Monday, 23 May 2011

Limitless Religion...can we make the Leap.....

This post was inspired while reading " Primitive Mythology, The Masks of God" by Joseph Campbell. I was not sure if I was going to post this, as it could be controversial. My intention is to expand our thinking beyond the physical into the Limitless...through and within the " God" of your own understanding.....

I had the privilege of visiting Roslyn Chapel, in Scotland in 2010. This beautiful little Chapel along with its History has long been an intrigue to me. Even though it was under major restoration at the time I could not help but feel the energetic imprint of the place, or what I call the " Spirit of Place" that was present.

Ok, so here goes....

The " Spirit"  and our " Belief's " are "Within" and then we create a place to exercise them from.

Religion is a cultural system that creates powerful and long-lasting meaning by establishing symbols that relate humanity to beliefs and values..... Wikipedia-Religion
Can I stretch the imagination by bringing this dwelling into a " Symbol"....?

Inside Roslyn Chapel, Scotland -photo from Google

Is there a need to express ourselves through a Defined Religion...rather consider...a Religion Defined through and within the " God" of your be "Limitless"....

Bear with me...this is " Food For Thought"....maybe confusing I know, but lets see if I can bring this into some form of context.

Why do we as humans, take some events, and limit it to the restriction of a " Defined Religion ? "

Why can it not be Limitless...yet to unfold...and in time, through life's experience be understood from your own perspective in that moment in time.

Or, as a human race do we adopt the process of definition through that symbol, to relate those experiences, beliefs, values and concepts of who we are. It is yet another form of searching for self and how we fit into that whole.

If God is limitless, time is limitless and we are limitless...why then can we not make our Symbol Limitless?....again " Food for Thought"....or, we become that Symbol of the Limitless....

This brings to mind an experience I have been having. That flow of intuition coming through in words...written on paper, yet loosing something in the translation. I feel and know there is a depth to the concept being given, yet I can not bring it totally from the Essence of Limitlessness to the Limited Physical interpretation. Is it because it is being brought through the Physicality of the Human Mind...a more restrictive tool as it needs to analyze and define from that limited understanding?

 Roslyn Chapel Scotland-Photo from Google

Or, maybe it is mitigated so that the mind can comprehend the phenomena of the experience.
We are, from time to time, touched by experiences that takes us beyond the realm of the everyday mundane to a place that we know to be outside ourselves. Maybe, just maybe...we are to witness ...a reminder for self that we are being mindful and in the moment. It is for just us alone to know. It is....maybe...a time when we enter our own place of " Limitlessness" for just a moment. This, if felt again, becomes a " Signature" for you alone to remember...I have done this before...and I can do it again. And can build on this Signature until it becomes the " Norm" rather than the " Exception"


Photo taken at Zuma Beach, Malibu, California

We carry the D.N.A. from the beginning of time within us. We are " Infinity" evolving through it's many stages...each a " Lifetime" unto itself.

Could the " Religion" of your understanding not become " Infinite" also, as it is of the " Limitless Time"...consider moving it beyond the constraints of the Human Condition. Let it flow through that " Knowing" that you are in that space outside of yourself, part of a " Whole" yet still " One"....within the " Whole"

Photo taken at Zuma Beach, CA...Pelicans Feeding....
Being One within the Whole

This photo re-iterates that statement. I watched these magnificent birds, soaring, linked to each other, yet each " One" a part of the formation and dynamic that was taking place. There was no fighting for territory or a place within the formation of flight. There was no evidence of any one bird going hungry or competing for food. There was no evidence of exclusion. There was no evidence of destroying just because of a difference. The " Whole" working as " One" yet part of the " Whole". Continuity within the " Dance of Life"

Photo by Liane Gustafson

A concept waiting to be born.

And Then...Maybe....

Through and within the " God" of your own understanding...go to and be " Limitless"

" Participate in your own Awakened Humanity"...Joseph Campbell

Whale-Totem Animal

Record Keeper

Of mighty oceans,
You have seen it all.
Secrets of the ages are hard within your call.

Teach me how to hear your words,
And how to Understand,
The very roots of History,
Of when our World began....
(quote, Sams and Carson, Medicine Cards)

" Whale reveals the layers of Knowledge being brought forth to the " Physical" from the " Memories" of those before " Remember"...(quote Ravenmyth)

" Maybe"


  1. I know of some religions (like one my aunt and uncle belonged to) that forbad icons, symbols, and such. The reason being, they are considered “graven images.” I’ve always wondered why some religions focus on these and others find them anathema. Religion is an interesting subject, and so I very much enjoyed reading your thoughts.

    Those pelicans just ARE. They have no need of identity apart from simply being. It’s society in all of its’ pretentiousness and illusions of grandeur that distinguishes, dichotomizes, categorizes, labels, separates… Yes, we need to remember what the birds already KNOW.

  2. Finally made it over here to read, at leisure, and take a deep cleansing breath! Your thoughts were interesting to read, particularly with how you pulled everything together into a woven tapestry. I have always thought that each religion could be complementary to all others, and that they probably are - it's personal opinions that tend to draw those invisible & devisive lines in the sand.

    For me, being in nature is a transcendant experience and I quite often "hear" messages when I am there. If we stop to ponder the very earth upon which we stand, that in itself is truly mind boggling, as I don't see how anyone can think a big whopping planet, solar system, galaxy and universe all just popped into existence on their own! I enjoyed your thoughts on this topic and also appreciated the moment of calm and respite that I found here.

    Much love,


  3. Interesting view on religion and while your ideas would be benefical to man and the planet, man's vainness would never allow that to happen. There is no way the Pope would allow his minions to become mixed with lower religions.

    Nature understands that working together is the key to surviving and thriving, instead of working against each other we should be pulling together to make this world a better place. Love your thoughts and insights to life, keep them coming my friend!!

  4. I have never cared what religion people follow. I would never even think of asking them. We are all part of nature. We are all part of this earth..isn't that a good enough reason to be good!!! By the way I linked with you but not in the biblical sense

  5. Very interesting and well thought out! I love your photos, especially the shots of Zuma Beach, my old stomping grounds-brings back great memories.

  6. Another interesting post by Ravenmyth. Great post with clearly written in a understandable manner. Usually I used not to comment on religious things. But this is very informative, that's why I thought to comment.

  7. great post i have wrote on this myself once a person find that space is in them and they are a part of the universe then they know god. posting a comment works fine. thank you and god bless

  8. I stopped by here because Mari gave me the award as well. This is a place I will come back to again and again.

  9. Thought provoking...Maybe you can talk to me about tomorrow over coffee. HAHA...not like you wouldn't any way! Love you<3

  10. hi friend thanks for connecting me last week.. you are mentioned in my post here
    Please check and leave a comment there <3

  11. I'm not religious at all. I think we grab onto symbols in all aspects of life. They are a focal point, something to "hold" onto. It's why image icons work so well with us, they become global.

  12. I forgot to mention how much I enjoy seeing the totems. I saw many when we toured western Canada with our Canadian cousins several years ago. My husband is Canadian by birth but he has been in the states since he was 9.

  13. Hi Raven - Your post reminds me exactly of a big business model inclusion to problem solving, called "systems t...hinking"; defined as: the whole organization is greater than the sum of all its parts! Sound familiar (sea gulls' photo)?! Systems thinking focuses on the cyclical ( a cycle; circular) interaction of all each unit (a sea gull) working together in harmony to create the greater whole (flock). It analyzes the cause and effect of unity, or lack of. Mankind is the only creature on the planet whom has declared "I am linear." No man is an island, no man is independent, and no man empowers him self. We are all a part of the greater whole....although many humans don't see it that way. Great post. :)This post was done by Charlie Nitric who could not comment on my I am adding it as I think it is a good add to our stream of comment...Thank you Charlie...

  14. I share your reflexion and I like pics of th chapel.

  15. I have been to this incredible chapel and the beauty of this chapel makes you feel limitless. I was so stirred and moved in here and the surrounding area that I was flying. Great post and a happy reminder of that experience. And Joseph Campbell has always been one of my favorites!