Monday, 9 April 2012

Owl...I heard you call my name....

"Owl.....Magic, Omens, Time and Space...
Does the Truth Emerge?
Casting out Deception
Silent Flight
Sacred Medicine Bird
(quote Sams & Carson)

The Year 2011 called you to "Balance and Harmony" as seen within the Medicine Wheel.

We left 2011 with the Butterfly....she being the beginning to the Year 2012....the Year of Transition...

But, to step into Transition, first we must agree to Transform. It is here that we continue within the Journey of she leads us to ...

"Owl Transition"

....Within our Year of Transition we may begin to ask ourselves....
" What does that mean to Me?"

We move through the Layers of the Medicine Wheel, Transform within Butterfly and then......?

" I heard the Owl call my name....but who am I"


In Butterfly we were asked to break old patterns....this is not easy.
And When I do....
What Then?
Who Am I?
If I am dis-mantling parts of the "Old Me"

How do I Know Myself?

 (Susan-Seddon Boulet)

If we Choose...this is where we begin within our Transition
Are you prepared to start clearing your canvas to begin to paint again?
The key here is " Start"....everything New "Starts" with a beginning.

I ask you to move beyond your fears....if you you may ask the question...

What is this going to look like for me?

We all have to start somewhere...the beauty is....if the new pattern does not work or fit just paint again. We have a whole lifetime...and there are no mistakes....we just keep on painting....

Depicted through the Art of Susan-Seddon Boulet

As Butterfly was the symbol of the Human Soul in First Nations Culture, Owl is believed to be the symbol of the Soul Departed.
As in the Medicine Wheel, we can look at this not as a physical death, but as a Soul's
Departure from Old Patterns and Old Habits to New....

Susan-Seddon Boulet

With Owl guiding us every step of the way...making the Unseen and the Unknown...Known, we experience another layer of Spiritual Death. We may, if we choose, move into our Soul Transition...allowing the Death of that which no longer serves us to take place....

We are all Visionaries and what we see is our Soul in Things

( Coast Salish Nation)

The Universal Wisdom of Owl awakens the imagination and shows that true strength is gentle. He aids you in seeing the total truth which always leads you closer to your own self awareness.

I feel that it is important to realise that Strength is Gentle...and this is what is needed when you choose to take those steps into the unseen parts of you ...

Those parts
We avoid
 We do not like
Where we feel  unlovable
We are afraid of

Here we can begin to let that Spiritual Transference take place, choosing to integrate the Wisdom and Guidance of Owl ...for he is the Sacred Medicine Bird of Silent Flight.
It is within the Silence that we Transform and then step into the Transition of what that Transformation may begin to look like.

Snowy Owl

The Medicine Wheel is a Silent Teacher guiding us through a circle of lessons that we must pass through on our Road of Life (Quote Tony Grey Owl)
He is associated with the North. It is the place of Winter where the Knowledge of the Elders exist in the place of True Wisdom.
We may sink into the Silent Flight and begin to integrate the Teachings of the Medicine Wheel and take those first steps to begin our transformation of Butterfly....entering into our state of Transition within the Cocoon Stage.

Now we begin to Interpret Self

The Owl Calls Your Name.

Margaret Craven

In the book " I Heard the Owl Call My Name" by Margaret Craven the Myth of the Coast Salish of British Columbia, Canada believe that when you hear the call of the Owl it foretells a death.

However, Death is not always a physical can be a Death of Old Ways and in this case..." Dis-mantling the Old Me"

Let us just consider letting the old ways " End" because of "Completion" or " They no longer serve the greater good of who you are."

Burrowing Owl in Flight
Photo Google

Begin to see yourself as you truly are....let go....step outside of your shadow to see yourself in a different standing in the centre of your Medicine Wheel of Creation...

Observing all Aspects of Self in a "State of Knowing" the New Beginnings of who you are about to become.

( Northwest Coast Salish-Owl)

In some Native Culture's the Owl also sits in the East where we learn to "Trust in Our Own Vision" and believe in that which we do not see. You may want to consider at this point beginning to trust and embrace your own "Inner Guidance" ......lead by Owl....taking you to that yet unknown perception of who you are becoming.

( Susan-Seddon Boulet)

Within the concept of Re-Birth, how many times have you re-defined yourself....even if it is just a small change? It is still a Re-Birth within the original definition of self. Each small change becomes a movement that plays upon your own "Web of Life"...taking it in a different direction...but silently revealing a little more of the unknown and the unseen.
And we Weave

( Northwest Coast Salish)

As we become comfortable within our choices we begin to see clearly and recognise the strength within....embracing the "Will" to "See" who we choose to longer living in that state of Deception.
To do this I feel you need to be willing to focus on the"Now"and be truly in "The Moment"
This is not always Easy as Life is constantly pulling us into a State of Automatic Pilot where we function on an unconscious level.

When you start to hone the skill of being fully in the moment you can begin to flow in the change as it happens. Here you "Own It"
This takes time and practise and it is easy to slip back into Automatic Pilot. Remember...this is what you are used to and it is a Pattern or Habit.
However, over time the new Pattern of living in the moment of change becomes familiar and you begin to recognise the nuances of being in that flow of energy.
Each awareness builds on the next until this becomes "Your New Automatic Pilot"
This becomes the Practise of Letting Go of Old Habits which is essential to Knowing who you are becoming.

( North West Coast Salish-Qualicum)

Do you choose to step into the Tides of Change?
This would be a Choice...stepping into this Year of Transition...setting into motion the outcome you Seek.

But first you must Choose 

Will you link with Owl Wisdom, Foresight and Keeper of the Sacred Knowledge?
He is ruler of the Night and Keeper of the Sacred Souls. The symbolic meaning of Owl within Native Culture revolves around Guardianship of the Underworlds and this relationship gave the Owl some negative associations with Death.
The Strength of Owl would be invoked during ceremonies when prophesy of Secret Knowledge or a Message of the Unknown is involved.
(Quote Animal Symbology-Squamish Nation)

The Great Horned Owl
The Night Eagle

Within several Native Cultures "Owl" is called the "Night Eagle".
He is Illumination

" I Heard the Owl Call My Name" becomes the Metaphor for allowing Illumination from the East in the Medicine Wheel to Guide he silently flies through this Year of Transition.

Will you choose?

When you ask " Who Am I?" invite Owl to Guide you...
Let that first brush stroke flow upon your canvas
Become the Silent Hunter 

Within our human condition, we can be afraid of the Night and the Unseen or Unknown.

How often have you spent the Night awake...all those Fears Looping through your mind until you fall asleep in pure exhaustion?

Owl is Nights Friend. They are the Night Hunters. Their feathers are Silent as they pierce the Nights Sky
Let Owl pierce your Nights Darkness of Fear.
It is Fear that keeps us from our "Full Potential" ....Stops our Tides of Change....

It is too Hard
It is too Uncomfortable
I hold back
Who Am I
How Did I Get Here
I Feel Lost
Will I Recognise Me

Rande Cook (Northwest Coast Salish)

Owl can see what you cannot. This is the essence of True Wisdom.
When you deceive yourself and stay in the Illusion.... Owl Sees and Knows what is there.
Let the Veil fall and Trust the Guidance that Owl brings.
You now become a part of your own " being in the moment of your full awareness"
You are in Control of How you Choose and then live the affects of your Choices in the no longer have anything to Fear...
Fear no longer is in control.

Susan-Seddon Boulet

Here you begin to "See" through the Eyes of Owl
You have silently conquered the Unseen of the Night and given it the Power and Strength for "Change through Choice"
You have become Nights Friend and the Night Hunter
The Hunt For Self

Now I See What I had Lost
Now I See the Potential of What I Seek to Become
I See Me

Rande Cook
 Northwest Coast Salish

I ask you to join me in being "Silently Observant" of who you are today and to "Begin" to "Know" yourself.
Let Owl Guide you to Self Truth
You are a Child of Time and Space

What Do You Dream of You?

Susan-Seddon Boulet

I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Will I Walk Through That Door Into the Unseen
Will I Answer
I Will...
 I am Worth It
I am no longer Afraid

Night Eagle
Facing the Unknown & The Unseen
Photo Google

Sams & Carson

Authors Note

Like the beat of a Native Drum there has been repetition within this post.
When we sense the rhythm of the Earth we Remember our connection to the Esoteric.
When we See Repeated Phrases and Words we Integrate on a Subconscious level the Rhythm of a New Pattern.

I look forward to Knowing You!




  1. I always love the line-up of pictures you find to go along with your words of wisdom.

    1. Anna, thank you...that sometimes takes weeks to accumulate once I have an idea of what I want to do. I am getting smarter, saving websites that support my work. Good to see you my friend back at Ravenmyth...Always...

  2. I do not know if any words I write here could express the appreciation and the awe I felt in reading your blog.
    I am not a native American. I don't know the "owl legend" until now. Yet, I have written a novel in which the owl plays this most prominent part of guiding and directing the main character to new life, a life lived in abundance and joy and peace.
    It has made me realize this - even when we don't feel connected to one another, God finds a way through our subconscious, to bind us together. Our thoughts, our conjectures, our feelings, our expressions - one. Thanks be to God!
    I know He led me to this most beautiful post of yours today!

    1. is true, we are guided to where we need to be..for you it was validation...the book you wrote and the theme was part of the common thread that we all have the ability to tap into and brings us to that place of "Oneness"...thank you for sharing yourself within this post and adding to the message it brings...Always...

  3. Raven, this was hypnotic and illuminating. I felt the rhythm, like a heartbeat speaking to me. "Do not be afraid of change. Do not be afraid of who you are. Be in the moment and trust. Finally be yourself."

    I literally felt the words poke my spirit causing a ripple effect and carrying the fear away from me.
    I loved this meditative post. The wisdom spoke so clearly. Thank you sweet sister.
    Sending love,

    1. warms my heart to know you felt the is that being in the moment of the flow of change..and knowing it. That is a wonderful feeling. The Illumination lifts the spirit..breaking through those barriers of fear and releasing it to gentle strength of knowing who you are and what your potential is...thank you for sharing this insight within this post..Always...

  4. Change is what we live.. each step or subtle flow towards the next phase or stage is what we seek... You illustrated it so well with the images.

    1. Savira...thank you for your kind words and adding your own wisdom to this post...for me the visual brings the words to life...deepening the essence of the message within...Always...

  5. We are always metamorphosis-ing...and who else but the owl, the wisest to guide us. Wonderful post.

    1. Janaki...wise words...thank you for sharing your own wisdom within this post...there is comfort in knowing that we are always being guided within our own Transition...never alone....Always...

  6. What an outlandish owlish creativity!Though in India owl is synonym for foolishness people with dumbness are often quipped as " Ulloo " i.e.Hindi of owl!
    In Indian mythology owl is shown to be the vehicle of 'Lakshmi'the goddess of wealth ...since in India litterateurs have been considered deprived and poor people since time immemorial, so in revenge they chose a weird bird to be the vehicle of Lakshmi....and associated it with negative qualities deliberately viz foolishness .... a long complicated story indeed! :) Thanks again for this yet another erudite piece of writing!

    1. always, thank you for sharing another perspective on the Owl from your culture. How can we know the Positive without the experience of the Negative...which in itself can Guide us to Change...silently leading us into a New Way of Being...thank you my friend...Always...

  7. we are always in a state of transition.. some are needed and some are forced..
    but to accept that change/transition in a good way is the key to happiness..
    loved concluding lines
    Will I Answer
    I Will...
    I am Worth It
    I am no longer Afraid...

    this fearless attitude is very powerful..

    Awesome post Raven !!!

  8. Sweet good to see you back at Ravenmyth sharing your own powerful words...and as always adding to each post. You are so right when you say some Transitions are forced...and here I believe because they are needed. I think it is when we begin Transition through a state of knowing it has more of a flow than the one that is being forced because we have stayed to long in a Pattern that no longer serves our higher purpose. I feel that so often we can be fearless for others, friends, family, children etc...and we forget to be fearless for ourselves. Thank you for adding even more depth to this post...Always dear girl....

  9. You always come back just in time to grab my hand, that amazes me about you. Ok, maybe it's your posts but, it's still you none-the-less.

    You help me put a name to the feelings I have no name for. It helps me to continue on my path, knowing that this is what is meant to be and I have no reason to go back.

    Thank you for your posts and for all that you are.

    1. Jenni you always make me laugh....and I believe that what we need shows up when we need it...I am happy to be here at that moment for you....

      This post has helped you to define what you already know and brought that illumination to it. The key is you realize you have no reason to go back...that is brilliant....wise words dear one...happy to have you back and Ravenmyth...Always...

  10. First, owls are dear to my heart, as my lovely Mom has always been fascinated by them. Second, how equally fascinating that it is this year of Owl presence and transition, as we ride the crest of the 2012 energy and stand wobbly and working to catch our balance more than once.

    Third, I so appreciate your Native approach to life. I come from a similar culture and value the Old Ways greatly. I hear much in Nature call my name, and when I pay attention and respond in kind, my heart is always calmed.

    Finally, it is so good to have you back with us, my darling girl! Much, much pixie dust and love to you. <3

    - Dawn

    1. Dawn, I too have had an affinity to Owls and have more that one Painting or Drawing of them in my home...I like your reference to the 2012 energy...which is actually the year we transition actually integrating the balance of 2011 that was needed....and yes, it can be a wobbly transition.

      That Heart recognition of Nature is essential to walking the path of the Esoteric....and the Old Ways are steeped in it as they had that connection to Mother Earth where balance is natural for her. I agree...when you are in sync...the Heart is calmed. Perfect synergy...

      Happy to be back and interfacing with all my wonderful friends....Thank you dear girl for the sprinkling of Pixie Dust and Love....Always...

  11. I slowly swooped in where I read of me. I shall depart now on silent wing and take with me a part of you.

    Thank you Raven-Myth


    1. Alejandro....I love this epitomizes the Message of Owl in one phrase...brilliant dear is good to see you back at Ravenmyth....Always...

  12. Replies
    1. Geeta...thank you for taking the time to visit Ravenmyth and leave a little of yourself with friend...Always...

  13. Hello.
    Insightful post. Thought-provoking read indeed. Thanks for sharing.

    Each week over at my blog, I randomly select four followers as Featured Follower! of the week. I am please to announce you have been selected this week. To claim your award (if you so chose), please click here...

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Andy...thank you for visiting Ravenmyth and honouring me with your Featured Follower Award. I am proud to accept it and I have put the award on Ravenmyth linked back to your blog. Thank you my friend for this recognition...Always...

  14. Most people want to have positive change in their life and they talk about making a move into that direction. When it comes right down to it though, most will do just about it. There are so many other things in their life that tend to hold them back, one being fear. Fear of the change? Fear of what they will be like? Fear of the unknown, basically.

    1. are so right...and it is really hard for people to imagine what their unknown could be like if they took that first step. It is all about choices...I think what so many of us do not realize that it is a glimpse into the small things.... and to try not to get caught up in the big picture...that is scary..but the small things...they quietly guide you through change and before you know it, not even knowing how you got made a little change...and glimpsed the Unknown...thank you for sharing your insight with us dear friend...Always...

  15. OYYYYYYYY this sounds like therapy to me..and OUCHHHHH...I wish changing was as easy as you make it sound.. I wish I could believe in animals being part of that change.. but I don't ... I believe it is us with the help of therapists..friends .. God and prayer....I found this post incredible interesting... Thank you... As always...XOXOXOXOXO

    1. is a form of therapy..that journey of Self Discovery we are all on...the Animals are just a Metaphor for the Journey within the Tides of Change and all part of God's Creation. They have been a part of the Mystery of Mans Journey since the beginning of time in our quest to Understand ourselves. In First Nations Culture, the Shaman or Healer is like our Therapist...helping the troubled in the tribe to find there way back.

      Changing is not is a lifetime of hard work and scary for all of us...that is why we are talking to our friends, seeing our therapists and praying to God...we want a way to ease the pain and make things different...hence our quest for Change...a road we are always on...thank you dear friend for your contribution within this post and your honesty...Always...

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  17. This is so timely for me Raven as I was recently dreading purging some books and clearing out some clutter to make way for something new in my apt. In my cleaning efforts I came across I diary I kept when I was in college. I hadn't seen it in about 10 years. As I was reading it, I marveled at how in some ways I had changed, but there were several themes that resonated that have not been resolved in the current. I became immediately depressed! I totally forgot about all I had achieved and only focused on those two things.

    I have changed and grown so much since then and those things I was stressed about will rectify and ease when they are meant to. I know this, but fear jumped up in that moment and said, "But what if it never gets fixed?" LOL! The mind is a wonderful thing isn't it?

    Thanks so much for this informative piece. As usual, the selected photos are divine and add much to the experience. I so appreciate the time you take to craft these posts. They are so helpful.

    1. is interesting how we are shown things right when we need them and things cross our path to lead us into the next Tide of Change.

      I think it is Brilliant that you found the Diary and saw how far you had come and then realized that there were some things that still needed work and how you focused on that. It is the pattern of the human condition...and when we recognise that, we can then make cognisant choices based on what we what to achieve.

      Not uncommon that we immediateley jump into fear and a feeling of how much we have failed...the Cup Half Full or the Cup Half Empty...we just love to rush to the Cup Half Empty...

      However...when we recognise this pattern...we can then slowly begin to make the changes when we are ready...or life just moves us through them and we are there...when we read another diary 10 years down the road...only to have replaced the things we have not changed with something else...Such is the beauty of our Life's Journey...

      So I thought this was an amazing discovery for happy you shared that story within this is very valuable to the message here and how we all walk the same path...just at different paces.

      Thank you for recognising the visual in my does take time and becomes part of the building structure of each post...enhancing the experience...thank you dear friend for being a part of Ravenmyth...Always...

  18. I am never disappointed when you post. I have waited for this for weeks. And now that it is out, I am delighted and thrilled. Thank you for the wonderful visuals and the uplifting words. Big hugs for another amazing post.

    1. Sonia...thank you for dropping by...I am happy you enjoyed the post and the visuals...

      I too enjoy the visuals and the process of hunting for them and then using them to help to bring more depth and meaning to the words...

      I write first and then as I start looking for the visuals...each one pops out and I know exactly where it needs to be in the post. It is like doing 2 posts in one.

      Hugs back dear wonderful to see you back at Ravenmyth...Always...

  19. The photos of the transformations are simply amazing...beautiful in details..reminds me of Boris Vallejo in the past..

    1. Alfandi...good to see you at Ravenmyth...I too love the photo' truly deepens the experience and understanding of the Message of Owl...

      I do not know of Boris Vallejo...I will have to look him up...thanks for sharing that....and taking the time to visit dear friend...Always...

  20. I'm so glad that you're back sharing your wisdom and insight with the world...You've been gone far too long!! Change is very hard for me as I'm a creature of habit and I'm certainly not one of those folks who change directions as the wind blows. Change causes stress and pain which affects all areas of my life thus it's avoided in huge doses. Fear holds us all back and prevents us from progressing and I'm no different...It's hard to leap without a safety net below but that's truly the way to succeed and grow as a person.

    That said I've been forced to change with the passing of Erin...To remain on the same path would have resulted in my death. Everything I knew and loved vanished overnight and two paths laid before me...One to a life and chnge while the other presented death and misery. Slowly I've embraced change and have moved forward in life with the guidance of the Owl. I sometimes wonder how I've reached this point and realize the inner forces you speak of have steered me.

    Interesting that you mention the Owl and death as an owl forebode Erin's death. I've told the story before but again...Sitting outside my fave coffee shop with Erin when I noticed movement in an oak tree not far away. Peering closely I saw it was an owl and it just sat there staring in my direction. I pointed it out to my friend Theresa who sat at the table next to me and we just watched it in amazement until it seemed to magically disappear. Several weeks later Erin got sick and died the next day. Coincidence? All I know is I'd never seen a owl before or since.

    Change is not comfortable but often it's necessary to survive and grow as a person...Both of which I've done. Thanks for another insightful post that has shown a light on areas of my life that need work...It's much appreciate. Take care my friend!!

    1. David...this was an amazing comment and says so much about where your are today as opposed to even 6 months ago. I have watched your own evolution and it is an hounour to be part of that.

      Change is probably one of the most difficult aspects of the human condition...most of us avoid it or struggle within it's clutches when it is forced upon us.

      Fear does hold us back from making that leap...we can not see the safety net...yet it is there...for we are not guided to then it hard and painful..yes...but in the end you become a better You...

      I have watched you embrace that slow change after the passing of Erin and it has been a profound teacher of what choices can do for the Soul...and so often, when we do embrace change..we eventually ask that question...." How did I get here" is because you "Chose"...and then brought into play those that came into your life to Guide you back to Life.

      I believe there are no Coincidences...and I would like to believe that your experience with Owl was a way of saying...Change is coming...but I am here to guide both you and Erin...All will be safe. You will journey through the Unknown, and one day you will look back and Remember I touched your life with compassion as you touch others.

      Change is the force of survival. All species who have evolved and lived through the changes within Earth's Evolution are here today...those who did not change became extinct.

      You have grown my friend and I am witness to that evolution within you. We never stop working...the beauty is one step at a time...just sipping life along the way.

      Thank you for sharing so much insight with us and adding so much to the post of Owl my dear friend...Always...

  21. I have entered this domain as I felt myself more ready to accept the challenge of asking, "WHO I AM?"

    There are so many points to consider in your reflections and it would take time to incorporate most of it to my life.

    I loved how you interwoven your earlier posts to this one ~ beginning with the medicine wheel.

    It is a progression upwards and inwards. Now you are crossing the boundaries of spiritual life.

    Coming from a recent reflection with Good Friday and Resurrection, I felt that need to understand what death is. It didn't come easy with the realization that it comes in totally different forms ~ sickness, accidents, etc.

    I'd like to focus on your point, "The Strength of Owl would be invoked during ceremonies when prophesy of Secret Knowledge or a Message of the Unknown is involved."

    I think it has come to me this week ~ darkness and spiritual dryness. The big eyes of the owl sees through and penetrates what is within.

    I came to realize who I am in front of God Who is the Author of life. I came to understand life by understanding what death is.

    You are right, I am afraid of dying ~ not the physical death that would befall all of us ~ but the kind of death that would lead me to break old patterns and beliefs. The one that seeks to lead a new path ~ the world of the unknown.

    Yes, I will heed the call of the owl... the way the butterfly has been transformed.

    I will enter that door because I believe that wherever the new is leading me, it is a place that is safe and filled with love and mercy.

    I take this challenge of transformation and I'm bringing this reflection along with me in that road. Thanks Raven for your wisdom.

  22. Melissa....all knowledge when ready to be integrated becomes a powerful tool for change. Sometimes, as we are given many different tools to consider within our search for takes those moments of just being still and taking time out to let them fall gently into place as they are needed.

    When you enter into the unknown areas of the spiritual aspects of begin to unravel the layers...parting that veil...and like Owl..looking directly into the depths of that Spirit within... and asking "Who Am I"...

    I believe that Death is an ending for something or someone as we know it..yet it is also a beginning for our own understanding of Self...for it is here that we begin to question our own existance. Here we ask " Why"...

    Owl is the Silent Hunter of the Night and the Night Eagle...both carry the ability to see. He does fly into the unknown...guided by his strength and Wisdom...and I say...we can do the same..for we are seeking that which we already know. Our own Spirit...who calls our name...but somehow we have convincesd ourselves that this is fearful... I think only because it means we may have to face something that needs to be changed to actualize our own understanding of Who We Are.

    It is like the Rising of the burn, to live again...( knowing that you must die to must understand death to understand life)

    It is true...the death of old patterns and habits will, from its own fear, call out..." But what will happen to me" if I change..Who will I Be?...That my dear the Unknown...

    If Owl becomes the Symbol for your own will always guide you with gentle love...leading you back...and one day saying..." I Know Who I Am"...I am the Grace of God....

    Thank you dear friend for sharing your valuable insight within Ravenmyth...and adding to Owl...Always...

  23. Thank you as always for imparting your beautiful wisdom. You are a treasure.

    1. Adriene...thank you for your beautiful kind words...and for being a part of this post....good to see you here at Ravenmyth dear friend...Always...

  24. Raven - I have always enjoyed your wisdom and perspectives on life. I find encouragement and inspiration form them. An odd paradox in my recent life has been to have change thrust upon me, and still have to take another path of change from there. Having been a caregiver for the past 7 years, I now have to be patient and caregiver for myself. I endeavor to stay on a solid and healthy path.

    Thank you and be well,

  25. good to see you back at Ravenmyth and sharing your own story here. I think we all contribute to helping each other...and I am happy that you find some answers here...

    Change is interesting...even as we try to avoid it life does from time to time thrust it upon us...forcing us to make decisions and to choose.

    Interesting that you have been a caregiver for 7 years and now have to apply that to your own needs. Yes, it is a challenge, but you have the skills...having been there already for another. Caregiver's become the healer's of our world...and here comes into play the phrase...Healer, heal thyself...

    You have already chosen to be on a Solid and Healthy path...the hardest part is the first choice to you manifest your endeavor of Self...

    I wish you strengtha nd health dear friend...Always...

  26. That was beautiful and so illuminating. I think we all change despite our resistance in small ways, in an unconscious way. But to be aware and conscious of wanting to change requires courage because the fear of the unknown keeps us away from shedding the old us. I did that for many years but I think I am getting closer to embrace the unknown. Thanks to friends like you. The patterns in my life are changing and I feel so much more freer and happy within myself. I feel stronger and capable of facing anything that comes my way. Thank you Leeanne, I really missed your inspirational thoughts. It has been quite awhile.

    1. Rimly...welcome back...lovely to see your smiling face...

      You are right..we do all change and it is good sometimes that those little changes are constantly taking place..making it easier when the big ones come along.

      Fear always holds us back..but I think when we take that leap of faith and be in the moment of that would not be as difficult...because you become conscious of your you the knowledge, therefor taking some of the fear out of the unknown...for now it is becoming Known...then you begin to see the road before you..guiding the way.

      I know what you mean about feeling freedom within lifts so many weights that we have carried beyond their time..and as we become lighter...there is a feeling of longer the heaviness of fear and struggling within the unknown...

      You now have the Power to define yourself..whatever that may look like to you....

      Thank you Rimly for your has been awhile...and no one missed all of you more than next post has been written and will go up soon...a continuation within this theme...Interesting, the next post is about Power...

      Sweet Rimly...thank you for being a part of this post and leaving a ittle of yourself behind...Always...

  27. With the risk of being labelled 'cliched' I truly believe that "the only thing constant in our lives is change". An owl in Hindu mythology signifies wealth and is the pet of our Goddess of Wealth. Your post was fantastically illuminating. I visited after a long time and realized what I had been missing for so long.

    1. are absolutely right, the only thing constant in life is change, and many of us avoid it at all costs. Thank you for sharing the mythology of Owl within the Hindu beliefs...and it also rang true for me that is could be "Wealth in Spirit"...So happy to see you back at Ravenmyth ....sharing your own wisdom with us dear friend...Always...

    2. Never went away from Ravenmyth buddy... I still have your badge on howaboutthis : ) Just really caught up with life and work you know. I could never go away love your blog too much! Wealth in spirit is a really good thought!

  28. Such wonderful photos and the uplifting words...I am thrilled........Now I understand that Death is an ending for something or someone..yet it is also a beginning for our own understanding...

    1. Rathore....I have always looked at Death metaphorically as a form of Change or New Beginnings...whatever that New Beginning may look like for you...we are redefining ourselves minute by minute on a cellular level...many mini deaths...thank you for visiting and sharing your own insight within this post...Always...

  29. Dear Ravenmyth,
    The photos are very interesting and beautiful. I am fascinated. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Andy thank you for stopping by and being a part of Owl....I think the art is important as a visual to enhance the message that I am trying to convey....for me art and the written word are a perfect marriage within the creation....Always my dear friend...

  30. You don’t know what the owl means to me! I have a friend who collects owls and has them all over her house in the woods, and going to her place always, always stirs major inspiration in me.Oh dear friend, I hope this is the year of owl transition for me.

    Are you prepared to start clearing your canvas to begin to paint again? Yes! And Yes again!
    I love the fact of being delivered from states of deception. Half the time we don’t even know when we’re in that illusion.

    When you ask " Who Am I?" invite Owl to Guide you...
    Let that first brush stroke flow upon your canvas
    Become the Silent Hunter

    Love this! I have begun that journey. Thank you dear Raven for this!

    1. Debra, I know what you mean about Owl..I have always been drawn to them.Just by choosing to begin the start the process of Transition...

      You are right, we do not always know we are in is when everything starts to feel out of sync that we realize we are in the wrong place...

      When you become the Silent begin to re-define who you are just by following the Guidance of Owl...and being Silently Observant of "You"...thank you for sharing your own insight at Ravenmyth dear friend...Always...