellectual and emotional powers)

 Eagle Medicine is the Power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live in the Realm of the Spirit and yet remain connected and balanced within the Realm of the Earth. Eagle Soars and observes the expansiveness within the patterns of Life. From the heights of the clouds, Eagle is close to the heavens where the Great Spirit Dwells. ( Quote Sams and Carson, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

Eagle over Alaska-Google

Eagle is never limited by the pulls of the mundane, never held back from the fears of an Empty Spirit. Eagle sees beyond the constraints of that which would hold you back. Whispers, coming from the fears of the patterns created from your early beginnings..." I cannot do this, someone may Judge me. " " I cannot do this, I will fail" " I am not good enough"  "Who would want me?"

the Empty Spirit cannot Soar...!

The Empty Spirit whispers again, stay close to me, do not change. Be my comfort, be here for me. I am your " Fear"...." Nurture Me".

Cloud Photo-Google

But Eagle, continues to Soar...higher and higher...calling...

Follow, and you will know what I know. To See you must fly higher and higher. Free the constraints that hold you the Empty Spirit...allow the ideas, beliefs and inner strength to be the currents that take you higher. Take back your Power....and from these heights you will " See"....where you were, where you are, and where you are going.

The feathers of Eagles are considered to be the most Sacred of Healing Tools. In Native belief, Eagle represents a state of grace achieved through hard work, understanding and a completion of the tests of initiation which results in the taking of ones personal power. It is through the highs and lows of life's experiences that this right is earned. ( Quote, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

Eagle Feathers-Google Photo

It is here where we can re-define ourselves. I feel a great cry to heal. It is everywhere. It is an energetic signature that is permeating our space and time. As a " Sensitive" I feel things that others do not. I have been noticing, more and more, the feel of this signature and the strength of its cry.

Wolf the Teacher...Eagle the Spirit-Google Photo

Listen to Wolf...who brings the Teachings of the Spirit...through Eagle.
You have to re-define self to be a different voice which touches the thread that reverberates within this, " Our Time In History "...even the slightest Whisper..will be heard... 

Too often our " Spirit " listens to those Inner Voices, defined by patterns that " Double Bind "
us in fear to what we perceive to be our " Truth "...whispers of lack.....falling, every falling into a " Spirit" unfulfilled.

We struggle, looking for answers outside ourselves. "Why am I sad?" " Why don't I feel Joy?"
" I forgot how to laugh." " This is all too hard." " I am a failure."

....The key is " I". What am " I " going to do to Change " Me? "......

Wolf calls us to question our Consciousness....Eagle is calling you to attack your personal fears of the unknown and allow the wings of your  " Soul " to be supported by the ever present breezes , the breath of the Great Spirit.....bringing forth..... Illumination of Self.

Inside the Eagle Nebula-Google Photo

And the Eagle flies... higher and higher... sometimes circling..waiting..waiting.. for My catch up with My Spirit.

For I know I " Soar".... I feel the memory of " You"...but I no longer " See" through " Spirit"...

I only see through " Fear "

England Trip 2010-Glastonbury Tor-Photo by Doug

Ok... lets take this a little How do I take a step closer to Stop seeing in Fear.

Bring this Stair Way into is a new Path...we are re-defining. We are all evolving at different paces, each taking that next step...higher...and higher...or maybe, sometime a step back. It does not matter. Let it be a choice. 

Your Spirit Evolution is within the realms of your Own Creation....your own comfort of time and experience. ...choose.

Look around... there you will see the " Helping Hands"..reaching down a stair to Lift you Up...and you in turn doing the same for the person on the stair below you...and sometimes...another...will drop a stair, just to reach up and give you that little push you " Soar"... 

Squamish Eagle-Google Phot0

Higher....and ....Higher...all stepping within your " Limitless Time"....Forward....Back...Higher....and...Higher...

But Never Alone!

...Just a Thought....

Art- Google Photo

Author's personal note....

....Two Eagles Soar....

I felt that lift of the Spirit within as I watched two Eagles Soar over Deer Lake Park. We have a family that lives here...each year returning to nest and raise their young. I watched them Soar...forever going higher...and higher...lifting me as they went...that feeling of being at " One" with something greater than me.

Witnessing this experience became the inspiration for this post. I started to think..." Why do we put ourselves in that position to " Fall" and not " Soar?" " Why do we Hide that beautiful " Spirit" within....

Squamish Eagle-Google Photo

Instead, be that " Voice" ...that "Whispers in the Wind"..." Soaring to Heights" that fulfill Life's Dreams.

Dream of your "Spirit" forever going " Higher"

Squamish Eagle-Google Photo

Eagle asks, " Come Fly With Me"...go Higher....and Higher....


How to search for the Spirit Shape Shift...on the Power of Raven...through the Wisdom of become "Spirit" of Eagle...

Eagle calls you to " Remember"....

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.



  1. I want to fly like an eagle
    To the sea
    Fly like an eagle
    Let my spirit carry me
    I want to fly like an eagle
    Till I'm free

    What an apt metaphor for venturing beyond our “limitations.” And yes, fears.

  2. @ Debra...Eagle is the element of Air. Air is of the mind...and yes, our fears and limitations come of the mind. He is the perfect metaphor to heal...

  3. There was a song that came out in the mid-90s by an indie band - can't remember for the life of me what the band name is. I've tried to find the song on You Tube, but no luck so far. The chorus is:

    I want to be an eagle, flying high
    Write my name...across the sky
    I'm gonna be flying...SOOOO high...

    I've loved it and the late 60s kind of vibe since I heard it, so I hope that one day I find it online. I thought of that song when I read this article.

    Also, I love your artwork! I see that you're a fan of artist's sketch books also. Those are what I use for my personal journals. I love the freedom of the unlined pages and thick paper. :)

    Namaste', dear one.

    - Dawn

  4. Oh my goodness, I FOUND it! The song is "Another Day Goes By" and the band is Dakota Moon. I'll share on FB, and here is the You Tube:

    Btw, I butchered the lyrics above. It's been a good 15 years since I last heard the song. :)

    - Dawnie

  5. High Flight by John Magee

    Oh, I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,

    And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;

    Sunwards I’ve climbed and joined the tumbling mirth

    Of sun-split clouds – and done a thousand things

    You have not dreamed of - wheeled and soared and swung

    High in the sunlit silence. Hovering there,

    I’ve chased the shouting wind along and flung

    My eager craft through footless halls of air,

    Up, up the long delirious burning blue

    I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace,

    Where never lark, or even eagle, flew;

    And, while with silent, lifting mind I’ve trod

    The high untrespassed sanctity of space,

    Put out my hand, and touched the face of god.

    when eagles soar thank you and god bless

  6. @ Roy...a nice add to my Post Roy...look at this flow of creation taking place...The Illumination of the Spirit through Eagle...

  7. Fascinating! Living in the Pacific Northwest we have tons of Eagles this time of year. They come to feed on the Salmon. They are amazing and so graceful as they glide through the sky. I loved reading this post!

  8. @ Marie...thanks Marie. You and I live in a beautiful part of the world where Nature speaks all around us. Sqaumish is a world renowned area for the gathering of eagles to nest. Our government stopped the expansion of the airport there because it would disrupt the eagles. I have had them fly so close to my head in Tofino that I could feel the rush of the wind their wings were creating. They do inspire..hence this post when I watched them take me higher...and higher...

  9. Just double checking that my comments did post - I thought they both did, but then when I checked back about 10 mins ago, they had poofed. Probably another Blogger hiccup that I hope adjusts itself by tomorrow. I didn't want you to think I had overlooked you here!

    ~ Dawn

  10. @ Dawn...we are ok. Your comments are here. I loved the song by Dakota Moon. I am so glad you found it again...and you are right about the " Eagle Flying High" re-iterates what this post is about...taking the Spirit...beyond the mundane to the remembering of the Limitlessness of the Human Spirit...the common thread keeps brought Music to the post...wonderful add...

  11. Eagle is a symbol of freedom. It makes you realize that your wings and fly high !!

  12. Beautiful photos! Just recently I've seen a my first Eagle and they really are facinating to look at. I love the sketch of the Eagle that you did. If only I could draw....

  13. Always an interesting read..I love Alaska and to see an eagle in the wild is such a majestic sight... Thank YOu for this inspiring site

  14. Beautiful post, drawing and poem...What talent to implement all three and to do all nicely!!! The eagle is the perfect metaphor of healing and overcoming adversity in life, we should all thrive to soar above it all and to leave our woes on the ground where they belong. High above the ground eagles have little to fear and somehow I wish an eagles attributes could find there way into my broken human shell. I wanna be where eagles fly!!!

    Your ability to communicate via words or art is a real gift, hope you continue sharing your thoughts with the world. Take care my friend!!!

  15. @ is true, when you have the priviledge to be around Eagles...there is a sense of Freedom and Awe...
    @ wonderful to see your first Eagle..they are magnificent birds..we are so lucky here..they are abundant like Robins...I have drawn for as long as I can remember..I love the flow of pen on paper, oil on canvas and words...they seem to all go together for me...
    @ Jim...always a pleasure to have you drop in.As you know I get inspired by all the nature around me...and yes, to live with them in their own that is special. I know what that feels like to see them in the wild.
    I truly appreciate that you find my site inspiring...
    @ David..Eagles are all about healing the Spirit Within..they carry that fearless courage and they are Majestic at the same time. After I finished this post, I remembered the poem and drawing I had done long ago...thought it was fitting to be here..thank you for commenting on that addition. My friend, as long as there are people to read these thoughts I will share...

    To all of you who commented, a heartfelt thank you for your support and kind words. You are all a part of this thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing...

  16. Raven girl your truth is so evidently NOT a myth! I loved this. So much wisdom in every line. When we listen to our spirit and lean to it and float with it we always soar. It is those outside "forces" which cause us to cling to fear. This is a post that I will save and refer back to. Blessings and light to you and everyone who commented. I received knowledge from all of you. :-)

  17. I'd have clicked on 'cool' but it just wasn't enough. This is awesome. Love the pictures too.

  18. @ are so right is the outside forces that hold us is the Fear that is the Myth...and for me, the comments become part of the post..linking us all together.
    @ happy it was not enough, now you will come back for I better get to work.

  19. Ahh, Raven> I feel spirit inspired you to post this just so I could read it. In just the last couple of days, 30 years of my work has come to fruition, I have overcome my fear and acknowledged that what I have done and still do is of value and service. I have reached my full potential and it has expanded. I am ready to take my next step. Love has brought me here and I am ready to soar with my Eagle into the realm of new possibilites. I re-afirm that I intend to my NEW full potential to serve Love in whatever way is best for all of our highest good.

    Love, Linda

  20. @ Linda...awe my friend..beautiful add to the stream of this post. Yes, lots of inspiration in all of them...but this one from personal experience...sounds like you are experiencing that Soar of the Eagle right now...and is your outer world reflecting your inner world...have to love validation..wherever it comes from. The " Awe" Factor...You go girl...Higher and Higher...

  21. When I began creating my Spirit Masks several years ago, I was so disappointed to learn that I was not allowed to incorporate eagle feathers in my work, because I was not a Native American. They are the only ones who are allowed to use eagle feathers.

    If you wonder what my Spirit Masks look like, scroll down my right-hand side-bar and you will find one.

    This is a wonderful post!!!

  22. @ is the same here in Canada. Only First Nations can use them. I am First Nations and do not have any myelf...but have had the priviledge of holding some. I could actually feel the movement of flight in them and climbing higher and higher. I forgot about that experience Judie..thank you for reminding me.
    I used psychometry ( on the feathers..amazing experience. Another good addition to my post with more valuable information on Eagle...

  23. reminds me of Sparrowhawk..from Ursula K. Leguin's Earthsea favorite books..

  24. Had to stop by and admire your latest round of creativity :) Really love the poem, the words transport me to a majestic place far away from here. I can certainly envision myself soaring over the Northwest USA or Canada free as a bird while my ambitions and limitations are unshackled. Your lovely sketch reminds me of a few pieces of art I've purchased featuring birds; I love the species in general and often believe it would be amazing to float upon the wind currents without a care in the world. Look forward to seeing more of your multi-faceted posts, keep up the inspiring positive posts and I'll keep reaching for the stars. Take care!!

  25. @ Alfandi, I saw that movie they made. I have not read the books. I should. I really enjoyed the movie as it is about myth, legend and fantasy. Thank you Alfandi...I appreciate your compliment, to be in such company. I will check out the book trilogy.

  26. @ David, I once had the priviledge of feeling the flight of an Eagle throught the use of Psychometry when I held one of their was not of this Earth. Birds are a perfect Metaphor for Freedom of the Spirit and seeing beyond our earthly confinement. Even their "Voice" is a " Call" for the "Spirit" within to " Soar"...

    I think, when you are lost in the loving words of are "Soaring" on the winds of a the Joy of a freedom of the Soul...within the remembering...

    Keep Reaching...

  27. Hi there! You've been added to my Blog-A-Licious library! Do keep your great posts coming! And do have a peep at the other Blog-A-Licious Blogs.
    Cheers - Dora

  28. @ Dora...thank you for the add...I will come and take the tour...
    @ Manpreet thank you for visiting. I will visit your blog...