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Introspection...Going into the Silence...

Bear Totem
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    "Bear invite me into the cave where silence surrounds...the answers you gave." Quote Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals"

  Our existence within our Physical World, "The West", our Mental World, the "North" and our Emotional World " The East" is having a large impact on our Inner World of the Spirit which lies in the "South" of the Four Corners of the Medicine Wheel

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The Medicine of Bear lies within his great power. Bear is "Introspective."  How can you know yourself if you do not take time out from all the Tick be in the "Silence?" It is here that you begin to "Know" your "Inner World"...and then allow it to reflect in your " Physical World"

How can you live in balance if you are always running? How many of you feel the pressures of your work or lack of work, your relationship or loss of relationship, your families, your search for personal time, your finances, your need to connect with others, your loneliness etc...?

All those influences in your life that bring you to your knees with the weight they carry.

We seek comfort in our relationships, we seek comfort in our beliefs and religions, we look to others and outside ourselves for answers....

...And We Run.....

Bear Claw
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We tell ourselves we are going to change. We tell ourselves, next time I will do it differently. We say to ourselves, I can't do this anymore. We feel exhausted, we feel sorrow, we feel defeat.

...And We Run...
...We Run From Ourselves....

We seek the latest Guru, the Spiritual Leader, we attend the best classes on personal growth and self help...forever the student of life...looking outside ourselves for confirmation that we are worthy. Looking to others to see the definition of "Self" within the reflection of how "They" see us, through their eyes.

...And We Run...

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So, let's try something "New"...yet coming from the Wisdom of those who "Stopped Running" from "Self"...faced their Inner World and embraced their own Wisdom from within.

...."Stop Running from Self"....

Walk purposely into the " South" within the "Four Corners of the Medicine Wheel"
Walk into your Spirit and embrace what you already know to be true. In the Medicine Wheel of your Creation call upon the "North"...your Mental State of Being, to activate "The East"...your Emotional State of Being, bringing it forth with the intent to know your Spirit and Manifest it into the " West" your Physical State of Being.

Spirit Bear
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This is your Journey. This is where you find the "Strength of Bear." Bear stands in the "West" on the Great Medicine Wheel of Life. He seeks Truth.

Spirit Bear-Hibernating
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Bear enters the cave in the Winter to Hibernate and contemplates the years experience. To accomplish our goals and dreams Introspection is needed. (Quote Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals.)

Think about this...I am sure you have felt yourself at sometime or another spinning on the gerbil wheel...running, running, running and going nowhere. Nothing was accomplished and you came away feeling tired and worn out....then you say..."Tomorrow I will make better Choices" and tomorrow never comes....

.....And You Run....

"Quote Sams and Carson"
If we choose to believe that the events in our lives are experienced for a reason and we question those events...asking "Why"...then we must also believe that answers reside within. Each of us has the capacity to "Quiet the Mind", " Enter the Silence" and "Know".

Dream State
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Within the Tribal Myth they have called this space of Inner Knowing the Dream Lodge, where the death of the illusion of physical reality overlays the expansiveness of eternity. It is in the Dream Lodge that we learn of alternative pathways that lead to the manifestation of our goals. This is the Power of Bear. ( End Quote)

What is your "Goal for Self"

To Actualize...."Love" within your relationships and "Acceptance" of who you are. To reach that state of Unconditional Love...coming from the Freedom and Knowing of no Longer Needing.

To Actualize "Faith"in your Beliefs and Know that the Religion and God of your own understanding holds True to the Highest Standards of your own that Initiate of the Spirit and Walk Your Truth.

To Actualize "Joy" of your Spirit...knowing that you are expressing the "Self" from Within...not the Perception of the Needs of someone else just so that you "Think"you will be loved or accepted.

To Actualize "Peace" within from the Knowing that you are walking in the "Wisdom" of "Self" by example Teaching Others....Healing the Wounded Soul...

To Actualize "Wisdom" freeing your Spirit from the constraints of those who need to dominate...due to their own Lack of Spirit Within.

Spirit Bear
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To Actualize the essence of the Knowing and Fulfillment of your Spirit within the Physical you must walk the Path of Silence, calming the Internal Chatter, releasing yourself from the "Fears" imposed upon you from others. Remove yourself from people and places that you know to be restrictive to the fulfillment you seek. This is neither a judgement or a bad thing.

If you feel the "Agitation and Stress" of your are in the wrong place.
If you are in an environment where you do not feel good about yourself and you are being physically drained, you are in the wrong place.
If you feel "Fear" "Anger and Hurt" you are in the wrong place. It is OK to take time out and honour your own needs. Choose for yourself, and when you feel the strength of your own Power within returning...choose again. You may return to those places, a wiser and stronger person, or you may not. It is OK...

Coast Salish Bear Carving-Vancouver Canada
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Be the Power of Bear Medicine.
Know Self and allow your Intuition to guide you to the place of rites of passage. Find the pathways to those other levels of consciousness.

Embracing the Power of Bear
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The Power of Bear has invited you to enter the "Silence" and become acquainted with "Self" so that you may begin to Live your Spirit.

...Is this easy..."No"...
...Are you worth it..."Yes"...
...Stop Running...

Bear calls you to "Silence"

...It is your Right to Choose...

Be Silent...

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