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Whale...Your Voice...Will it be Heard?..

Whale Native Art
Photo Totem Animals

"Whale" is the Record Keeper in "Native Legend"and she was placed here by "Wolf" the "Teacher"

The following is a quote from The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Sams and Carson.

Whale of Mighty Oceans, you have seen it all
Secrets of the Ages are Heard within your Call
Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand
The very roots of History
Of when our World Began

Let "Whale" and this "Poem" be a metaphor for your " Voice" from the time it came into being...weaving your own story...a Record of your own Legend brought forth through the ages of time and space...a memory...carried in your "D.N.A."

Photo National Geographic

She carries with her, from the depths of another World  the Magical Songs, yet to be learned.....from before ...when her " Voice" had not yet been heard. It is when we hear "Whale Song" that she " Teaches" us to " Know"

Giclee by Robert Bateman

At this very moment, make a choice to follow the "Voice" of "Raven" to a change in your own "Consciousness"

When we do not "Know" or " Understand" she becomes the "Unsung Voice" within every 
"Spirit" ....struggling up through the layers ....choked on the " Unspoken Word" of a "Society" that does not always speak " Truth".

We are so busy trying to honor and respect everything outside of ourselves.
"Why then is it so difficult to honor ....the "Voice"....of the "Spirit Within"....

Your Own Whale Song!

Humpback Whale
Totem Animals

Take a stand and be Heard!

Answer that call of "Raven".....the celebration of your own beautiful " Life"....and yes, all those challenges are part of that beauty...those "Qualities" you are still working on and do not like. The "Qualities you have changed and now embrace".

When you embrace the "Qualities" of "Whale" she becomes the "Voice" of every cell in your body. She carries the "Teaching's" of the ancestors that came before you....for they are all apart of the thread of your " Life"....a part of your D.N.A.
A part of your "Voice"

Humpback Whale
Totem Animals

When "Whale" sings her "Voice"is magnified within her "World"of "Water".....
(the Essence of Emotion)   and is carried forth to be heard by all those willing to hear....
....." The Birth of A Voice"......

Why not let this be your "Voice?"

To "Say Nothing" is to be "Unknown"

You are "Known" through your "Voice".....whether it be to call a "Name" to "Heal" out in Prayer through your "Love" and "Compassion" for another....your "Voice" of "Laughter" in joy and play....your "Voice" in sadness....shedding tears of water....your "Voice"in "Anger"....hollering in "Fear"...

"Your Voice.....Your Voice....Your Voice"

Giclee by Robert Bateman

Break the chain of pattern's that cause your "Voice" to be "Unknown"

The first "Breath" you take when you are "Born to this World" is to "Cry"

" The Birth of Your "Voice"

....'WHEN DID YOU STOP....USING ....YOUR...VOICE?".......

Is your "Voice" heard in the quiet of your mind?....(thoughts drifting in and out)...
What is your " Voice" saying?

Is it a positive "Voice" that you "Hear" encouraging you to be that "Voice in the Wilderness"....saying " What you have to say is meaningful" it a negative "Voice" that you "Hear"...." No one could possibly be interested in what I have to say"...

Embrace that "Voice of the scared child within that is feeling "Fearful"
Encourage the "Words" spoken to "Self" back to a "Supportive Dialogue"....for as you know, we can be our own worst critics. ( Anyone recognize that trait....I know I sure do)

Whale Native Art
Totem Animals

The "Soul" always tries to find a way to express itself. Let your "Voice" be a part of that "Expression"....add it to your "Tool Kit of Life"

Be a good Listener to the "Voices" of others and they will be a good listener to you.
Be a good story teller of your Legend through your own "Voice"

.....Let us "Know You".....

Orca Whales
Totem Animals

Whale Legend says, there is a D.N.A. coding that sound frequencies can bring up memories of "Ancient Knowledge". Some people who have this ability, to "Know" and are unaware of where it comes from are usually psychically developed and "Hear" frequencies that others can not. (There is a new faculty within metaphysics called Claire- knowing)

The sound of the Shaman's Drum brings "Healing and Peace" when aligned with the nuances of the tones. The Drum is the Universal heartbeat and aligns all beings "Heart to Heart"....(quote The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

I am bringing this into the "Voice" is "Sound"

There is a resonance in "Sound"....Have you every been drawn in by a "Voice"
Does it hold you spellbound just by the "Sound of it's Song"
I have...there are just some "Voices" whether in "Song" or "Word"....that hold me captive.

Orca Whale
Totem Animal

Be awakened to your "Voice" is time to use the "Stored Records"
If you have felt the need to "Speak" or "Write" be " Heard" bring forth information that you know not where it came from...if you have felt the need to "Change" how your "Voice" is being used by " You"...then you are answering that call.

You are stepping into a place in your own Legend where you need to "Know".
Find your unique "Voice" and speak your "Language"

Try thinking of it this way...." You are the Melody of the Universe, and the Harmony is the "Song" of the other creatures"....(quote Sams and Carson)

Whale Native Art
Totem Animals

Knowing when to Speak your Voice
Knowing when to Listen
Knowing When.....

....." Your Voice....Will it be Heard?"......

Thank you for being a part of the Journey of your own Legend

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.


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  2. We should know what they know, but we are so caught up in minutia that we don't listen. Thia is life--don't let it slip away.

  3. So true... we can learn a lot of things from whale song.
    Nice read.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. @Judie...yes it is Life...and so often just in the living we forget ourselves along the way.
    @Jyoti..we can learn so much from the Animal Kingdom...Whale uses her voice freely...can you imagine the heights we could reach with our voice if we learned to do the same...

  5. Whales are so beautiful and inspiring to me; massive peaceful creatures who are only here to exist in their own realm. As mentioned they know and understand things most humans can only imagine and touch upon. I'm trying to cry out like the whale via my blog as finally I have something to sing about...Erin

    Thanks for bringing these ancient lessons to light as they're appliciable in any era. You are one wise teacher and I can certainly learn if I listen to you. Keep on singing to the masses.... David

  6. As usual a post that makes you think and also enjoy. The easiest thing to find and yet so hard to hear? Our own voice!! We find it so hard to be heard by ourselves until we do no one else will truly hear us.

  7. This is great. I discovered this irresistible need to write quite by accident. It's not really taught in school unless you have an extraordinary teacher. I'm thinking 'listening to our inner voice' is something that has been, and is being, actively squelched.

  8. Its been a while I have read something so very refreshing - I hardly even knew so much about the whale! There is so much to learn here and so much to enjoy - I wonder how I missed you here in Blogosphere - I really did miss out on a whole lot of fun till now. You have a new fan in me. Thanks a ton for everything!

  9. Really informational and extremely interesting! I love whales and love to go whale watching along the coast of Oregon and California. They are amazingly graceful and truly magnificent.

  10. @ David..I like your phrase..keep on singing to the masses...and yes I will. You truly have found your own voice in your writing...not only it's song..but the depth of feeling that is felt. Whale is surely with you...
    @ Jim...your statement is so true..we are the only species on the planet that does not hear it's own voice...or trust it for that matter.
    @ happy you found your voice in writing..and true..the inner voice is very much silent(not heard) by our society today...
    @ Kriti...thank you Kriti for the Joy you bring to this post...not unlike the beauty of Joy in the song of is supposed to be fun..puts the laughter in our Voice...
    @ Mari...they are graceful creatures..and so at home in their world..I too have lived with Whales here in B.C...they have been around me all my life..when on my Dad's fish boat, on the ferries going to the island and when I sail...

    Thank you all for your contribution to this post..

  11. BTW, the "Haida Spirit-Raven" Giclee by Robert Bateman is stunning!!

  12. Amazing! I've always been interested in our Native American heritage. I'm Japanese and even in Japan we have Natives. They are called the Ainu people of Hokkaido. Have you ever looked into this indigenous group before? Just curious. Anyway, I loved the visuals and the messages. Very Inspirational =o]

  13. @ Mari...I agree. It is my favourite of Robert Bateman's work. The last time I tried to get this piece it was sold out. I do own one of his limited editions of a Hummingbird in a Fir Tree. He is my favourite Nature Artist. The Haida Spirit has always resonated with me. If you clicked on the name Haida Spirit it takes you to the story behind his painting.

  14. @ S.K....I have not looked into your Native Culture in Japan..but I am sure, like all Native peoples there is a common thread that runs through their beliefs..just with different Myth and Legend to represent that. So happy you enjoyed this. I am in Canada and here we are First Nations...but again..there is the common thread we share as at one time there were no borders..I look forward to seeing and hearing from you again..thank you for your contribution to this post...

  15. So often we dont listen to our inner voice but pay more attention to the negative voice telling us we are no good. I have indulged in the negative one for many years but I am slowly beginning to listen to that inner voice that tells us to listen and speak out. Such a refreshing post Leeann. Thank you for sharing this with us

  16. @ Rimly...I believe it is a process for all of us to find our voice...(I thought about you when I was writing this)..I am glad you stopped by and read it. The voice has always been just needs to find its way out through those become Whale Song...never to look back..then you are known by your voice...then you inspire...each voice carries a sound into the Universe...let your sound be heard...

  17. Raven Myth - it certainly does! I am going to play it for a while now : ))

  18. Thank you Leeann. I hope someday my voice too becomes the whale song. It will be so liberating.

  19. whale- there is something awe-inspiring, majestic about it. finding our inner voice is what we all strive for but only few succeed...nicely done RM!

  20. Raven, honey, you always take my breath away! Are you channeling when you write? As usual, you are speaking to me with something I need to hear. I am so ready to take my next step, but, there is a volce within me that I have not been able to hear fully and communicate with so that we can harmonize and be united. It is such a life lesson for me and I must listen so that I can move on. You know whale is one of my totems. Perhaps the voice I need to hear is from my DNA. I don't know. Thanks for the validation and encouragement.
    Love, Linda

  21. Finding our voices is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Thanks for helping us find that path.

  22. @ are right about Whale, we are just as Magnificent..with baby steps...we can get there..and little do we know how we are touching people today with our matter a whisper.
    @imlindai...I do feel that I am in that Intuitive state or (Psychic Stream)...Your inner voice is calling to you..get to know that voice and from there "You"...then it is easy to integrate the two. But, you have to embrace your own inner voice first...the rest is like dominos..everything falls into place..leading you to the next step..In the will find "You"..
    @ are welcome sweepyjean, I do agree with you. We need to be known, each and every one of us.

  23. I really don't know as how I have missed out on you all this time,Rimly spoke very highly of you...its a pleasure to be here.Everyone who wills can hear the inner voice. It is within everyone.
    Mohandas Gandhi

  24. @ Alpana I loved the piece you did with Rimly..Timelessness a was truly is a pleasure to have you following being here. You are right...our Inner Voice is calling...especially now, this time in history...and we can not help but follow once the Voice is Heard...thank you for your contribution to this post...

  25. This is a lovely post. Our voices get shaped from our youth sometimes to echo what our parents think and then we go to school or into the work force and we often regurgitate what our teachers and supervisors think. Then we get married and enter into relationships and then we sometimes bury our voices so they do not conflict with those of our partners. It is truly hard for SOME of us to find and articulate our own voices for the duration of our lives. This is a timeless directive that you've posted. It should be widely shared. Thank you!

  26. @ have added some wise insight into this post. All that you say is true...and along the way our "Voice" is pushed deeper and deeper...making it harder to find it's way to be Known and Heard. We are worth the Journey to find our way back be Known through our own "Voice"

  27. Gosh, what a timely stop this is for me.

    You have given me much to think about here...

    thank you.

  28. @ Jenny...that is my purpose trigger the mind to rememeber what we already know...just to take a moment to stop and think...thank you for visiting Ravenmyth...