Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Beginning

My goal is to be informative and help others to understand not only themselves, but the truths behind what we do as Mediums and Psychics. As a Medium, I do talk to those who have passed over. My job is to bring the Two Worlds together and allow healing to take place. When I work on a Psychic Level the information is to help you to understand who you are and to bring to light what you already know on a deeper level.

Click on my "Thread of Truth" page to explore more about what this all means in the bigger picture.

I will be adding a " Book a Reading" page which will allow you to have your own experience. You will be able to choose Mediumship, Psychic, or Tarot Readings to start.

This Blog will change and grow based on the wants and needs of those who choose to follow it. This is my passion. I have trained in England and North North America for the last 16 years and for me it is about the " Truth" within what I do. I love to share and I look forward to having you Join me on this incredible Journey of Your Spirit. I hope you have as much fun as I do exploring the unknown.

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