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Introspection...Going into the Silence...

Bear Totem
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    "Bear invite me into the cave where silence surrounds...the answers you gave." Quote Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals"

  Our existence within our Physical World, "The West", our Mental World, the "North" and our Emotional World " The East" is having a large impact on our Inner World of the Spirit which lies in the "South" of the Four Corners of the Medicine Wheel

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The Medicine of Bear lies within his great power. Bear is "Introspective."  How can you know yourself if you do not take time out from all the Tick be in the "Silence?" It is here that you begin to "Know" your "Inner World"...and then allow it to reflect in your " Physical World"

How can you live in balance if you are always running? How many of you feel the pressures of your work or lack of work, your relationship or loss of relationship, your families, your search for personal time, your finances, your need to connect with others, your loneliness etc...?

All those influences in your life that bring you to your knees with the weight they carry.

We seek comfort in our relationships, we seek comfort in our beliefs and religions, we look to others and outside ourselves for answers....

...And We Run.....

Bear Claw
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We tell ourselves we are going to change. We tell ourselves, next time I will do it differently. We say to ourselves, I can't do this anymore. We feel exhausted, we feel sorrow, we feel defeat.

...And We Run...
...We Run From Ourselves....

We seek the latest Guru, the Spiritual Leader, we attend the best classes on personal growth and self help...forever the student of life...looking outside ourselves for confirmation that we are worthy. Looking to others to see the definition of "Self" within the reflection of how "They" see us, through their eyes.

...And We Run...

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So, let's try something "New"...yet coming from the Wisdom of those who "Stopped Running" from "Self"...faced their Inner World and embraced their own Wisdom from within.

...."Stop Running from Self"....

Walk purposely into the " South" within the "Four Corners of the Medicine Wheel"
Walk into your Spirit and embrace what you already know to be true. In the Medicine Wheel of your Creation call upon the "North"...your Mental State of Being, to activate "The East"...your Emotional State of Being, bringing it forth with the intent to know your Spirit and Manifest it into the " West" your Physical State of Being.

Spirit Bear
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This is your Journey. This is where you find the "Strength of Bear." Bear stands in the "West" on the Great Medicine Wheel of Life. He seeks Truth.

Spirit Bear-Hibernating
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Bear enters the cave in the Winter to Hibernate and contemplates the years experience. To accomplish our goals and dreams Introspection is needed. (Quote Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals.)

Think about this...I am sure you have felt yourself at sometime or another spinning on the gerbil wheel...running, running, running and going nowhere. Nothing was accomplished and you came away feeling tired and worn out....then you say..."Tomorrow I will make better Choices" and tomorrow never comes....

.....And You Run....

"Quote Sams and Carson"
If we choose to believe that the events in our lives are experienced for a reason and we question those events...asking "Why"...then we must also believe that answers reside within. Each of us has the capacity to "Quiet the Mind", " Enter the Silence" and "Know".

Dream State
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Within the Tribal Myth they have called this space of Inner Knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity. It is in the Dream Lodge that we learn of alternative pathways that lead to the manifestation of our goals. This is the Power of Bear. ( End Quote)

What is your "Goal for Self"

To Actualize...."Love" within your relationships and "Acceptance" of who you are. To reach that state of Unconditional Love...coming from the Freedom and Knowing of no Longer Needing.

To Actualize "Faith"in your Beliefs and Know that the Religion and God of your own understanding holds True to the Highest Standards of your own that Initiate of the Spirit and Walk Your Truth.

To Actualize "Joy" of your Spirit...knowing that you are expressing the "Self" from Within...not the Perception of the Needs of someone else just so that you "Think"you will be loved or accepted.

To Actualize "Peace" within from the Knowing that you are walking in the "Wisdom" of "Self" by example Teaching Others....Healing the Wounded Soul...

To Actualize "Wisdom" freeing your Spirit from the constraints of those who need to dominate...due to their own Lack of Spirit Within.

Spirit Bear
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To Actualize the essence of the Knowing and Fulfillment of your Spirit within the Physical you must walk the Path of Silence, calming the Internal Chatter, releasing yourself from the "Fears" imposed upon you from others. Remove yourself from people and places that you know to be restrictive to the fulfillment you seek. This is neither a judgement or a bad thing.

If you feel the "Agitation and Stress" of your are in the wrong place.
If you are in an environment where you do not feel good about yourself and you are being physically drained, you are in the wrong place.
If you feel "Fear" "Anger and Hurt" you are in the wrong place. It is OK to take time out and honour your own needs. Choose for yourself, and when you feel the strength of your own Power within returning...choose again. You may return to those places, a wiser and stronger person, or you may not. It is OK...

Coast Salish Bear Carving-Vancouver Canada
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Be the Power of Bear Medicine.
Know Self and allow your Intuition to guide you to the place of rites of passage. Find the pathways to those other levels of consciousness.

Embracing the Power of Bear
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The Power of Bear has invited you to enter the "Silence" and become acquainted with "Self" so that you may begin to Live your Spirit.

...Is this easy..."No"...
...Are you worth it..."Yes"...
...Stop Running...

Bear calls you to "Silence"

...It is your Right to Choose...

Be Silent...

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  1. Once upon a time I ventured out on a quest for peace of mind… Knocked wherever I thought the door would be opened. Athirst, adrift, seeking to soothe the lonely ache and fill the vast emptiness… that hole in my soul that God alone can fill.

    Now I’ve crossed over to the opposite end of the spectrum, have learned to attain the still point within and center myself. It’s a daily practice I couldn’t live without. Knowing how to hush the monkey mind has helped me reach a place of inner peace. This is where all the hidden treasures are buried, deep within the soul, that vast sea of the unconscious. I won’t go as far as to say that everyone can achieve this stillness. Because I’ve known some that will not be still long enough to quell the incessant chattering of the mind. In fact, most never do. But thank you sweet Raven for showing the way in this remarkable message.

  2. I spent my life searching and running. I have found a peace of sorts, but fall in to old habits as life goes on. At least now I can recognize my own hurtful behavior. Thank you for this a great post.

  3. A wonderful post, Raven. Just reading your words connects me to that stillness within.
    I used to run, until one day I stopped and started looking within. It was the beginning of a sacred journey for that has brought me to where I now stand...knowing and feeling the love of my Inner Being.
    Thank you.

  4. @ Debra...I know what you mean...I too have made the Journey...and some are still on the Journey and some just beginning. The beauty of our own Creation of the Medicine Wheel.Thank you for being a part of the Wisdom of this post.

    @ Jan...we are all at different Levels within our recognition ...they key is you recognize..from there you can choose. Thank you for stopping by and sharing...we all contribute.

    @ are in a beautiful place..I too know the feeling of my Inner World and how it affects my Outer World...and then we create stillness...I appreciate your contribution within this post of guidance.

  5. I love this post. It is so true that we run and run. I was not able to calm myself and slow down until I retired and took up gardening almost full time. To be out in nature, planning flower beds, watching plants grow is pure heaven to me. Your posts are so wise, thank you for sharing.

  6. I think I am still running and searching ... I might be one of those that can never be silent. Interesting post, I will come back and reread it again hoping to have a better understanding of this "silence" you are talking about.

  7. Rightly said that in this life we lack introspection we r so much entwined in daily tedious tasks, we forget to look at ourselves and everyone other around us.
    Everyone need time for inner-self, which we always postpone but we should make sure that as we do take time to do that.

    Lovely post Raven
    awesome read !!!

  8. "We tell ourselves we are going to change. We tell ourselves, next time I will do it differently. We say to ourselves, I can't do this anymore. We feel exhausted, we feel sorrow, we feel defeat....And We Run......We Run From Ourselves...."
    Where were you all this time,I hope I get all the possible positive influence from you.You have taken me under your wing,guiding me,and after reading this post..I have a lot of thinking to do.I am tired of running,and yet I can't see my destination..Have you ever felt so alone and nothing seems to make sense? Well that's how I feel right now. I feel like I'm facing everything by myself with nothing but tears and a fake smile... I want to soak my self in silence...feeling peace.

  9. That was great! It made me think about my journey an my thoughts. Thanks!

  10. As always I love coming here Leeann. I have always sought happiness and peace from others. It has taken me years of pain and abuse and low self esteem to realize that nothing is wrong with me. I need to feel good about myself and then nobody can do or say anything to hurt me. There was a point in my life that I really began to believe in all the abuses men used to heap on me but then a friend one day told me that it wasnt I who lacked anything, it was them who abused were lacking. And slowly I began to believe in myself but it took a long time for me to get back that self esteem. But I was lucky I had loads of positive people around me to get me back on my track.One aspect I need to work on is love. You have time and again commented on my blogs that I dont need to seek love, I dont a love from another to be fulfilled, that fulfillment comes from within. I am attempting to do that and writing gives me a sense of release. I am beginning to not go in search of love, let love happen when I am ready, content within myself when love stops becoming a need to for me. Thank you Leeann.

  11. What a wonderful post - this one is certainly going to stay with me. We miss out on a whole lot of things that matter in chasing things that only matter apparently and that's what I guess makes us tired. We think we will achieve by achieving this or that but come back still feeling empty. Lot of introspection there, and for a great reason. Loved being here.

  12. As always you have written an insightful post that everyone can gain knowledge from. I've run and run in the past as answers were sought to who I am and when the answers were unacceptable I ran some more. Seems I've been seeking introspection forever with true happiness and serenity coming only during my time with Erin.

    I've really slowed down after the death of Erin and tried to look within myself for answers without her but it's difficult when thoughts are occupied with sorrow and the body is breaking down physically. Seems everything that's good about me perished when she took her last breath, tring to do my best to regain that silence when she walked aside me. Prayers with God and whoever else is listening in has occurred quite often as the veil and cloud upon life must be lifted soon. I'm continuing to peer inward as I know that's where the answers lie...I can only hope they're found before it's too late. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and friendship!!

  13. Leeann, this post came at a most important time for me. Thank you so much!

  14. Introspection, the silent eloquence calms us,refines us.Thank you for instigating me
    to introspect.

  15. in the center deep within that space, the is a silence, but when you are quite and still,you hear a song softer them the breath of feather lite on still water. you hear the heart of your soul, find it and bring forth the unconditional love. this is the light that faith and hope follow and it the message and strength of the bear. god bless

  16. I love this post, the quotes, the words, the images - it all leads to some pivotal questions that we need to ask ourselves and for me, faced with some difficult situations and circumstances I am now bear - for so long I was ostrich with my head in the sand trying not to face all that was around. With your post and my new sense of what I need to do I can see better to achieving what I need to. Thank you x

  17. As usual an excellent post. I so believe in listening to your inner voice about all important items. Especially my health!! By the way I love bears and in the next week I will be doing a blog on our trip to Alaska and photographing the grizzly.

  18. Fascinating. I am always impressed with the wisdom contained in Native American Culture, but I am not surprised. One cannot live close to Nature without learning Wisdom. Silence is like a precious rare earth and difficult to find. Running is easy and gives the illusion of escape to freedom,but while running is "doing something" we seldom run without baggage. Beautiful images! Wil

  19. Nice post RM. you have given us something to think about. yes, we need to look within, introspect, to find that much needed balance.

  20. @ Mari...nature is a beautiful way to calm the senses and reconnect with that steady heatbeat of the earth. It is a magical place to be in the silence...when you are in your garden. Thank you for being a part of this post.

    @ Debbie..thank you for your honesty..there are many who are still running and have not yet learned how to calm the soul..there is alot going on in this post..coming back to sit quietly, read again, then integrate when you can make space to be still is a great place to start learning to " Be in the Silence"...your contribution is very much appreciated.

    @ are so right..we all suffer from this...and it is the running that keeps drawing us away from the space of Silence where we can go into our Introspection. This is a reminder..we can stop running...and try a new way. Thank you for your words of wisdom...

  21. I want to hibernate like the bear..I yearn silence....As always ...XOXOXOXO

  22. We are always searching,questioning and wondering but, when it is time to "hear", "see", or "know" we run away from it. We as humans believe we are fragile and anything and everything will and does break us. We are not broken, possibly cracked a bit but, we don't break; spiritually speaking that is.
    All it takes is for us to take control of our own feelings, emotions and thoughts, we can accomplish such great things if we just stop sabotaging ourselves. Most of the time it isn't others standing in our way but, ourselves blocking what it is we can become or achieve.
    I'd like to say this knowledge comes with age but, alas not all figure it out as they get older. I guess it is more the soul's age and not our bodies. It may even be from reaching the higher steps on the ladder to enlightment even.
    We just need to sit back and reflect but, not dwell and change our old worthless habits instead of making excuses and accept blame when it's clearly our mistake. Nobody's perfect, we all mess up but, we can recover and move on if we really want to.
    Thank you for sharing this it's very well written and "enlightening."

  23. I'm a bear cub.. cheers for the awesome post.


  24. I have read your other poems but have not internalized them fully as I did now... I stayed and took into heart the bear... I have to still my mind in order to truly listen. It's an ancient and wise feeling that bore through my soul.

    I ruminated every word and took them as my own...

    I loved your post... it gave a sense of calm that soothes and heals...

  25. @ Alpana...I have felt the way you do...and I learned that the only way I could get beyond all the feelings you are going through was to be alone and do it alone.Nobody knows you as well as you do. When you are on the Journey of the is going into the silence...that allows you to hear the guidance of the world deep within you..that place of Intropsection..bringing forth the awareness of self..learning...then taking you into that you never have to look back. You have now empowered yourself..and you now Know who Alpana is and what she needs to fulfill her own Soul Awareness...embrace the journey and let the silence speak to you...all journey's of self discovery take is a road trip on your inner map...discovering all that is waiting to unfold...what wonders will you find...Always...

    @ Sea Green Natural...thank you for visiting and remembering your Journey...within the remembering we are made aware of how far we have come...and what a good feeling that is...Always.. get are learning and that is a powerful part of your soul have learned Discernment...where you are and where you have been and where you are going. It is be you and allow yourself to be in the "Flow" of your own discovery. Doors will open...walk through and unravel more of who you are and what works for you. Then live it. With knowledge you begin to choose wisely...and learn the art of works. I do it every day! Thank you for this valuable add to the post...Always.

    @ Rimly you have that awareness of Self and what you need to do...from your expereices you have also discovered Discernment...and with that knowledge you choose
    and move in confidence and understanding of your own needs.When you hear your own inner start to live the teachings of your own Introspection and Silence.What you already know...manifesting into the Physical World...thank you for your words of wisdom...another value add to this post.

    David..your insight into your reference to running for answers and when not liking the answers you ran some more is brilliant. Yet another example of Discernment..verbalizing that awareness of what you were doing.

    When you experience the loss of a beloved pet you are forced to go inward. It is a safety switch for something that is too overwhelming to comprehend. the tiny shedding of a " Tear" that intropspection of searching...that quiet and empty space beside you...the wounded soul slowly begins it's journey back to life. It is a natural and difficult journey.It is difficult to regain the silence and imagine a life without her. But somehow we do. It is as quiet a process as the fall of that tear upon your cheek. And you Live.

    I do not feel that everything that is good about you perished when she took her last breath...all that goodness is in every word you write on your blog...there is too much love in you David...seeking an outlet. Erin recognized that goodness in the love you doted upon her..and because of you she thrived. It is all there...deeply buried below the quiet of your sorrow..waiting to be realeased, one tear at a time.

    I know it is not too are already peeking are doing it...searching for those answers...and just maybe, you will remember this post, or visit again and you will not run. A very insightful add to this post my friend...Embrace that inward journey...Always...

  26. @ Judie...I am so happy you came away from this post taking what you needed. We are always guided to that which we need the most..and through your own natural will resonate with the answers given. Thank you for this validation...Always...

    @ Royal Nirapam... thank you for your words of wisdom coming from your own understanding of Introspection and Silence...Always...

    @ Roy...a very beautiful additon to this post...your added definition of the Powers of Bear belongs can feel her softly cradling you in her arms...thank you for the deepening within Bear...Always..

    @ S.J. ...I enjoyed your analogy between Ostrich and Bear and like Judie I am happy you came away with the awareness you needed to fulfill your own Soul Awareness and what steps were needed next on your own journey of Self Discovery....Remembering Bear you will be able to allow yourself those moments of Silence and Introspection...well done...Always...

    @ Jim...I look forward to your stories and Photographs of Bear...they are beautiful creatures and sadly like so many species they are also being hunted and are experiencing loss of habitat. They need protecting...

    Having that awareness of body and health is invaluable..just another way of listening to our inner voice...a pleasure Jim..thank you for your valuable contribution to this post...Always...

    @ Wil...I love your phrase, Silence is like a precious rare me it feels like an Inner World within our existance of Worlds upon Worlds. And yes, if you are connected with can not help but to hear her heartbeat..calling us all to wholeness..going into those depths of silence within..and extrapulating all that which we alread know.

    And yes, we do run with Baggage...and hopefully one day we will stop running, put it on the carousel and walk away...very insightful add to this post Wil...thank you ...Always..

  27. @ Sonyia...thank you for your support and visiting...always a pleasure to have you stop by. Always..

    @ Sukanya...a good word...Balance...the outcome of the work done when we go into Introspection and dig into our own inner world...thank you for adding this as it is a benefit of our labours...Always..

    @ Bongo...this would be really good for you...and you have that awareness...I wish you Silence...Always...

    @ are right about not broken Spiritually as the Spirit is always calling us to heal our perception of what is broken..we are our own worst enemy..yet we go outside ourselves to blame...

    It is the human condition...and within discernment we can then choose..but the call is always matter where we are on the ladder of inner knowledge. What we do with it is up to us. I think when you allow yourself to hear the Truth of the inner voice...only then can you begin to embrace your own truth and start living it. For some it is just too hard or fearful...but then..the voice will call you to silence again...very good addition to my post Jenni...always...

    @ Alejandro...ok..I love what you make me chuckle...bringing a lightness into play...the key being play. When we have no fear...we can accomplish anything...and if you look at those cubs..they are on it...just saying...ok...lets do it! Brilliant...Always..

    @ Melissa..thank integrated the essence of bear..and when it is that powerful for was needed...that is why you resonated with Bear...well done! I love it when that happens...Always...

  28. Raven Myth - thank you for your wonderful response - I love that you think that way of me. Modesty aside - I tend to agree with you there : )

  29. Yes, we need to find the places in our souls were we can develop the harmony and not let the stress take over.

  30. your post that teaches us many things, things so deep that are hidden and must be taken into consideration through introspection. i want to be a bear, travel in the south. i do not want to be an escapist. it is hard to change the position from anger, hatred or dissatisfaction. but it is also not impossible. you have showed the way. i must be like a bear now.

  31. @ are so is not always easy to do. Our Physical World is overloaded with just the act of living. Usually when it becomes overwhelming is when we seek the Silence...the secret, I think is to also allow youself the introspection..and then yes, the hard part, listen and choose differenetly. Thank you Mattias for being a part of this post. Always...

    @ Sancheeta..I like you phrase, I do not want to be an escapist. We are very good at that. If we have been able to hone the skill of escape, then we can hone the skill of introspection. If we work at it..we can bring forth that which is hidden...thank you for your wise words and the value added to this post....Always

  32. i love receiving your acknowledgement after our comments. this is encouraging:))

  33. Wow! Love your site and this was a great post! Grabbing your button :)

  34. @ Anna..thank you for your bursts of the page. Very much appreciate you sharing my button...thank you. Thank you for sharing in this post...Always

  35. Wonderful post. It's so important to not get mired or attached to the illusions of this world or of Self and Ego. TO find time to center ourselves and find reality in the present moment and the gifts it has to offer us...the gifts of inner revelation and divine revelation.

    Very provoking post. Thank you!

  36. @ Jessica..very insightful add to this post. Thank you for sharing your own inner wisdom and insight into your understanding of your own Journey and how you have carried that knowing forward into your "Now" and your physical world...Always...

  37. Bears are not me...more like an elephant. Up close to them there's an awesome feeling of kindred spirit. Family circle, caring and nurturing of the young, being protector of our young then encouraging them to find their way in this world, always leaving a close family haven for them to come to with their troubles, never solving their problems but talking through with them, helping them find their inner strength.
    I've had several close encounters with them, each time a peace of mind settles upon me after the initial anxiety. Even though they are 2 metres away.

  38. @ Jim...I hear you...I have always liked elephants ...but bears too. I love your weave of words all leading to that understanding of what is taking place in this post..through the Power of they are who they are...not complicatd like the Human Being. I too have had encounters...not that close..but understand the feeling it leaves behind...thank you for being a part of this post Jim..Always...

  39. Wonderful and thought provoking post, Raven. I was also running all the time but something happened and I stopped. I quietened the unwanted noise in my head and listened to my thoughts. I learnt to Let Go of attachments and said to myself, I am responsible for my happiness, I love myself. Thanks for sharing, I am keeping this post to read again when I start running .

  40. Life is how we see it.. I prefer to see life with a cubs mind... it is wonderful!!!

  41. @ Sulekha..wonderfully said. I do not know of anyone who has not been running. I do know how freeing it is to stop. I like your phrase, " I Learnt to Let Go of attachments...that is a big one to learn and from there I think the rest gets easier...and personal responsibilty of your own direction...briliant, these are life changing awarenesses. Thank you for sharing your own expereinces in life and adding your wisdom to this post...Always

  42. @ Alejandro...I could not agree with you more..seeing the world through the wonder of "A Child" or a "Cub's" eye...and yes, it is wonderful, you never loose the "Awe" moments in inspire...Always

  43. Raven Myth, once again you've highlighted a behavior in the human spirit that needs to be changed. There have been many times that I'm sure I have raised Nike and Adidas's stock because I ran so much! I have learned and am still learning how to slow down and go silent. I am restored in those moments, healed and renewed. Thank you!

  44. @ Tameka...I think we all have felt this way at one time or another...and continue to depending on the circumstances. As is just a reminder that we need to slow down, be silent and listen to the guidance of our spirit...directing us on our journey....thank you Tameka for your insight..Always...