Saturday, 3 September 2011

Walking Amongst the Giants...".Look" up and "See"....

(Google Photo)

Hawk, circle over my Dreams and Teach me the Message as we fly.
(Quote, Totem Animals, Sams & Carson)

Hawk Medicine teaches us to be observant-to look at where you are-observe the obvious in everything you do.

How many times do you box yourself in and take on the perspective of that view through the eyes of another? Do you Discount the Beauty of "Who you are" to fit into that box owned by another.

(Photo by Ravenmyth)

There are places on this earth that bring you to your knees and remind you that "Life" is for "Living"
We so often get consumed by the minutia of "Life" and do not see, hear or feel the wonders of "Life"

When do you look up...when do you sense and feel your surroundings, when do you allow yourself to look beyond the mundane? I mean really "Look".

What are the "Signs" being presented to you "Look" from your own "Perspective"?

When do you say " It is ok to look at my own Big Picture"?

Do you seek to "Look" at your own "Potential"? Do you get insight into parts of your life that need to be "Looked" at? Do you get a sense that you need to "Look" at  making a course correction...even though it may be fearful?

Reflection-Yosemite National Park
(Photo Ravenmyth)

What are you "Reflecting"?

When you rise above the "Forest" of your "Life"....move beyond the undergrowth and the perceived reflection holding you to the forest floor. You can see the Big Picture only from "Looking" from above. Can you now see the minute details that anchor you to the forest floor?

...Hidden in your Fears...
...Hidden in your Expectations...
...Hidden in your Needs...
...Hidden in your "Doing" rather than "Being"...
...Hidden deep behind your Veil and your Mask...

Behind the Veil
Photo by Ravenmyth

None of this is "New"...these are just old "Patterns" we use to survive.
And we Hide on the Forest Floor.....
We do not hear the "Cry of the Hawk"

Hawk asks us to "Look" deeper...lift the Veil...lift the Mask...release the "Potential" of "Who you Are"...

Sequoia Seedling-Yosemite National Park
(Photo by Ravenmyth)

Adult Sequoia-Yosemite National Park
(Photo Ravenmyth)

The seedling trusts that in 2000 years it may reach it's potential height. That is how long it takes a Sequoia Tree to reach maturity.

Will you trust when you hear the "Cry of Hawk"....for our time, compared to the Sequoia is short.

Have you had an idea...... shared it with someone and they say..." Wow that is great, you should do that". But alas, then you all the phrases start to play out.

...What if I fail?...
...I can't do that!...
...How do I even begin?...
...What if others disapprove?...

You are finished before you even start.

Peregrine Falcon-Yosemite National Park
(Photo Ravenmyth)

Hawk is asking you to "Look" beyond your own mask. He knows that if something does not work out, he adjusts his course and tries again. If he does not try...he will never know the potential of his life. He trusts that when you are observant and you follow that instinct, there is a reason and he is prepared to "Look" at a new way.

We all have aspirations

...To Succeed...
---To Love and be Loved...
...To Achieve...
...To fulfill our Wants and Needs....
...To be Valued...
...To be Accepted...
...To make mistakes and get up and try again...
...To Grow and Learn....
(just to mention a few)

Life is the initiation. When you are with Hawk a clue about Life's Magic is being presented.You are being empowered to overcome. Do you see...I mean "Look" and really "See". Are you observing your own Nuances of Power?

Have you lost the "Vision" of Hawk...the "Vision" of your "Big Picture"? are only as Powerful as your capacity to "Perceive, Receive and use your Abilities.

Google Photo

Hawk calls forward, within the state of your awareness and asks you to "Look" at your own "Truths" "Seek Self"...Only through your own awareness can you Actualize your "Looking" through the layers within...going deep into the understanding of your own Responsibility...for the " Life you Weave"

...Life Creation within your Web, waiting to be unfurled....
(Photo Yosemite National Park-Ravenmyth)

It is then that you step into your Personal is from here you "See"...but first you must be prepared to "Look"

It is Hawk that "Sees" the overall view. The detail of your "Life"...the signals being forever transmitted for you to observe and then choose those fine course corrections.

Hawk asks you to "Circle" over your "Life" and "Look" at it from a higher perspective. From here you may "See" the tangled Web we Weave...and unravel it to it's full potential....

(Photo by Ravenmyth)

The Falcon is Awareness and Teller of Truth. He sees beyond the Mask. Falcon has the ability to move between the seen and unseen worlds. He has Prophetic Insight and Clear Vision. Falcon is unified with the "Great Spirit"...He is the messenger that awakens "Our Vision" and inspires us to a "Creative Life Purpose".

...Are you ready to answer the "Cry of Hawk"....?

"Open to the Potential of your Own Creation"


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  1. Enchanting photos! Big picture, right-brain hemisphere, bird’s eye view gal here. Truth teller, creator, lover of life, visionary, seer, unmasked soul, always seeking the higher perspective. The forest floor, not where I ever want to dwell for long!

  2. Standing among the giant redwoods, with the sunlight filtering down to the floor of the forest, one cannot help but become inspired, and filled with a certain spirituality. Thank you, Raven, for sharing your experience and wisdom with us.

    I have some beautiful music that accompanies my current post. You will love it.

  3. Just as I was preparing to sign off for the day and go to bed, I received a wonderful gift in my email inbox - the gift of this post.

    I do believe that sometimes you are where you are meant to be at a specific moment in time, you receive the messages that are meant for your life, and can honestly say that your post tonight is such a gift to me.

    I feel most connected to 'life' when I am in nature. It is during these quiet times alone that I feel the most connected, the highest clarity, the greatest sense of 'being' - and truly alive.

    What you have given to me is a way to bring that clarity and connection to life - back with me. (I hope I make sense)

    A very inspiring and powerful post and I sincerely look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Thank you!

  4. Wow... nice pics my friend. Awesome.

  5. Good post. Enjoyed it immensely. Thanks

  6. Great post. Love the photos as well. Much needed reminder for me, I have been mired in the mundane, Thank you!

  7. Nice photos!! Must be awe inspiring to gaze upon such majestic trees, one can't help but gain a new focus on life. Unfortunately it's often human nature to remain grounded instead of soaring like the hawk where we can be the person we're destined to be. Last night I was staring up at the brightly twinkling stars wondering about my life and the direction that I'm headed as often I feel that life is lacking something ot that I'm stuck on the forest floor. I'm ready to be hawk-like and become the person I once was!! Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring post as always!!

  8. Lovely photographs to go along with a meaty message. Your words are like salad for the soul. Beneficial and necessary! Missed you!

  9. Wonderful and inspiring post. I feel a real connection with the redwoods. Unfortunately, living on the east coast, I don't get to visit them. I've only been in their presence once, we camped overnight in Jedediah Smith State Park, under the trees, and I cried when we left.

    We planted a metasequoia/Dawn Redwood in our back yard about 25 years ago, and it is huge now! We loved it so much, another followed, then another...we have four now! Their amazing, muscular trunks, their beautiful fall foliage in an exquisite cinnamon color...I could go on and on. But their energy is the best part.


  10. I try to look and I try to see, it's the believing I have trouble with. haha great post.

  11. Wonderful post. This is the only was to truly live...yet it can be frightening to take those steps to look within, and if we do not we die. Courage is what I need to never stop looking.

  12. I'm getting an error when I try to share, crap.

    The hawk knows best...ok it doesn't know best but, it knows what all animals know that humans don't always know.. that we must love ourselves as we love others, treat others as we treat others, go out and get what is rightfully ours without hurting anyone, and the world is at its best when everything and everyone work together.

    Welcome back Raven, missed your posts and of course you too. This was a great post, then again I have come to expect no less from you. Soar on Raven Soar on!!

  13. @ Debra...great to see your positive energy back on my blog. You defined this post walk in all the can be done...thank you...Always..

    @ is an experience to walk amongst the giants, there is an energy felt there that you know is different and uplifting. It is interesting, if you need balance in your life..walk amongst the trees, if you need energy, walk along the ocean. Balance in numerology is the number 2...the number carried by Hawk is number 2. There are no coincidences in the Mystery of our world. Thank you for your added insight...Always...

    @ Bernadine...I have always believed in syncronistic this case they are reflecting Hawk and the message he brings to you. That is when it becomes the most powerful. The beauty is you were observant and it resonated with you. You remembered what you needed and then how to make that happen for you. Thank you for sharing your addition of insight into this post...Always...

    @ honour me by stopping by my friend. I love the use of photography intermingled with the teachings of the Native Culture...I am so happy to share it with all who love the visual..and Hawk is all about Vision...Always...

    @ DK...thank you for taking the time to stop by and leave your imprint on this post...I am happy you enjoyed it. Always...

    @ is easy to become mired in the mundane..sometimes we just need a little reminder that lifts us out..for just a see our big picture...we are part of a whole that knows what to do...we just have to let it...thank you for adding your perspective to this post...Always...

    @ dear is the balance we need between the forest floor and the Vision of the you know, sometimes we do not see beyond the forest floor, but it is here we can work through life matters, which is where you have been for the last year. When we take time to be observant, answers come...and for you, you had the courage to "Look Up" when you gazed upon the stars. You made a little course correction and with Cody at your side, you continue to walk the path you started with Erin. Cody on one side, Erin on the other. You are not alone my have some of the best companions with you on the planet earth. Thinking of you...Always..

    @ you phrase, your words are like salad for the is always nice to be reminded of what we already know and just maybe be lifted...thank you for your wise words...Always...

    @ wonderful you have them in your backyard. You are so right about their energy..there is an incredible power and strength to the feel of the Sequoia and I had that experience first hand. I knew before I left the Sequoia Grove that I would write this post..but I never know how it is going to turn out. Like the trees...the post has a life of it's own. Thank you for sharing your insight...Always..

    @ Anna...the author of amazing there is a mind that believes beyond the mundane...thank you for stopping by and leaving a little of yourself here...Always...

    @ Simran...thank you for visiting Ravenmyth and taking the time to leave your comment...I am happy you enjoyed taking a walk with us amongst the giants...Always..

  14. @ Janie..yes you are right, it is so hard to take that first step to "Look" before you "See". It is scary..but each time we do, it gets easier..this is when we start to unravel our full potential..and then add our gift to the whole. Courage my dear is the beginning to wonderful discoveries of " You"...thank you for adding to this post...Always...

    @ your delivery it what it is...those who choose strive to reach their full potential and work together...others are still working on getting is a process my dear...for me, I think it is about going back to our connection with this world we live in and remembering we are part of a big picture...not separate from it. When we find that, we begin to find ourselves...within all our amazing complexities. Love your input...Always...

  15. Nice....
    welcome back RM.
    yet another thought provoking post. we often forget not just to 'look' but also recognize the big picture. wish i did it would be a lot simpler.

  16. Nice post and i love the photos... reminded me of my last last vacation where we went to the forest and was amazed by all these giant trees...

  17. @ Sukanyabora...thank you for the welcome good to be posting again..felt a little rusty. Sometimes I think in the forgetting, we get another life experience that gives us more tools to "Look" then "See" then take a closer step to our big is the process...thank you for your thoughtful addition to this post...Always...

    @ Eigroj...happy to have you join me on Ravenmyth and share in my love for photography. Yosemite is an inspiring place to be...sheltered by the huge Sequoia' is truly a priviledge to walk amongst them...thank you for being a part of this post...

  18. great post! I really enjoyed it, amazing pictures too!

  19. I just love the synchronicity of the Universe...reading your post right when I need the reminder that it gives. It is so easy to get caught up in the minutiae of get stuck in the details, and there is always a bigger picture to behold. Time for me to take flight like the hawk and falcon and see from a broader perspective. I know that my answers will be revealed.

    Thank you for a wonderfully insightful post Raven Myth. It's lovely to visit with you again.

  20. @ happy you enjoyed your visit to Ravenmyth and a walk amongst the beautiful giant Sequoia's...thank you for being a part of this post...Always...

    @ Becky....I too love the syncronistic experience. It always reminds me that I am in my state of awareness and being observant of where I am at any given moment in time. It is lovely to be back and have your insight shared with us...Always...

  21. your posts always give an array of thoughts..
    like it acts as an stimulator to think something better :)

    Nice read as ever
    and i agree in complexities we often forget to celebrate the gift of life :)

  22. @ Jyoti...always a pleasure to see you here. I like your reference that my posts act like a stimulant..that is exactly what they are...a reminder of what we already know or are on the verge of understanding. Thank you for your added insight and sharing...Always...

  23. "Hawk Medicine teaches us to be observant-to look at where you are-observe the obvious in everything you do." This was so timely for me, Raven! I've been doing this very thing, being mindful of my thoughts, my emotions and how I structure my wishes and dreams...the requesting of them in prayer and meditation. When done properly, using that mindful consciousness, there is a lightness of heart, body and Spirit that occurs. At least, that's what I am finding to be true. Living consciously. I strive for that daily, and I learn something new about the endeavor daily.

    Much love!


  24. @ Dawn...this post is just confirming where you are right now...looking at the big picture and being aware of the outcome of your choices, living consciously and reaching your full potential for what you are creating today.That is when you are living is a beautiful thing...being aware of the wonders of just Living...thank you for your contribution of wisdom and understanding to this post...Love Always...

  25. missed u dearly..and what a come back,with something I need most right now.Going through a rough patch right now,reading this is helping me a bit...thank u

  26. I am so enthralled with the beliefs of the cultures of their land. Especially when talking of the animal spirits and their role in the universe..

    I wish I could fly as the hawk or Falcon so I could truly as wise as they are...

    Cheers A

  27. I find your post prayer-like as it invited me to "look" and go deeper into myself..."seek" and find the masks/hidden things/needs/wants in me..."actualize" my unleash the energy from the source...

    These are all positive verbs...challenges...invitation...

    very mystical in a sense...

  28. Great post and very nice pics Raven. It's so nice to have you back and doing what you do best :)

  29. @ Alpana...I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. It is in this moment that the events you face challenge you to question and make new choices. In my post "Introspection...going into the Silence" I talk of when your spirit is in the wrong place and changes are being called to be made. It is here that you can recognize you are out of sync with your world. These are those important sign posts being given for change and new choices. This is what Hawk is calling for those willing to hear...try a new way. Take baby steps to the little ones first and when that becomes easy, then tackle the big ones. There is no time limit...allow yourself the awareness to know where you are at physically, emotionally and mentally. Then give yourself the tools to make your course corrections to bring yourself back to balance.Whatever that is for you to fill your tanks, take back your power and create movement within your new creation of self...remember, no one knows You, better than "You"...Always...

  30. Fascinating to read the beliefs and its relationship with spirits of the animal world...
    Thank you for this delightful post

  31. I have posted this and just saw someone re-tweet it and had to come back and look again. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful write up. I am touched. Thank you.

  32. Hi Leeann I posted a comment on this post on Saturday but surprisingly it didnt get published. I had even stumbled this and shared on my face book page. Anyway, first and foremost welcome back. Missed you and your sensitive and wise posts. I loved this one, especially the part that we tend to stay rooted to the forest floor instead of seeing beyond the trees, to look beyond the mundane without fear. I am trying to do that but the fear is still there. Thank you for sharing this

  33. The legend the myth continues!!! Welcome back Leeann!! The images are really good. I love the redwoods. Your message is wonderful When you spend time out in nature observing the land and the animals you can learn so much. A really great photographer once said that when you have taken your photograph, put the camera down and look really look around and really see what you just photographed and what else is there. Then put the camera back up to your eye and find the real image!!! I think life is like that , sometimes we rush through it without understanding and really seeing it!!!

  34. ''The seedling trusts that in 2000 years it may reach it's potential height.''

    The patience of nature! Your post and pics make the spirit soar high!

  35. spiritually you always connect to me with the wonderful animals of this world. they are wiser to give us the supplements of wisdom that we sometimes overlook.
    we humans are cautious to hold on to our crystal clear image. so we often avoid looking up from the heights as hawks and review the web circle we ourselves knit. we ignore the forest floor and fear to explore deep down. we discount are satisfaction against informal safety.

    i wish i could be a hawk and sit at the top branch of any standing high tree just to pierce the truth against veil of maya.

  36. Really enjoyed this. Loved the pictures
    Wonderfully writen. Thank you

  37. Stepping out of the minutia of life...people who do are preceived as either mad or seers ;-) Life is truly for the living, and worth every moment. I love your post, welcome back...but you never really left us <3

  38. Hmmmm... I have a lot of thoughts after reading that. I'll be watching for Falcons and Hawks. :)

  39. I want to be a hawk now, I want to be a hawk, i want to be a hawk..... Beautiful beautiful post and even better pics. Thanks for sharing this Raven Myth : ))

  40. You have a way with words and pictures.. something spiritual flows through.

  41. @ Alejandro it is truly amazing how the myth and legend behind the Power Animal of Indigenous peoples plays out in the human condition...hence they are syncronistic within our growth and development as reminders to embrace the natural or esoteric part of who we are...thank you for bringing this insight forward...Always...

    @ Melissa...I like your reference to this post being is to a it invites us to explore that which is hidden..and there is a sense of mystery within what you can not see, sense or feel. As to a prayer, it calls us to worship at our own altar of understanding of self discovery...very astute observation...thank you...Always..

    @ Derek...happy to see you here and it is so good to be back. I missed doing what I love and having that outlet for the visions and intuition that continually comes to my awareness...Always...

    @ Savira....there is a syncronicity between the spirit power animals and the spirit of the human being. If we are open, they teach...for they always know who they are and how they fit into the big picture....they teach us to remember our connection to the whole. Thank you for sharing your own awareness...Always...

    @ Sonia...thank you for coming back and is always a pleasure to have you here contributing to the success of Ravenmyth...Always...

    @ Rimly...thank you for coming back and sharing this post with others. I am always happy to see your contributions to my post..and as always..your honesty is appreciated. Our Fears are sometimes stronger than we realize..but when we look beyond the fear and see the big picture it always minimilizes the fear and more often than not brings it into perspective. When you are rooted to the forest floor everything looks big...when you are answering the call of Hawk and soaring above, everything looks small..hence brings it all into perspective. Thank you Rimly for your contribution ...Always...

  42. @ Jim...I love your phrase the Myth the Legend made me smile...also, thank you for the compliment on the images..means alot coming from the experts. You are so right about the inspiration that comes from being in nature and connecting to the Esoteric levels of our world..that which lies hidden, waiting to be discovered. The sharing of your understanding of this post through the lens of a camera is brilliant....I will remember that the next time I am staring down my lens...there are many layers and levels waiting to be revealed within our own human experiences..we just need to let them come into "Focus"...then live it! ...Always....

    @ is true, nature knows what it's purpose is and has no expectations within it's just "Is". A phrase came to me while I was walking in the park..." Nature walks softly and whispers in your ear...are you listening?"..thank you for your words of wisdom...Always...

    @ is wonderful that you feel that connection...that is the syncronicity at work...your understanding of this post is poetic...I could not have said it better myself...I loved your phrase.."Pierce the truth against the veil of Maya"...Always..

    @ Anonymous...thank you for visiting and taking the time to share your insight into this post...I am happy you enjoyed the photo's..the visual combined with inspirational writing can be very powerful...and we can each take a little something away with us..Always..

    @ are right, I never really left...just out gathering more inspiration. It can sometimes be a threat to others when we walk to our own drum and follow our intuition...but by example we can gently remind them that we are all part of that big picture...and most of all "Living our own Story"...Thank you for your honesty and words of wisdom...Always...

    @ Rachel...seeds are planted and from here the thoughts take root and grow...I wish you a wonderful view from the top...where Hawk flies...thank you...Always...

    @ Kriti...good to see you here dear friend...I can feel the wind beneath your wings as you take are already there...the photo's...for me were inspirational...thank you for being a part of the wisdom of Hawk...Always...

    @ Helen...I am happy to hear you feel the Spiritual Aspect of this post...the inspiration of the Spirit of Power Animals carries an essence that those that carry the knowing can tap I write I can see the photo's that bring to life the words written. Thank you for sharing your insight...Always...

  43. Beautiful photos and reflections. The practice of mindfulness has helped me discover the wonders in the small details, and sometimes perceived mundane moments, of life.

  44. @ are so right, mindfullness brings everything into perspective and brings life to all aspects of just Living. There is so much beauty in the big picture...and how that thread woven within the mundane becomes a part of the Life truly Lived...thank you for taking the time to add your insight and wisdom to this post...Always...

  45. If we are taking using the Slight Edge and taking the simple steps then man we will get there and win!! We will have our big tree.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

  46. @ Lawrence...thank you for visiting and taking the time to share your insight with Ravenmyth. It is the trust and faith of the Sequoia Seedling, taking 2000 years to be the big tree. I am sure that like the "Slight Edge"...he has had to adjust to the many things nature throws at him. Yet, he becomes the Mature Sequoia...look at the big picture, make the adjustments and succeed. Always...

  47. I had to come back and read this one again. I need more fiber in my diet. Been craving salad. ;-)