Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Medicine Wheel...Will You Participate in Your Destiny?..

To the "Four Winds" I cast my Spirit, open my Heart, release my Soul and Surrender to My Destiny.
Grant me the wisdom to understand the Sacred in Nature.
(quote..    J.E. Williams..The Andean Codex   )

Deer Lake Park
Photo Ravenmyth

The common thread weaves through many cultures, joining us all together in a commonality that connects the Human Spirit to a undefined knowing that calls our Soul to Wholeness. (Ravenmyth)

The Medicine Wheel is also known as the "Sacred Hoop". It is a powerful symbol of the "Earth" and "Universe". Medicine Wheels are built in places where the Earth remembers Ceremonies. The Medicine Wheel becomes our Silent Teacher, guiding us through our Life Lessons and Challenges. (quote Tony Gray Owl)

To Learn these Ways Learn the Wisdom of the Directions ( quote Mary Uslick, Shushwap/Stolo Nation, Coast Salish)

The original wisdom associated with the ancient physical Medicine Wheel's of Turtle Island has been lost in the mists of antiquity.
The Medicine Wheel represents the fundamental pattern of Creation. In each locality the Laws of Nature of the Spirit of the Land speaks in unique meta patterns of creative power.

The lack of historical data or traditional oral accounts from pre-Colombian times have resulted in an opening for creative interpretation of Medicine Wheel  teachings. ( for clarity purposes I am using the Medicine Wheel as a metaphoric symbol within the message brought forth by Ravenmyth in this post)

Will you Participate in Your Destiny?

Let us take this time, the season of "Fall" where nature becomes the artist and the landscape reflects her palette of colour.

Deer Lake Park
Photo Ravenmyth

What are you painting on your canvas?

When you walk the path of the "Initiate" within the " Esoteric" you become the observer of "Life's Magic" in all things.

The Medicine Wheel consists of the "Four Directions" ( North, South, East and West)

The Directions reveal that which you need to reflect upon. They can also reveal how you are learning from yourself , others and from animals. (quote Sams and Carson)

Within our human condition we are always searching for our "Signature" or "Purpose" within our own existence. We Never Stop. Our Spirit is in constant flux, needing to understand "Itself".

Ask yourself this

...How does your Inner World reveal itself in your Outer World? ...
...What language do you Speak to Self...what is your Inner Dialogue?...
...What have you learned so well that you now recognize its pattern and can say.." I own it"...( these owned patterns can be both negative and positive)...
...What are you still struggling with... knowing that you are stuck...but not yet fully understanding it's dynamic and how it plays upon your own sense of well being?...

Native Dream Catcher Depicting the Four Directions

Let's go back to the Medicine Wheel. It will now become that symbolic metaphor to help us to see and understand that dynamic...Revealing...our strengths within and our areas lacking in strength.

Are you prepared to take that Journey of look into the "Mirror of the Soul" and to "Participate" within your own Reflection?

It is when we choose that we begin our walk of the Initiate from " North" to " East" within the Directions. This is not the common directions that most walk, but it is the Direction I was drawn to within this post.

The North is the place of's colour is White and it is the place of True Wisdom. The symbols of the North are the Great Mountain, The Sacred Lake, Crystals,....The Moose ( Self Esteem) ... The Snowy Owl (Deception or the Night Eagle)...and The White Buffalo (Prayer and Abundance)..

When we embark on our Journey to look into the " Mirror of the Soul" we rise above our earthly physicality and become the observer from above...standing upon the Great Mountain of the North...

The Lions-North Vancouver
Photo Ravenmyth

Every breath you take will have an affect from both external forces and internal forces ( your own inner dialogue) that will have fracturing and healing aspects on the different bodies. The bodies are in constant flux from these forces and are "Seeking Harmony".

This is where we hold our "Consciousness"
Do you hear your inner dialogue say
...I am not perfect...
...I am too tall....I am too short....
...I don't like the way I look...
...I weigh too much...I am too skinny...
...I hate my hair...I don't have enough hair....
...I am not pretty or I am not handsome....

What patterns have you developed to compensate for your "Perceptions" of inadequacy within your "Physical Body?"

"This is where we "Think"
...Why do I have so many negative thoughts?...
...I think I will never be good enough...
...I think I will not succeed...
...I have thoughts of Guilt...
...I have thoughts of Anger...
...I have thoughts of Fear and Jealousy...

Please note that some of these thoughts are not a bad thing..they are part of being human..but what patterns have you developed to Guilt yourself over having these thoughts?

This is where we "Feel"
...I feel Guilty...
...I feel Sad...
...I feel useless...
...I feel pain and sorrow...
...I feel jealous...
...I feel hopeless...
...I feel fearful...

What patterns have you developed to facilitate the feelings that keep you stuck in your "Illusion"

You are out of sync and you do not know could you know that these 3 bodies (Physical, Mental and Emotional) are being bombarded daily with inner and outer influences that will shake your very foundation...keeping you in a state of discord.

Snowy Owl in Flight
Photo Google

When you become "Owl" you see the essence of "True Wisdom" within "Self" . You are now ready to "Participate" and "Reveal" your "Own Truth"
 It is here, in the North,  we begin to integrate the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies into Harmony through our "beginnings of clarity"

.... Here we begin to integrate our Strength....
...Here we begin to integrate the beginning of clarity in " Life Lessons" ....
...Here we begin to gain clarity in the " Life Challenges" we have faced and conquered...
...Here we begin to move towards " Wholeness"...

becoming the Snowy Owl ( the Night Eagle)...the Sacred Medicine Bird...casting out the "Deception of Self" ...he is the Silence in the Night helping us to interpret hidden meanings.

Will you Participate and follow the Snowy Owl into the " East" ?

Autumn, that time when Earth is preparing to go into the " Great Sleep" as she moves into the North...where time Integrate your own Self Discoveries that were born in the East...revealing Life Challenges for Clarity and Revealing your Strength....


The East is where a new day starts...a new beginning. This is where all Journey's begin after the Initiate has prepared. It is the place of Spring, the Element of Air, Earth and Male Energy. The animals associated with the East are... The Eagle, (Spirit)The Mouse ( Scrutiny) and The Snake (Transmutation)
The colours of the  East are Gold and Yellow

The Coast Salish Journey Carving

Within the East we are taught to trust in our own Vision and the capacity to Believe in the Unseen...that which is Hidden. The East is Clear Voice, Leadership, Truth and Courage.

The East is where we Heal the we Illuminate through Birth and Rebirth. In the East we gain strength of will to Participate within our Destiny...if you Choose.

In the East we can focus on Life Challenges...Be in the Moment...and Merge into Wholeness that which has been broken within the Physical Body, The Mental Body and the Emotional Body. Here we begin to integrate Harmony and a New State of Well Being.


The aim wihin your new Participation is to move beyond "Self Desception" into "Living Self Truth"
It has been too long that we have lived in our OLD HABITS.

To the East, the place of " Insight and Rebirth" I send a Prayer.
To the North, the place of "Clarity and Cleansing" I offer respect.


Will you begin a New Day and Participate within the Journy we are about to embark upon?

To bring the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies back to Harmony we begin our Participation within a process from Negative Perception to Positive Perception.

To begin this, we may want to consider that we need to go throught the Silence and The Great Sleep of the North to gain Clarity and Cleansing before we can enter the East....from our New Insight Be Reborn into the New Perception of Self.

Is this easy, No...we first have to know we are stuck in old habits, to shed old habits, to then even have a concept of what a new way of being would look like for us.


Where does Illusion and Self Deception End....and Where do You Begin?

I will follow the flight of Raven ( Magic) to the flight of Eagle ( Spirit) married to Wolf ( The Teacher) remembering Bear ( Introspection from the Great Sleep into Silence) taking me to Snake ( Transmutation) and becoming Snowy Owl ( The Interpreter of Hidden Meanings)

Coast Salish Raven and the Sun Drum

It is here in the East, within the Magic that we become a New Beginning

The Physical Body

...I am the Manifestation of the Magic of my own Creation...
...I am the integration of all the bodies "Living the Truth" of my "Beauty" within "Creation"...
...I am Perfect as I am...
...There is no longer room for Doubt...
I am     "Creation"   
....the New Perspective of my Physical Body...

The Mental Body

...I integrate the Negative and the Positive within my Thought Process...Neither is Wrong or Right...
...I have now found the Positive within the Negative...letting go of old creating New Thought Patterns...
...I Participate within my Positive Mental State of Being...allowing all thoughts to flow freely through My Bodies ( no longer affecting the Physical and Emotional).... I now choose from Self Awareness rather than Self Deception...
...No longer does Fear, Guilt or Anger generate my Thoughts...
...I know the Difference...
...Thoughts can no longer keep me stuck...
I am     " Self Awareness"   
... the New Perception of my Mental Body...

The Emotional Body

...I now Know and Embrace every Emotion running through my Bodies ( Guilt, Sadness, Depression, Pain and Jeolousy)...
...I control my Emotions and mitigate their impact on the Physical and Mental Bodies with Self Love ( not always easy, however I trust that I am Loveable)...
...Whenever I can I come from the Emotion freed by Unconditional Love...
...I am the Emotion of Healing all that has been fractured within the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies...
...I am Power coming from a Perception that drives the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies to Integrate and Harmonize...
...The New Perception of my Emotional Body...

How Vibrations affect the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies

Within my own Rebirth in the East

I Am

Creation the Physical Body through Awareness the Mental Body Integrated to Wholeness through Unconditiional Love the Emotional Body

My Perspective of the Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies working in Harmony...

I Participated within my Own Destiny
I am Wholeness

Will you do the same?



Earthsong-Medicine Wheel Wisdom
Directions -Tony Gray Owl

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  1. Recognizing those patterns, being consciously aware and actively involved in that personal growth process....this is something I find endlessly captivating. When I feel a shift beginning to take place, and when I feel the energies beginning to morph within me, it is fascinating. The world around me takes on a hush and I focus on this inner shift, to the point that at times I can delve down to a cellular level and see/hear/feel/sense the genetic code changing slightly. I know that many would call this absurd, but I also know that you will understand completely what I am communicating. I have never chosen to live reactively and unconsciously. I want to feel the shifts, feel the stepping up of energies and be aware of my own engagement in my evolution.

    Namaste' and love to you, dear one.

    - Dawn

  2. Thought provoking ans so insightful. I generally have many negative thoughts about my image and try as best to find the positives yet negativity seems to be the dominant one, the one I need to abandon.

    Cheers A

  3. A whole new perspective of directions... never thought about it that way...

    An awesome read Raven.. I learned a lot today !!

  4. @ Dawn...the hard part of Self Discovery is recognizing patterns..sometimes we can not see them because we are in the Self Deception of protection mode. I like your reference to the energies beginning to morph and the world takes on a hush...this for me would be the awareness registering within that hush. It would make sense that the DNA Code would make a is the beginning of a pattern change through revelation. I do understand what you are saying and value the perspective you brought to Medicine are in tune with your own connection...integrating the bodies into wholeness...Brilliant addition to this post my dear friend...Always...

    @ Alejandro...negativity is a tough is usually the first place the Mental Body takes us...then the patterns make it hard to break that thought process..the one thing that we do not realize is...those thoughts affect our mental state of well being...subconsciously keeping us out of sync..which then affects both the physical and the emotional bodies...we become our own worst critic...but then, you already know what is needed...thank you my friend for adding your insight to this post...Always...

    @ Jyoti...I know what you mean...I had never thought about the directions in this way before either..and then the layers began to unravel and this post was born. We both came away with a new perspective...thank you for being a part of this post my dear friend...Always...

  5. "mirrors of your soul" I dare look in that mirror?????...your pictures and words are beautiful......Thank you...As always....XOXOXOXOXO

  6. @ Bonnie...Yes, you dare look into the are stronger than you think...sometimes what we reflect can be the answer to the issue and then the discovery of the pattern that needs to be changed...The Physical, Mental and Emotional Bodies are always talking to us...all we have to do is Participate within the conversation...thank you for your valued addition to this post...xoxo

  7. You always have something to think about...I have come to realize that just being yourself, being who you are, is a successful rebellion.I am doing serious soul searching these days...and I have learnt never to underestimate myself.... I am not perfect. I live on the planet Earth where humans live. Humans aren't perfect. Never have been. Never will be. So I don't always wear the right clothes. And I don't always use the right shoes. My memory sometimes fails me. I don't look like a fashion model. I don't cook like a French chef. I don't always do what people expect of me. I am human. I am imperfect. But there is no one else like me in this whole wide world. I am unique. I am a miracle.
    Pain never really goes away, I am just learning to elevate and get used to it by growing stronger.
    I love your post,bookmarking it,to read it whenever I feel low.

  8. Good Morning Raven, I have a few dream catchers too. My daughter makes them. Happy Sunday and still love your blog.

  9. The hardest times to look within and make the conscious choices to turn things round are when you are off path. It's good to remind yourself that there are factors and that there are things you need to do but if you don't see it because things are so off kilter it can be nearly impossible. We are only human after all x

    Very inspirational Ravenmyth - there's a lot to take in here but it's very enlightening too.

  10. There is something very similar in the yogic body... we call it KOSHAS.. these are the subtle layers of the body that consist of 5 layers
    Physical, Vital Energy, Mental, Intellect and Bliss. All of these are interwoven with each other and are our guides when we begin the journey of the self.
    I enjoyed reading it and made me smile to read the similarities .
    Thank You

  11. To be truly conscious one must seek wholeness as a path in life. Otherwise we wander aimlessly; we live in no man’s land. When I look into the mirror of my soul, I long to see a whole person, a seamless spirit… not a fragmented self as you see in Picasso’s paintings.
    Oh yes, I do participate in my own destiny, daily. My inner world reveals itself, quite often, in my writing. I record most of my dreams and delve deep into the unconscious realm, where one finds a sea of hidden treasure.
    Whenever I come here, I always leave feeling I’ve been on a shamanic tour, deep into the soul’s search for meaning and purpose. Thank you for taking so much time preparing these awe-inspiring tours!

  12. @ Alpana...I am happy that you come away from these posts thinking about who you are. I love your phrase "being who you are is a successful rebellion...this is brilliant and I am happy it is now part of this post. How beautiful...for you are a Miracle and there is no one else like you...well said...that is the true embracing of self..and loving who you are. Pain is a part of our is what we do with it...thank you for sharing your wisdom and I hope this post brings lifts you when you need it..thank you for book marking my dear friend...always...

    @ Bronzi....thank you for stopping by and sharing your love of dream catchers..they are beautiful pieces of art woven from nature...carrying the energetic signature of not only the artist but the materials used to make them...may they always bring beauty into your life...Always...

    @ is hard to turn things around when you are off path...because first of all you need to know you are out of sync..not always easy when you are stuck in the minutia of lifes challenges...this was a big post with alot of information, but it was also a big subject that had to come full cirlce...and yes, the human condition is something we constantly work with and through...hence " The Joys of Being Human"...we are resiliant...thank you for sharing your insight within this post...Always...

    @ Sparklemezen...thank you for sharing the Koshas...and they are very similar...that common thread within cultures, yet leading so often to the same outcome...wholeness...and they do guide....constantly sending signals...speaking to us...we just need to participate within the conversation...together we smile...Alwasy....

    @ Debra...yes my absolutely participate in your destinty...well said in your comment here...and is very much a part of your writing..I like your reference to Picasso...a good visual of the fractured soul...

    I loved your written words on the experience you have when you visit is the Search of the Soul...forever looking for our own signature within the whole. The visions and inspiration for these posts come in many layers and sometimes are totally unexpected. I just flow with it and yes, they can be long...and for me, there is no short cut in the Journey of the Soul...your understanding of the process is very much I myself do not always know where it is taking me within the writings...So happy you are part of the Inspiring Tours of Ravenmyth my friend...Always...

  13. You place your soul into your words, and spread them out to share with us. Life is both complicated and simple. When we take apart the omplications, examine them, and remove that which we can live without, we can put our lives back together and live more in harmony with the earth. I bless your soul, Raven.

  14. @ Judie...thank you my friend for your lovely words of support...I agree...removing the old habits and patterns leaves room for harmony to grow and become the new pattern...what is not to love about that. Thank you for the Soul Blessing and sharing your insight with us all...

  15. Never knew about the directions in my life and how they're connected til now. It seems I've been heading in the wrong direction for most of my life while making lots of mistakes along the way. Would love to become wise as the Snowy Owl and gain insight into my life...Feel that I hit rock bottom in the past year and now slowly healing in the East.

    It's difficult to look into the mirror as generally I do not want to know the truth...Erin loved me unconditionally while many times I didn't even love myself; I loved her above all and that's all that really mattered in my life. My final destination is in mind and in time hopefully I can achieve all with your support. Thanks for an insightful blog as it does help me peer inward to see the truth even though I don't want to discover it. Take care my friend!! Blessings always:)

  16. This post a was journey. One that I could read and re-read a hundred times. It all makes so much sense...we all are so much alike.
    You've really put so much into this post. I'm learning soooo much. Thank you <3

  17. @ is interesting at how connected we are to the Esoteric of life and how many cultures left us sign posts to learn from along the way. I think life is about making mistakes, learning and then trying again...I know I have made lots feels good to hear that you are slowly Healing into the East..and I have been watching you doing that...

    Most of us do not love ourselves..we have to find our way back to that pattern...and yes, Erin did love you unconditionally and in some ways she became a teacher of that world of Love....but you also loved her unconditionally...and if you can love her that way, you can love yourself that way. I am always here to support and each time you come, you will take what you get you to your own destination. The peering into the Window of the Soul is not steps is just fine dear friend...thank you for your support and wise words...Always...

  18. @ Leah..yes, I did put alot into this was about a month in the making...and it is long...but it needed to come full circle. You are was a Journey...your Journey, each one of you on a differnt pathway in the Medicine Wheel, but on the North to East Road.I am happy that it makes sense for came out of here with something for you. I think when it is re-read it gives another layer...that seems to be the way this one is working...I know it does it for me when I go back in...another layer is revealed...then shifting into more levels...fascinating really...thank you adding your insight into Medicine Wheel...Always...

  19. Very interesting. Too long for me to read in one sitting but I will be working my way through it. Actually, so much info here it feels like a helpful reference article to me on the four directions, a subject of interest to me. Thank you.

  20. Its really brilliant, Raven. I agree with Linda's comment: its too long to read but its nice to read. Reading this content feels like I have come to know about something known to very less people. This feeling is nice. God bless :) xx

  21. Really nice Ravenmyth. I read it all and simply it is excellent. It catches my breath for a while with stopping my heart for a moment.

    Another thing I remembered is a game I played when I saw your 1st pic (Cobweb). I found lot of cobwebs similar to this while playing that game. The game is Gothic 4 arcania.

    Anyway thanks for sharing such a great post with the world. Keep it up.

  22. @ Linda...I totally understand...the length is long...and yes, alot of information...I myself have to go back and read it again as it reveals more...this was a tough post, I knew it would be long and challenging..but it had to be in one post and I feel it reveals itself in multiple readings...for those who have time. There are messages, within messages...I am happy you will work your way through it...I am sensing that is the way the wheel is meant to be used within the is a is an internal ceremony...individual for each who participates. Enjoy your journey, however that looks for you...your insight is very much appreciated...Always...

    @ Shreya...this post is not for the faint of heart...and as I have said to is long and full of information...meant to be walked again and again...I am happy you enjoyed it and took away what was needed for you and you alone...thank you for being a part of this post...Always...

    @ brave friend...I am honoured by your visit and you made it through...I love your phrase, " It catches my breath for awhile and stopping my heart for a moment...beautifully said. The game sounds like fun and challenging at the same time. As long as people will come and participate, I will write...loved having you hear...Always...

  23. Raven, this was indeed a whirling, winding educational journey. The pictures you select always add to the learning and healing. I was moved by the East image and as I looked inside I could see the lines and shapes moving. Or maybe it was my mind shifting. Whatever the case, I learned a lot from this perspective. I always feel a shift when I am out of balance because I know how good it feels to be in balance. You breathe deeper, sleep better and pardon the carnality, but you can extend your loving self physically in a more meaningful, powerful and spiritual ways with the right person!

    I always see my negative thoughts as signs that I need maintenance. When they creep up, I counteract the sound with deep breathing and positive affirmations. It may not be done immediately, but I make sure to get back to that place.

    Raven, thanks so much for your words. You help many with your insights.

  24. @ made me is truly a whirling, winding educational journey...I am beginning to see this post as the Journey of the is as if you have stepped into a Sweat Lodge and then are sent out into the wilderness. I commend you for taking up the challenge.

    I am glad you noticed the significance of the photo's I always use...they are an important part of the message within each post. Yes, if you focus on the East it would appear to start to move.

    Obviously you are in touch with your Bodies...the key is to know them so well that when they are out of sync you know it right and then you take the steps to come back into harmony...from what you have shared with get it! Thank you for sharing your own insights within this post my friend...Always...

  25. Ha! I loved the whirling and winding. I love going on spiritual trips! Thanks again for this blessed post.

  26. @ pleasure...keep smiling and stretching yourself...xxoo

  27. Right now I am in harmony with the "east" and its meanings. I'm preparing to go into the "Great Sleep" - to rest and renew myself. I will be contemplating my life challenges and seeking strength and clarity and especially seeking the wisdom of an "aging" woman. This is a special time in my life. Big changes ahead. I'm getting prepared to embrace those changes with joy and love.

  28. Raven, It's such a positive post and I am choosing the mantra for my daily prayers from here. Inspiring and informative, a fantastic post which I am saving and keeping for reading again and again.Thanks for sharing.

  29. This is a journey we are all trying to take and yet when you write about it, it is so amazing Leeann. It is not easy to leave old habits and I know in my life all that has happened to me is like a repeated pattern which I am trying to break away from. Shedding of the old for the new, transmutation but it is not an easy journey to being reborn again. All your writings fascinate me and make me think. I know I didnt come earlier to read this post of yours but I guess there is a time for everything and today, this moment was the right time for me to read it and absorb it. Thank you for being here Leeann.

  30. I am going through changes. Before it was all about expressing them openly and now it is all about making sure that the changes stick and I come out fresh and healed from the other end. I suppose you can say I am sleeping or dreaming even, right now. When Spring brings new life I too should be "new." Thank you for this, actually all of it to be precise. xoxo

  31. @ Mari..I agree, this is a special time in your life...and it sounds like with all your life expereinces you have an understanding of where you are at this moment in time. You are fortunate...not everyone can say that. It warms my heart to see you say you are embracing the upcoming changes with Joy and Love...great outlook on life...thanks for sharing your insight within this post my friend...Always...

    @ Sulekkha...wonderful that you found a Mantra within this post for your daily prayers...there is alot to digest in this happy you are saving it for future reads...thank you for being a part of this post...Always...

    @ Rimly...It is an amazing journey isn't it...seems to have alot more power when you put it into words..old patterns are very hard to break...I think you have to know you are actually in the pattern before you can make changes. The good news is you did join within this post...we always end up where we need to be when the time is right...that is when things that impact us have the most power...and when we are ready to absorb the teachings...thank you for sharing your wisdom with us my dear friend...Always...

    At Jenni...You are going through some changes...sometimes life just throws us into the wilderness to get perspective. Whether you are walking life in a dream...or a are absorbing a newness...just by talking about it you have become aware that change is taking are mindful within your own Journey...that is brilliant dear friend...Always...

  32. this is almost similar to the south American indians way..except their's require you to be in a cool reading though, you are great..

  33. @ Alfandi...there is a common thread between the cultures with the Medicine Wheel and the Four Directions...and yes, it is the same in the First Nations when they go into the Sweat Lodge there is a Trance state which is induced for the Visions to take place within their own Journey Guidance...I used this as a Metaphor to generate a possible change within a thought process for the reader as they participate within their own Journey on this post...thank you for sharing your knowledge with us Alfandi and being a part of this post...Always...

  34. I must admit that I visit ... read ... come back reread ... come back yet again and read.... I am learning ( I think ) I will be back tomorrow to read some more :)

  35. @ made me laugh. My dear, I commend your persistance to keep coming back..this is a tough one with alot to digest. I do not think it can be done easily in one read. Even I keep re-reading it and I wrote it. I have a sense that as you make your personal Journey within this will receive what you need...let me know how you are doing when you feel you are done...I would be inteested...thank you for sharing is an honest statement my friend...Always...

  36. I think I'll be working the usual migratory North/ South trails elephants generally make as the seasons change, dictated by that ancient wisdom built up over generations, breaking the pattern occasionally if uncertainty or danger presents.

  37. @ Jim...good for you...follow those elephants, they know more than we do. Love your phrase, breaking the patterns occationally if uncertainty or danger presents...well how true is that! your sense of humour my friend laced with truth...thanks for bringing some lightness to this somewhat heavy post...Always...

  38. I am more than a little blown away. Fascinating post. Understanding one's self is and should be a life-long pursuit. I am comfortable that I own the patterns of my life and am grateful for the fortunes I have experienced in my life. Not monetary, but in those I have known and all I have been able to do and see. Great Post!

  39. I really found this post very intriguing. I hadn't been familiar with medicine wheels before. I think the questions you pose are very important to reflect on and the answers could help lead one to better understand themselves and reality better. Great post :)

  40. Fascinating! And such a wonderful meditation with beautiful words and photos.

    Have a wonderful day!

  41. Dearest Rave, you take me to a wonderful different world by broadening my horizon! I just drink in each and every image and your words like a thirsty bird.

  42. I have now read this 3 times and will be reading it again. It speaks to me and I realize that I have taken the journey or at least started the journey! I always leave your post with questions searching for answers!!! Really enjoyed reading your post always!!!

  43. Just beautiful as usual. Love your thought process. Stunning photography. Makes me want to paint some of what you saw. Deep regard for your surroundings. Big hugs.

  44. Hi Leeann I have awarded you something and the rule says I should post this on your blog and leave you the link to the post. xoxo

  45. @ made me laugh...did not mean to "Blow you away" are right..just getting to know who you are is a life long pursuit, the never ending search for our own "Signature".I think "Gratitude" is a beautiful state of being..comfortable in your own skin and not taking anything for granted. Thank you for sharing yourself and your insight within this post ...Always...

    @ is true, when you take that walk upon the Medicine Wheel it asks you to not only understand who you are, but to then "Live that new Perspective of your own Understanding"...always evolving..thank you for bringing your own insight to this post..Always...

    @ Red Nomad Oz...many parts of this post can be used as a Meditation on your own Life...bringing new perspective from it's hidden depts to be itegrated, shared and then becoming the teacher by example..thank you for visiting Ravenmyth and being a part of this post...Always...

    @ Portia...I think that I facilitate something within you to journey into your own inner world..finding your own magic.Always be that beautiful thirsty will whisper in your ear and keep you in harmony with your dear friend...Always..

    @ Jim..thank you my friend for sharing your repeated visits to this is alot to take in at one time, and I believe continues to unravel layers each time you read it. You get it...these posts ask you to search for the answers...when you write upon the Web of Life..what does your "Signature" say?...the answer is..."My signature is who I am"...and that is always changing as we evolve..deepening from our own understanding. As always, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us my friend...Always..

    @ Sonia...I think my surroundings become the inspiration to my posts..everywhere I look I am inspired by nature and the gifts it gives..if we are willing to "See"...(Nature whispers softly in your ear, are you listening?-Quote Ravenmyth)I never forgot that little phrase as it drifted through my mind while walking in the park one day.Paint my friend, whether with words or acrylics...paint...thank you for sharing yourself with us my dear friend...Always...

    @ Rimly..I am honoured by your award...thank you for thinking of me in context the meaning behind this is something we all aspire to....and when we are in harmony with ourselves, we are bathed in Loves dear friend...Always...

  46. Very well written and thanks soo much raven for sprinkling soo much positiivty. We all need it.


  47. @ Mani...when we are in a Positive Creative Cycle it brings out the best in is all there...we just need little nudges along the way to bring us back to focus. Thank you for being a part of this post and sharing your own insight...Always...

  48. This article has become almost like a mirror for me and I come here often to see my 'face' in it.

  49. Then East is where I am building my new nest now. I am participating completely - There are too many old habits that I want to shed and some I want to keep. Nonetheless I know that reading this was just the step I needed to start : ) Thanks a ton Ravenmyth for the inspiration!

  50. Whew! That was a lot for me to process for one sitting...Wow! Ummm, I'm just now seeing patterns of my thoughts. Working on understanding them. I'm welcoming new beliefs vs my own and challenging myself to find a happy medium.

  51. @ is a good way to participate in the Medicine Wheel...and each time you come it will reflect another layer of that which you need to know. The Medicine Wheel continues to give as the Soul continues to call...thank you dear friend for sharing your own understanding of the Medicine Wheel Journey...Always...xx

    @ Kriti...the key is knowing this, old habits to shed and some to keep..that discernment of knowing what serves the spirit and what no longer serves the spirit. and in the East we drop the cloak of illusion..beginning to participate within our own you begin the journey of the Medicine Wheel..thank you my friend for sharing your own insight within this post...Always...xx

    @ Sea Green Natural....I know, it is alot to process...I do not think it can be done in one is only the beginning. The Medicine Wheel calls you to seems to stir something within...and a shift begins to happen..and yes, moving towards the balance of your own Spirit...thank you for bringing your own insight to this post...Always...

  52. I love how you have matched your images so perfectly with the meaning of your words. What an insightful post leaving me with many personal questions to answer. Thank you for sharing :)

  53. I was discussing with a friend recently the concept that every age and every culture has something of wheel or circular shape that they incorporate on a spiritual level. We were discussing the labyrinth specifically, and how walking one is a mystical and meditative experience, how so many of them exist in ancient churches, monasteries and nunneries. Most people see labyrinths and medicine wheels at face value these days, and don't delve much further than the surface novelty. There is a company called that provides kits to create your own design and I dream of doing this someday in the future. The shape and the meditation journey calls to me to the extent that I am sure I have practiced this before, perhaps many times over. Your post has prompted that desire to revisit the discipline all anew!



  54. It'll take me a while to digest the rich reflection that you have. I'm taking them in slowly, so I could relish each direction.

    I've always meditated on the wheel's hub never fully understanding that the wheel is as important as the center/core.

    The North and East invitation towards cleansing and healing would take me a lifetime. It's a decision that I make inorder to participate in the process you were referring to.

    I wish to participate in the Medicine Wheel :) It's a Yes for me!

  55. @ Anna..Thank you for noticing how the images become a visual for what I am saying..I take alot of time putting that supportive image into my posts. There are many parts of this post that will cause pause for the reader..touching each person where it is needed within the participation of the Medicine Wheel. Thank you for walking with us and leaving your own insight dear friend...Always...

    @ Dawn...I have walked many Labyrinth's and they are magical...they are like a living mandela, speaking to each person who takes the walk, winding through layers of their own experiences as they go deeper into the circle..then taking even more as they come out.We are all part of this metaphysical world...always being called back to visit the Mystery of our own Spirit...and aspire to our own Potential. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and participating in the Medicine Wheel my dear friend...Always..

    @ Melisa... it does take many visits to this post..and each one takes you into another layer...and yes, the wheel itself is an extention of the core..( not unlike the human condition..the core being the spirit and the body all that defines it) does take a lifetime to does not all happen at once, it happens in layers, each one revealing itself when it is ready within the process. Welcome to your own Participation...thank you for sharing your insight with us dear friend...Always..

  56. Awesome post and beautiful imagery to compliment your words. Much to contemplate. Self-awareness and the ongoing process of learning about ourselves is crucial. Much to learn!

  57. Hello.
    Heartfelt & informative post. Gives us a lot to think about. Awesome imagery!
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. I sincerely appreciate your gracious comments.

    For ref:
    Firebrand Of The heart

  58. Positive in negative! Its something we all can see but fear to believe. I wish u would read this and give ur view