Saturday, 1 October 2011

A Call to Otter...Woman Medicine.....

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Cancer Awareness

I felt a need for a Totem to bring to light the Healing Power of Women and their abilities within their own Intuition to bring about the Manifestation of Their Own Power From Within For Healing. 

" Otter, you are the Medicine of Woman, the Realized Dream"
(Quote, The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals)

Whether from Sea or River, you live in the Element of Water..."Emotion"...

You speak from truth of your experience of "Life" lived on many levels....metaphorically passing through those levels as you swim ever deeper within your World of Water.

Otter At Home in your World of Water

You are playful, looking at Life Challenges, and still finding a place to see the lighter side of all is because she represents "Balanced Energy" 

...For I am Otter....I am Woman Medicine...

So often "Life" tosses us around like a leaf floating in a stream, never really sure where we are going, where we will land and what hurdles we must conquer along the way...

Yosemite National Park-Alpine Area

Otter is feminine grace..she makes her home in the Element of Water and lives on Land. She carries the Female Energy of Earth and Water...that ability to Nurture from the Emotion of her Heart...

Women are complicated Creatures with Complex Bodies. We must constantly balance our Inner World with our Outer World.

We are forever Teaching
...."Hear My Voice, Echoing in the Water's of the Universe"....

Speaking Through the Power of Otter Medicine

I Love Deeply
I give Birth
I protect my family and give my life for them
I will Hold you and Nurture you in your Pain
I will teach you what I know
I will Forgive...because I Love
I will Honour you because I have learned to Honour Me
I will Cry with you because I can
I will support you in all you do, because I want for you, what you want for you
I know who you are because it was Important to me to find out
I will laugh and play with you because I know how
I am Courage in your Hour of Need
I will go the Distance with you ...even when you have given up
I believe in you

I am Woman Medicine
I am the Healer

Cancer Awareness

Like Otter, Women are curious....we want to Know and Learn "Everything Relationship" is in our DNA.

I believe that in many ways...we are the Keeper of the Knowledge of the ways of the Sentient Being's need to Connect.
In the Stories, Poems and Songs we write ..."Are we not always speaking or singing of our search for Love or our Love Lost?"
We reach out to connect with friends and family. We hound the men we love to go and see the doctor...we  watch over those that we love and care for. We adapt in ways that others can not.
We Gather....

On an Intuitive Level we are able to sense and walk the way of the Esoteric

When we walk in Otter Medicine we Embrace the Fullness of our Power.

" Become Otter and move gently into the River of Life's Flow with the Water's of the Universe. This is the way of the Balanced Female Energy. In doing so you will discover the "Power of Women" (Quote, The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals)

Otter Totem Animal-Sue Coleman Painting

Women are Caretakers of the Soul. We Gather together, a Force to Heal. Our natural ability to Nurture is Ignited when there is a Call to Action to Heal that which is unwell within the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies. It is when we walk in this power that we think not of ourselves, we give unconditionally...because we can!

We are Otter...Woman Medicine

Mother and Baby

" The Beauty of a Balanced Female is that side of ourselves that creates a space for others to enter without preconceptions or suspicions . Otter teaches us that balanced female energy is not is Sisterhood anchored in the understanding that all accomplishments are Worthy of the Whole Tribe"...(Quote Power Through the Ways of Animals)

(It will not dis-appoint)

Do we as Women have to work on Keeping our Energy Balanced, absolutely. It is a Dance we do daily....sometimes succeeding and sometimes not. But we keep on Trying.

(Quote Unknown)

Confront the Dragons
Overcome the Obstacles
Understand the Risks
Really Live
Always Believe
Go the Distance
Expect the Best

"We are Otter....Woman Medicine"

Cancer Awareness

....Within Woman Medicine we Strive ....

For the Beauty of Balanced Energy without Control
For Love without Jealousy
Honouring Others for their Success as we Honour Our Own
For the Ability to Play when Life feels Hopeless
For a place within to be contented
To Know that we are all the we can Be...and it is enough

May the Beauty of my Inner World Reflect in my Outer World

As Above So Below

The Positive Collective Energy of the Power of Women flows into the Universal Stream of Consciousness to Heal the Mental, Emotional and Physical Bodies.

This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
We Are the Healers!

(By Canadian Nickel Scrapn)

This is a Call to Otter
Woman Medicine

Confront The Dragons
Always Believe
Expect The Best

You hold Woman Medicine in the Palm of your Hands
Own It!



  1. What an interesting blog you have here....wonderful photos and stories tfs all...

  2. @ Lynn's Place...thank you for visiting and taking time to leave your imprint on Ravenmyth..yes, it is different...and I am happy you enjoyed it here...please come again...Always...

  3. You have captured the essence of a woman so beautifully. Showing the connection between otter and woman... Loved it

  4. I am never ever disappointed when I visit your blog. I try not to miss a one. :) How wonderful.

  5. O Raven!! Ur deep insight n a tribute to woman is amzing u knw coz each n everythin mentioned s soo true dear...wish ths world regarded them as u do!

    Love u fr dis one Raven!! U r a v good writer Raven!! One f d best i came across!!!

    Thankyou Raven!

  6. This post from u came at a very apt time.... unfortunately yesterday only I got the news that a person who is very close to me is diagnosed with cancer.

    It was extremely inspiring post, n I'll make sure that I convey the message u gave here to her.

    Lovely... no words !!

  7. fantabulous.....superliked..very well described..hats off yeah..i salute all the ladies out thr in the world..:)

  8. Wonderful post as they always are. You inspire me to keep trudging through the mire. I love your writing and your sincerity, Love of humans and all of nature, so close to my heart. I am truly amazed at how you are able to bring the two together in such a beautiful way. Thank you!

  9. You have touched me deeply with this post of mine...every word here is so significant and really moving..leaving me with serious thought provoking questions,and something which requires a lot of soul searching.

  10. very beautifully written, You have a different style of expressing. One who knows women as power...knows :) Appreciated

  11. "I know who you are because it was Important to me to find out", Only a woman can say this. Lovely thoughts put together in a wonderful post for a great cause. Love your post Raven...

  12. Your blog is always amazing and I always learn something! I never knew about the otter!! I have a breast cancer button on my blog !!!!

  13. The otter is an amazing animal. I loved the video of the otters holding hands. Thank you for this post.

  14. Nice post as always...very enlightening.

  15. The photo of the otter mom and baby touched me the deepest. It reminded me of a time when life threw all she had at me and I stood firm and pulled my family through.

    My children were 2 and 4 yrs old. After a miscarriage and severe depression and so much more I finally checked myself into a mental hospital. The husband was caring for the kids for the first time alone. He made a pizza and turned around to wash the dishes when he heard screaming. The kids has managed to open then oven and my son had placed his hands on the open oven door. Getting 2nd/3rd degree burns on both hands. The hospital let me out early where I immediately went and spent another 3 days in the burn unit with my son. The whole time I slept on a fold out chair with my son on my chest. The nurses couldn't believe that for 3 days they would find us that way. It was Father's Day when I left the mental hospital and moved into the burn unit.

    Only an Otter could do that. Hard times have come and tried to break and all they find is strength.

    Thank you Raven for this special post, my blog and post buttons displayed and for the feature. I am truly honored my friend.

  16. I am truly touched by all of your posts, but this one has hit me in an even deeper way. Firstly, the Otter is a such a cute and cuddly animal and seeing the connection between them and female nurturing, love and power is a sight to behold.

    Also with this being Breast Cancer Awareness month, women need to stop and think about themselves as we sometimes are too busy doing for others. Your words bring this notion home to us where we need to hear it. I recently went to visit my adoptive mom and our time together was so loving and so very different than any time we've ever had. I had a difficult time with her when I was a young girl/teen and as an adult, but time has healed the pain. Reading this reminded me of the healing power of women, mothers and daughters. Thanks so much!

    PS: The video was so darling! - Jenni your comment brought tears to my eyes. Holding you always in love and light. You have weathered many a storm and are still standing mama! :-)

  17. I am currently working on a piece that will be auctioned off for breast cancer research at a fundraiser/art exhibition the end of this month.

    I am trying to catch up on reading posts. Our little Yorkie was bitten by a rattlesnake week before last and we have been concentrating on her recovery. It was really touch and go for a while, but the antivenon finally did its work.

  18. What can I say I Love Women :) Without women there is no life...

    "We must constantly balance our Inner World with our Outer World." I read Otter World lol


  19. A great post again. Loved the otter photos. They are such strong, resilient and resourceful animals, and have survived despite hard times being almost wiped out for their fur.

  20. What a lovely tribute to women everywhere!! You beautifully showed how remarkable and special the female species really is. Like the otter the woman represents all that is good and they certainly make this world a better place. Thanks for sharing this and thanks to the ladies who play such a vital role in this world. Blessings :)

  21. I love your post...the otters, the women, the truth about who we are and how connected we are to everything. Lovely...

  22. Absolutely beautiful......As always...XOXOXOXOXO

  23. I love your photo of the waterfall - beautiful. I also love this quote "Women are Caretakers of the Soul". What a beautiful position that puts us in. Otters, like women, are cute and cuddly but also tenacious and fearce.

  24. @ Sparklemezen...I agree...Woman Medicine is perfectly linked to Otter as a Totem women we just have to remember the value in what we do in our Society...on so many levels. Thank you for being a part of this post...Always..

    @ Sonia...thank you my friend for supporting Ravenmyth...I am so happy that you enjoy reading these posts as much as I do pouring myself into them...and letting the inspiration flow. ...Always..

    @ Jessica..thank you for stopping by and being a part of this post...I do like to try and weave the inspiration I get from the Totem Animals into a journey of their essence..through words...Always..

    @ Mani...thank you for appreciating my writing...I do know it is different. This post is a tribute to the many attributes women carry within their DNA...and yes, it is not always valued. However, we carry on as a collective power...doing what we do best...Being Women...thank you for sharing your honouring of women in this post...Always..

    @ heart goes out to you and your friend. I am happy that this post could help, however that would be. Things come to us when they are needed...this was inspired in the moment..and I can now see why. Thinking of you my friend...Always...

    @ Nikhil...I bow to your enthusiasm and support of the Female Species...thank you for giving your voice on our behalf...Always...

    @ happy to inspire...we need more like you and I who understand the common thread that weaves between nature and the human condition. We are all connected and part of the whole that compiles our existance..when we as a civilization understand that we can then move as a whole to the next level of understanding within our own evolution....Nature already knows what to do...we just need to remember..thank you for adding your own wisdom to this post..Always...

    @ Alpana...I feel we are drawn to what we need to hear when we are ready to take another step within our own evolution. When something calls you to Soul are ready for the guidance that is given. Be aware of the sign posts and be open to guidance...thank you for sharing yourself in this post ...Always...

    @ Jerly...thank you for understanding my style...and you are right..a woman of power recognizes and knows. That comes from experience and the "Wanting to Know" is then that you begin to live the true essense of who you are as a woman..then people are drawn to you...and then you become the teacher...your own wisdom adds to this post...Always..

  25. @ Jim...first let me thank you for supporting this month on Cancer Awareness by putting the button on your blog...means alot to us girls...actually, I learned about Otter myself in this post..she is an amazing little creature and is truly an Advocate for Woman Medicine...very much needed in our world today...thank you so much Jim for adding to this post...Always...

    @ Sweepy Jean...I too loved the video on the Otters...I still go back and look at it...makes me smile...the innocence of the Animal World in all its natualness opens the heart to Love...thank you for being a part of Otter Medicine...Always..

    @ Janu...I am happy you enjoyed this post and that it touched you...thank you for sharing with us in Otter Medicine...Always...

    @, you were the living essense of what this post was all about. Thank you so much for giving us an example of the Power of Women...doing what it does best...I loved your phrase " Hard times come and try to break and all they find is strength"...and that my friend is what women do...because we can. Like Tameka I can see the beauty of you holding your son, unconditionally healing him back to health. There are no words to said it all... I am happy to host your blog and what you are doing for Cancer inspire all of us...Always...

    @ Tameka...I agree, Otter is an amazing metaphor for Women and the Power they many ways we are the backbone to the stability of society...bringing it back to centre and remembering what is important in life. Our Love for our fellow human being...and yes, mothers and daughters are a good example of that...we struggle in our relationships, but somehow find our way back to centre....otter in her innocence shows us that...and for me the video was an example of our connectiveness to each other..just holding hands...beautiful add to this post...Always..

    @ happy you little Yorkie is ok...again, women handling lifes challenges and still supporting each other. How wonderful you are doing a piece for cancer...I too am way behind on my my friend, you are not along. So happy you stopped by and shared with us....Always...

    @ Alejandro...I am pleased that you read and enjoyed Otter is a playful and fun place to be...when everything is in balance. From all us girls...thank you for the support...Always...

    @ Jim too...really happy they have survived...I have always loved watching them in the wild. We have both sea and river otters here in B.C. and they are very resiliant and curious...not unlike women. I am happy to live in a part of the world that still has such an abundance of wild life and so much wilderness...thanks for sharing your insight into Otter with us Jim...Always...

    @ David....thank you from all us girls for your support on this post and finding value in women and what they add to our society. I think Otter depicted that essence in women and brought those attributes forward in Otter's loving and playful way. It was a fun post and everytime I looked at an otter picture it made me smile...appreciate your contribution my dear friend...Always...

    @ Leah...we are all connected and nature has a way of teaching us that if we take time to be aware...there is value in everything...thanks you for sharing in Otter Medicine...Always...

    @ good to see you hear and happy you enjoyed..we all need a little reminder of who we are and what strengths we carry...take care my friend...Always...

    @ Mari...I too liked that photo..I did not realize I had captured that little leaf until I looked at it later...nature gives us little surprises...and yes not unlike women, do not underestimate that cute and cuddly otter...there is a strength that lies below the surface that can move mountains...I think women mostly have an understanding of the Soul..that is why we carry so much compassion to nurture and understand...because we can...great to see you here my friend, sharing your wisdome with us...Always...

  26. Thanks for always acknowledging the presence of your readers Raven. Even more insight is gained in the sharing and commenting.

  27. @ Tameka...I so agree...we are all a part of this all bring more to it just by reading and Thank You...Always...

  28. Powerful animal totem for Breast Cancer Survivors!

    My strongest association with otter medicine is, as you say, "I will laugh and play with you because I know how ..." Perfect!

    Great comment from Tameka, above, I agree that the conversations in comments add so much more to the practical enjoyment of the post!

    PS: I love the little baby otter picture at the end the best;-)

  29. @ Linda...Otter is a great metaphor for the Power of Women and how we weild it...always from the Heart...and because we nurture from the day a Soul comes into this world..we do know how to laugh, play and cry. I have always valued the input of the reader, adding their wisdom and insight to any brings life to the words written by the author through the experiences of the reader to a whole other level.

    My heart melted when I saw the baby is where the Power of Women begins...we are survivors!...thank you so much for sharing with us...Always...

  30. I like your thoughts on life. I have polecats and ferrets and they are of the same family so sometimes the dogs water bowl becomes a paddling pool, their wonderful wee creatures. Great blog huny x

  31. @ Jaqui...thank you my friend...that is so cute that they paddle in the dogs water bowl...very much like Otter' to be around water. I have seen Ferrets but not polecats...will have to google them...I love working throught nature and Totem animals as a Metaphor for the Human is a wonderful tool in our Tool Kit when you need a little support in life...thanks for stopping by and sharing in this Post...always appreciated....

  32. You are most welcome huny if you want to see a polecat called Mica go to Misha the ferret page on Facebook page and keep up with their antics

  33. I am finally getting over here to comment on this wonderful post!

    "You speak from truth of your experience of 'Life' lived on many levels....metaphorically passing through those levels as you swim ever deeper within your World of Water."

    I loved that quote, as it applies to all of us. Until we live it, we cannot speak authentically of the experience. With those Life Stripes come wisdom and the chance to reach out and share, touch others and grow more brightly. For me, as always, with experience comes even more curiosity to learn more deeply. So I continue and the process is endlessly fascinating.

    Beautiful work, dear one!



  34. I will forgive because I love... so true. Women are indeed healers by giving love and nurturing anyone that crosses their path. I hope to be such a women.Lovely post Leeann. I needed to read this today, it makes me realize that life is meant to be lived not mourned.

  35. @ is true, the best teacher is experience and when we have lived the many layers, only then can we own it. If we choose, we can then share with others...become the teacher..the thurst for self knowledge is intrinsic within our being...the rewards are many if we travel that road...difficult yes, but weaving together those fractured parts of our being...thank you for sharing your wisdom within this post my dear friend...Always...

    @ Rimly...Women are the healer' comes naturally...and yes, life is meant to be lived..from our own discoveries and the knowing of self, we can reach out and be the guiding force for others to find their Live...from here we Learn...and then we become the teachers...and if for no other reason...give the Soul what it yearns the understand itself...thank you for being a part of this post and being such a support ot Ravenmyth dear friend...Always...

  36. As always an interesting post that makes us think and so appropriate for this month!!! Thanks

  37. RAVE! I believe in this world only because of people like you.

  38. @ Jim...thank you for returning and commenting was a wonderful way to support such an important cause for both men and takes a community to gather together and make a difference...thank you for being a part of that my friend...Always...

  39. @ Portia...thank you for your lovely words...and know that you carry the Power of Otter Medicine...I see it in your poetry and your actions...I feel you believe also because it is who you are my dear friend...always...

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