Monday, 25 April 2011

Tears in the Mist...

Napali Coast, Kauai, Tunnels Beach
(Photo taken 2008)

How many times have you held back the tears. Those tiny little crystals of salt that lead us out of the mists of confusion and fear... to hope...that we may understand, live and then grieve our loss of things gone by...and  from here begin to heal the change within the pattern we have created.

There are tears of Love, tears of Joy, tears of Wonder, tears of Hope, tears of Loss, tears of Hopelessness, tears of Tragedy, tears of Despair....just tiny little crystals of salt....and so often, " We do not cry...."

I was reminded today, while looking out my window over Deer Lake Park how our Earth, cleanses, nourishes and brings new growth through her beautiful tears...Rain...
There is no confusion or fear....just trust and knowing. This is what is needed. She is unencumbered by the constraint and patterns created to live in a Society, to belong, to be loved, to be accepted, to be strong.

How many times, has emotion touched you, where the Tears just naturally, well up and you swallow them, for whatever reason. A thought, what if the Earth stopped Raining her Tears upon our beautiful home, wherever we are. The planet would slowly die and all things upon it. I think, every time we choose not to shed our tears, a little piece of us dies inside. It is only another form of our Spirit expressing itself, not unlike ....Hello, How are You, I Love you, I Miss you, where have you been.....I had a Bad Day....I Lost someone I Love Dearly....

.....Tears are a part of the Human Condition.....

Deer Lake Park,Burnaby,B.C.
(Photo taken on a Spring Day outside my Window)

I believe, Tears bring new beginnings. This photo is all about Spring and without the Rain...there would not be the amazing wonders of this Season. It is Spring that leads us out of the long sleep of Winter. Through the Rain...the Earth Flourishes.

It is said, in some Native cultures, that the "Rainbow" is the " Bridge Between Two Worlds"

Through the Rainbow we may experience the understanding of the " Spirit Within"....

" It is OK to Shed Tears"


  1. Nice post, tears are very benefical as stated and unfortunately I've found out too well. That said an overabundance of tears and sorrow is harmful but otherwhile cry away....It's good for you!!!

  2. very beautifully said.. sad but with a vein of hope going through it