Saturday, 23 April 2011

Walk your own Mystery....and spin....

Spider Web In The Fall
(Photo taken at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C. Canada)

Within adversity, this one little spider, spun his web...starting with one little strand, never knowing if he would complete the process. It was at a time when the Earth was preparing to rest. Yet he spun. The wind may come up and bring down the grass he had attached his web  to. A small animal may have run through, tearing it apart. A person, passing by, may have been fearful of something he did not understand, and tear it down. Yet he spun.

While walking in Deer Lake Park one day, I heard a phrase running through my mind...."Nature Walks Softly and Whispers in Your Ear, Are You Listening?"

We are all connected to Nature, yet we have strayed from it's teachings. I believe that we walk in the Mysteries of our world everyday, and it speaks to us softly, yet with all the noise around us and the Human Condition of plain old survival, we do not hear. No, we do not need to sell everything and move onto the top of a mountain....just consider...turn down the volume.

The phrase, Human Doing is the process withing the day to day mundane.

The phrase, Human Being is essential for the Participation within the Living of Life. It is the pathway to self we spin....

The Lions, Vancouver, B.C.
(Photo taken in the Morning from my Deck)

When I started on this adventure with my new Blog, I became aware of the tremendous searching from so many for that Connection to a new way of Being. Moving away from the constraints of the Human Doing to the" Fall" when life surrenders, goes back to the Earth, to come forth again in the " Spring".....and yes to spin again.

Deer Lake
(Photo taken at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C.)

Today, by just being here, you spun another layer of your own web of life.

" It is within the Realm of Being that we experience ourselves, there are places to just Be"


  1. Awesome photos! Love the spider web!

  2. Thank you Jean...I took the photo on a fall morning...I am so fortunate to walk out my front door into the park and have the view of he mountains every day...and be steeped in all this nature. Thank you for visiting...and sharing your comment...come again...