Saturday, 25 June 2011

Honoured by Others.....Passing on the Awards...

Awarded By...

In R.M's own words:     
I'm a quirky hyper somewhat pro photographer with aspirations to be a published writer



  Awarded by...

Here is a little of what Don has to say:
My name is Don Smith. I’m retired from the newspaper business. I’ve done everything there is (or was) to do in newspapering, all the way from paper boy to publisher. I’m interested in just about everything, but my passions are computers, music, old-time radio, talk radio, science (especially astronomy), religion, politics, and more — not necessarily in that order! These are the things I’ll be talking about with Geezer on this blog.

I am honoured to announce that I have been awarded the Kreative Blogger Award by Ravings, Ramblings and Rants  and the Stylish Blogger Award by Geezer Sayz . I am finally getting the opportunity to pick these awards up and place them on my Blog. I will be linking the Award Photo's back to both of these wonderful Blogger's who recommended Ravenmyth.

What I love about these Awards are the Names...Kreative and Stylish...isn't that what our Artistic World of Blogging is all about? It is the diversity and uniqueness within each blog in the writing's and the artwork that each Author brings to the table....and both these Blogs fit the bill. Please stop by Ravings Ramblings and Rants and Geezer Sayz to share in their own inspirations and leave a little of yourself behind when you comment. now about me...
( click on the Photo's for a larger view)


My City is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
This is Spanish Banks on a summer day..looking back at the city.


I live at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, a beautiful bucolic area filled with birds, frogs, coyotes, eagles and most of all quiet...


I like to paint. This is a Nude Acrylic I did from a live model..

This is an Acrylic I did from a Photo I had taken while visiting Rudyard Kipling's Home, a 17th Century Jacobean House in Burwash, East Sussex, England. The home was called Bateman's (please follow the links to see the actual home as it is today and another artist's rendition of his home.  

Making Small Pieces of Art...

Sometimes I like to do what I call " Small Pieces of Art"...that do not take up too much I make Cards and have done some Scrap booking. I made this  Sympathy card for a Friend who had just lost her Dearest Friend.

The first time I ever Scrap Memory of My Beautiful Friend " Annie"
This was a collage of Photo's taken on our Trip together in England. Annie passed soon after we returned home...


I love gardening and the beauty of flowers in pots. I have a deck off my family room that has spectacular views of Deer Lake, The Lions, and the City. The first photo is the pot I planted on the Summer Solstice. The second photo is a close up of one of my pots full of summer flowers.


My favourite place to just be...Kauai. ...the view from our Condo...looking over the blue pacific to Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay.

"It is within the realm of being that we experience ourselves...there are places to just Be"
quote Ravenmyth...

Amateur Photography....

Surf @ Tunnel's Kauai..

Cruise Ship leaving Vancouver for Alaska...looking from 3rd Beach Stanley Park...

System coming in over the North Shore...

Clouds taken from my Deck...

Catching another system..the beauty of living near mountains...

Wake Boards on the Boat Tower...Harold B.C.

My Daughter Nicole at Dinosaur Park, Alberta Canada.

As I am doing 2 Awards, some of you may already have one of them...if so...just grab the other...

The Creative and Stylish Blogs I would like to pass these Awards on to are ....

Some Days Or Now

For those of you stopping by...please take the time to visit these Creative and Artistic Blogs...and don't forget to leave a little of yourself behind in the Comment Section...

Have Fun!


  1. Wow, your paintings are beautiful! Congrats on your award, it is well deserved!

  2. Congrats to you, you truly deserve them. Keep up the great work. I love the paintings and creative art, they are beautiful.
    Thank you for mentioning me I am so honored.

  3. @ sweepjean...thank you. I love to paint...just do not have the time..but when I do..I get lost in the Canvas..

    @ forjensake...I know so many of you have the awards which are so well deserved. My escape is my art...lots of fun and just lets you be in the now...

    Thank you both for stopping by..always a pleasure..

  4. Remarkable pieces of art, from the paintings… to the photos… to the small pieces – moments in time, or timeless moments. The beautiful sympathy card for your bereaved friend must be a treasure to her. As is your lovely “Friend” memories of Annie. And finally, congratulations on the recognition of your many talents with the awards! ~ Blessings dear Raven

  5. @ Debra...thank you for your lovely words...I like moments in time...timeless moments..perfectly said. Yes, my friend does treasure the Sympathy Card and keeps it in her Bedroom along with a photo of Annie. The Awards were a lovely surprise...thank you for sharing in the passing of the "Torches"

  6. Beautiful blog and images :)..Congrats to you and honorable bloggers to whom you appointed here:)
    Hmmm, So I must follow you to know about you more..Right? ..Following you.

  7. Raven, even your awards blog is beautiful. Your paintings and photographs are just gorgeous. Just goes to show how much you deserve these two awards! Your daughter is so lovely. She'd have to be to add more beauty to that breathtaking scenery behind her, and she does so with ease!

  8. Congrates on your awards You clearly deserve them...


  9. @ Simran...Thank you for your kind words..and I am very pleased to have you follow me. There is so much creativity in our community and it is an honour when we are mentioned by our fellow Artists. I will have to come over and visit your blog...I am sure I will enjoy your artistry...

    @ Don...thank you my friend for thinking of me when you made your choices. I know how hard we all work and how much support we are given....for me the Awards are the symbol of passing the Love and support on and recognition for all that creativity flowing in our communities.My daughter is beautiful in heart and spirit. I love this photo of is a true representation of her love of nature and yes, she is very much at home in the great outdoors. Always...Raven..

  10. @ Jessica..thank is such a pleasure to be a part of so much talent. We all get to share in each others Talents and continue to be Inspired...

  11. Hi Raven, this is the second time I visit your blog page but the first time to comment.

    I have read your comments on other posts and I am drawn to your writing. It's wonderful to know you in your sharing. We have some common interests as gardening, photography and painting....those little pieces of art I usually do with my nieces :)

    Your place is very beautiful.It seems ideal for retreats.

    CONGRATULATIONS for the award :)

  12. @ Melissa..Thank you for commenting..this is how I get to know those who stop by and visit. I love doing the small projects and to do them with the children is really fun..the kids can be very creative and inspiring and this is where we get to help them to feel good about themselves in our praise of their work. I like tht you picked up the feel of my goal is for this to be a place to Be...and based on your feedback I am achieving that. I stopped by your blog, commented and am now following you on Google and NB...thank you for your contribution to this post...very much appreciated.

  13. Congratulations..I feel as if I have stepped into an entirely different are very very special,gifted and talented..and I guess I would not interacted with u,if Rimly had not told me...I am truly blessed.

  14. Leeann, wonderful photos, and painting! You are a multifaceted woman for sure. Thanks for the Kreativ Blog award. It means a lot, coming from you!!!

  15. @ Alpana...I like that phrase..feel as if I stepped into another some ways it is the World of the Heart and the fullfillment of the all ways. Thank you for that means alot. Rimly is a darlin..I am very happy she brought us together...

    @ Judi..I am letting a lttle more of myself out in my happy everyone is enjoying those aspects of my artistry. You my friend deserve your feels so good to Honour the Talent of pleasure dear friend.

    Thank you both Alpana and Judie for your participation in the appreciation of others...

  16. Leeann, Congrats on your award, you're most deserving of any recognition and I'm sure there's more to come!! Enjoyed reading the tidbits about your life plus the paintings and photos were very nice. What a beautiful scenic locale to spend your days, I would have loved to spend some time with Erin romping around :)

  17. David...Erin would have loved Vancouver..we are very Doggy Friendly..must be from the British Settlers..Bill and I love going to Ambleside Beach..they have one big section just for dogs to be off leash, run, swim, dig in the sand and chase sticks in the ocean..then they have an area at the beach that has a nice little natural pool for the puppies and smaller dogs to play in the ocean and lots of room for the owners to go in with them. The owners can have some fun beach time with their furry friends off leash and just being dogs. Yes, I do live in a huge natural wonderland...everywhere I look.Thank you David for stopping by and leaving a little of yourself in this post. Always...

  18. I just now saw this one Raven.Congratulations for the awards you deserve both.Thanks for including We Have A Story in your list of blogs. :)

  19. RAVEN,u represent yourself in a so beautiful way. it was a pleasure to know more about you. u know how much i love reading your posts. you deserved this award, a creative and stylish blogger is obviously you, congrats and looking forward to more such achievements of yours.

  20. Congratulations on the awards - they are well deserved! I love your photos and art - they speak so much about you. My fave is the photo of your daughter - she's lovely. Your posts are filled with talent and are always interesting!

  21. @ Abhisek...thank you for being a part of this Award Honouring..very pleased to pass them on to We have A Story...also very much deserved.

    @ Sancheeta..It was nice to share a little more of who I am with all of you and a pleasure to be awarded..along with all the other talent in our community. Thank you for being a part of this celebration.

    @ Mari...Thank you. It was nice to share some of my passions with everyone and receive such a warm interest.I do love this picture of is a great representation of who she is. My beautiful outdoor girl..who is also very artistic...your ongoing support is always appreciated.

  22. wow, it's beautiful.

  23. @ Rebabo...thank you for your support and kind words...happy you enjoyed this post...

  24. Your paintings and your snaps are awesome... u r talented girl !!!

    I am glad that I m following your work.
    Keep posting.

  25. @ happy to have you in my community of followers. Your contribution to my post is always appreciated within your comments...thank you for your support and kind words...Always...

  26. WOW Your paintings are amazing awesome pics enjoyed your story as well. Thanks for sharing!

  27. @ Angel Eyes...thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts. I love to paint..just wish I had more time these days and photography just seems to go hand in hand with any form of art. Always a pleasure sharing with this amazing community.