Sacred Places...A Walk in Time..

Roslyn Chapel-Scotland
(Photo Taken March 2010)

When I travelled to England in March 2010 we combined training at the Arthur Findlay College and travelling the Sacred Sites of England and Scotland.
One of my favourite places was Roslyn Chapel....made famous by the filming of The Davinci Code.
There are no words to explain the experience. It was a privilege to be able to stand in the past and the present at the same time.

Glastonbury England
(Photo taken March 2010)

Glastonbury is a very large site of ancient ruins on beautiful rolling green lawns. This photo is one of my favourites of the site. It is symbolic for me in that it represents a Gateway or Doorway into the past.

King Henry X111 burned Glastonbury to the ground when he was on a mission to break from the Rule of Rome and the Catholic Church. This beautiful site, along with so many were destroyed during his rein.

The site is steeped in the Mythology of King Arthur and Guinevere. It is said that they rest together at Glastonbury...and if memory serves me there is a plaque to this effect.

We had the privilege of using our abilities at this site to sense and feel the area. It is amazing how the past can collide with the present and make itself know when you can tap into that flow of consciousness.

The Chalice Well-Glastonbury

The Chalice Well is a beautiful Spring. Within this site you can feel the healing powers. Water is a wonderful facilitator of healing and throughout this area there is the sound of water everywhere. It was a beautiful sunny warm day and the opportunity to just be with the peace and tranquility of the Chalice Well.

Stonehenge-Salisbury Plain England

This is a familiar site to all of us. You can no longer walk amongst the stones, but, if you allow yourself, you can tap into the energy of the area. Through Psychometry you can touch and sense all areas and experience the past within the present. Everything carries an energetic signature.
This signature tells a story.

The experience of  walking in the layers of time brought me to the realization that we are part of a whole that does not need to just is.

But therein lies the a Human Being...we search for understanding.

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Walking in the Layers of Time.

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