Thursday, 21 April 2011

We are not's all about Perception...

(Photo taken at Dunderave, Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

So often I hear the phrase..." I feel so alone"
It is the times when we are vulnerable and life is just kicking us hard that this feeling of being alone takes hold. We look at our friends and loved ones and somehow their world looks better than ours. We may feel that no one understands.

For me, this is where the Common Thread comes in. That link to the "Whole". We have all been there and others are in that spot right now at different parts of the world..connected within that web of humanity just living...and yes, like you may be " Feeling Alone and fearful"

Another way to look at this. Just maybe, your coping skills are down today. Outside influences beyond your control are at play...this is where my mind jumps to the Minor Arcana in the Tarot.
As humans we need to control where we are in the moment. This is our need for comfort and safety. But know..." This too shall pass." This is what I do. Once I recognize that I am in this state of being I surrender to the process. The interesting thing is it starts to feel better. No, I have not fixed the outside influences taking place, however, on an emotional level I have released the outcome. I have taken an active roll in my day as opposed to a re-active roll.

I have chosen this photo of the Blue Heron to illustrate what it is I am trying to convey.

"He stands alone, a vast sea before him, yet he trusts that everything will be provided."

If you feel alone, bring the Heron to mind and let that veil of peace encompass you, the day will unfold , but with a new perception...and yes, tomorrow is another day.


  1. Really great post I love the herons actually have posted a few times on a couple of nest near me and the chick. I started following you.

  2. Jim..happy to have you following. I just started this blog.The Herons are really beautiful birds, and when you get up close you can actually see the depths of their colouring. How lucky you are to have seen chicks...I have not.Look forward to hearing more from you...

  3. First off I love the name of your blog. It has a mystical feel to it. Secondly, I feel that you wrote these words specifically for me. I have had times in the past when I was able to surrender to the process and it did help a lot. But of course that human instinct to control returns and it's a battle to get back to that state of being. I really needed to be reminded of this powerful way of thinking today of all days. You have no idea how much this has helped me. Thanks so much! I am a new follower as well.

  4. Tameka, you are absolutely right about the name. This whole design came in a very mystical way. Check out my Raven page for the story. My words moved your did the work. I am really happy that you were guided to my blog today. I truly believe there are no coincidences....thank you for means alot...