Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Participate within your own Creation.....

Phoenix Rising

These are times of Global Restructure, not only in Politics, Religion and Finance...but in Weather Systems, Melting of the Ice Caps and the Extinction of Species.

Through all of this we are beginning to see a change in consciousness. Symbolically, as the Rising of the Phoenix, we must surrender to the Destruction...or Rise again.

To Burn is to Cleanse. Everything must return to it's natural element before it can re-define become again, unfolding in the process.

But, to become what?

Photo Tortoise Shell Butterfly by Liane England 2010

Own and become the Creation in every " Now". Each thread weaving the cocoon to become the Potential Outcome...

Through our Thoughts and Actions we can be that Potential for a New Creation.

We cling to " Hope" like a Moth to a Flame. It is " Hope" that beats within our Love again, to achieve again, to have success again, to work again, to be healthy again, to feel that life force running through us again.

Everything you need to know to actualize that " Hope" and " Create" its desires you carry within. This is not new stuff, it is just a reminder.

Are you ready to Participate within your own Creation?

Try this for one hour. Be " Thoughtful within your Thoughts." What I mean by this, is start the process of " Knowing" where your " Thoughts" are in the Moment. Have that awareness of what is going on within and then being shown outwardly. From here your thoughts become " Choices" that are finally " Acted Upon."

How does that reverberate throughout our Home, our Neighbourhood, Our Community, and finally our Universe?

How do our Choices affect Humanity? Our Families? Our Partners? Our Children?

This is where we, as individuals, become part of the Creation, the Restructuring that takes place.

Birth of a Star

To me, this time in History feels like the " Rising of the Phoenix". Even the Season fits. New Beginnings, rising from the decay and rest of Winter to become and create again.


The Swallow does not have the ability to fly from the ground. They have to fall to be able to Soar. They just know that to Fly....they must Fall. The Bird builds it's Nest, to raise it's young, to then begin again.

This is our Nest and we are the Builders.

" How Do You Create?"

Our Earth.....Our Connection to the Common Thread.....Our do you contribute to the Potential we are in the process of Building.

Totem Raven

" Raven is the Symbol of changes in " Your Consciousness" through levels of " Awareness" and " Perception"....

" Creation" has " Responsibility"...." Own your own Creation"....the Manifestation of your Choices.....

" Go Forth and Create"


  1. A good reminder to be mindful, in the present moment, of our choices and their implications. That we can always choose compassion over selfishness, empathy over our own egos.

  2. i think you got it create and god bless

  3. Very nicely woven together, Raven. I agree w/ you that we are definitely in a unique period of history. I write a lot about living consciously, and I don't think it can be stressed enough how important that state of mind is for every sentient being. I find my life is so much richer when I embrace my own awareness and take a conscious role in my own growth. As a result, I see everything around me so much more clearly, and I experience everything with that diamond sharp clarity. I enjoy your blog, your thoughts and your energy.



  4. Beautifully written, and a nice expression of the extent of our creation.



  5. Love what you wrote about living in the present and to be aware of our thoughts and to act upon them. It's a very good thing for humans to slow down and to absorb everything around them but we are generally too busy to connect with the universe. Personally, I love it when I'm able to reach another realm of thought as I feel more alive. Thanks for the insightful post, missed seeing them!!!

  6. I too love what you said about living in the moment. In this world full of challenges it's good to sit and be at peace.

  7. hi !ravenmyth. amazing post. heals the destructive consequences of mind, frames it with loads of purity to construct a new segment from the origin of thoughts. loved your style of presentation.

  8. Insightful post about living in the moment..... The images and words merge beautifully.

  9. Hi:
    I've awarded your site with the "One Lovely Blog" award. See my blog post to get the details. Hope you participate. If you do a prerequisite is that you link back to my site
    Regards, Mari

  10. Lovely post! So often we don't take the time to be with our own thoughts with no distractions. We go through life reacting instead of making conscious choices.