Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pathways through the the Artist of your Own Destiny....

Boardwalk, Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C.

This Post, along with " Own our Creation" was inspired by my experience with Wolf. Please visit the Wolf page to understand where this came from.

Everything comes to us through our senses. From here, it is interpreted through the mind. I believe that we then bring forward our perception of the event. Based on our experience we then begin to form patterns, or pathways of being, through interpretation.

These pathways can be mitigated by our beliefs, experiences and data input from others. We start to formulate these pathways through the mind from the moment we are born. I will correlate this to a computer, programs working behind the scenes and layered deep within our hard drive.

So often I hear people say......" Well, I am just hard-wired that way"...." This is how I was taught"...." This is the way I have always done it"...

Well, how is that working for you?

 For me, when I find myself thinking or using phrases like this I realize I am taking space, because someone is asking me to make a change in how I do something. Change of pattern means I may have to be responsible for my choice. It means I have to work at doing something differently. I am asked to be Out of my comfort zone.... out of my Safe Place....Out of My how scary is that?

I too have patterns I still repeat and some I have learned to re-route through a New Pathway.

Photo Taken at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C.

Somewhere along the way I learned that I did not always have to do things based on what others told me. Sometimes these came with agendas to meet their needs, not my needs. I could do it differently. Then came the baby steps. I changed one little pattern, or pathway of being. When I realized it was not as hard as I perceived it to be, I changed another. For me, this brought me to conscious choices through knowing myself. ( Within the Teachings of Wolf, in the aloneness of a Power Place, you may find the True You)

I say this, because when you start to change the way you choose, it makes those around you uncomfortable. You may hear..." I just don't understand you anymore"..." I don't know who you are anymore"

However, within this, you are igniting the fire for change. You do this by changing the Perception within your Mind as to how your Spirit fits in with the Whole. Is your purpose being directed by others? ....or ....Are you in charge of your purpose of direction?....This is not always clear. Sometimes we feel manipulated. Sometimes we will choose for others. When we choose for others, made the choice. There is freedom in that.

(Photo taken at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, England)

When you open that Doorway and walk through, a pathway of opportunity lays before you. You are now the Artist of your own Destiny. It may start and stop. It may take a side path...but know that " You Chose."

When you feel you have strayed from what you Perceive you Pathway to be...know too that this perception can change within the re-routing of your pathways. Your Spirit will always guide you back.

Answer the Calling of your Spirit. Choose your own Pathway. Be open to the Inner Guidance.

 The Journey Begins Here...just open the Door...

" Wolf calls us to Question our Consciousness"

Monday, 25 April 2011

Tears in the Mist...

Napali Coast, Kauai, Tunnels Beach
(Photo taken 2008)

How many times have you held back the tears. Those tiny little crystals of salt that lead us out of the mists of confusion and fear... to hope...that we may understand, live and then grieve our loss of things gone by...and  from here begin to heal the change within the pattern we have created.

There are tears of Love, tears of Joy, tears of Wonder, tears of Hope, tears of Loss, tears of Hopelessness, tears of Tragedy, tears of Despair....just tiny little crystals of salt....and so often, " We do not cry...."

I was reminded today, while looking out my window over Deer Lake Park how our Earth, cleanses, nourishes and brings new growth through her beautiful tears...Rain...
There is no confusion or fear....just trust and knowing. This is what is needed. She is unencumbered by the constraint and patterns created to live in a Society, to belong, to be loved, to be accepted, to be strong.

How many times, has emotion touched you, where the Tears just naturally, well up and you swallow them, for whatever reason. A thought, what if the Earth stopped Raining her Tears upon our beautiful home, wherever we are. The planet would slowly die and all things upon it. I think, every time we choose not to shed our tears, a little piece of us dies inside. It is only another form of our Spirit expressing itself, not unlike ....Hello, How are You, I Love you, I Miss you, where have you been.....I had a Bad Day....I Lost someone I Love Dearly....

.....Tears are a part of the Human Condition.....

Deer Lake Park,Burnaby,B.C.
(Photo taken on a Spring Day outside my Window)

I believe, Tears bring new beginnings. This photo is all about Spring and without the Rain...there would not be the amazing wonders of this Season. It is Spring that leads us out of the long sleep of Winter. Through the Rain...the Earth Flourishes.

It is said, in some Native cultures, that the "Rainbow" is the " Bridge Between Two Worlds"

Through the Rainbow we may experience the understanding of the " Spirit Within"....

" It is OK to Shed Tears"

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Walk your own Mystery....and spin....

Spider Web In The Fall
(Photo taken at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C. Canada)

Within adversity, this one little spider, spun his web...starting with one little strand, never knowing if he would complete the process. It was at a time when the Earth was preparing to rest. Yet he spun. The wind may come up and bring down the grass he had attached his web  to. A small animal may have run through, tearing it apart. A person, passing by, may have been fearful of something he did not understand, and tear it down. Yet he spun.

While walking in Deer Lake Park one day, I heard a phrase running through my mind...."Nature Walks Softly and Whispers in Your Ear, Are You Listening?"

We are all connected to Nature, yet we have strayed from it's teachings. I believe that we walk in the Mysteries of our world everyday, and it speaks to us softly, yet with all the noise around us and the Human Condition of plain old survival, we do not hear. No, we do not need to sell everything and move onto the top of a mountain....just consider...turn down the volume.

The phrase, Human Doing is the process withing the day to day mundane.

The phrase, Human Being is essential for the Participation within the Living of Life. It is the pathway to self we spin....

The Lions, Vancouver, B.C.
(Photo taken in the Morning from my Deck)

When I started on this adventure with my new Blog, I became aware of the tremendous searching from so many for that Connection to a new way of Being. Moving away from the constraints of the Human Doing to the" Fall" when life surrenders, goes back to the Earth, to come forth again in the " Spring".....and yes to spin again.

Deer Lake
(Photo taken at Deer Lake Park, Burnaby, B.C.)

Today, by just being here, you spun another layer of your own web of life.

" It is within the Realm of Being that we experience ourselves, there are places to just Be"

Friday, 22 April 2011

Earth Day....

Leafy Sea Dragon of Australia

There are so many wonders in this beautiful world we live in. Not just on Earth Day...but every day we can remember that this diverse planet we live on has invited us all co-exist together..." There are no a part of this " Whole" we call home....

Thursday, 21 April 2011

We are not's all about Perception...

(Photo taken at Dunderave, Vancouver, B.C. Canada)

So often I hear the phrase..." I feel so alone"
It is the times when we are vulnerable and life is just kicking us hard that this feeling of being alone takes hold. We look at our friends and loved ones and somehow their world looks better than ours. We may feel that no one understands.

For me, this is where the Common Thread comes in. That link to the "Whole". We have all been there and others are in that spot right now at different parts of the world..connected within that web of humanity just living...and yes, like you may be " Feeling Alone and fearful"

Another way to look at this. Just maybe, your coping skills are down today. Outside influences beyond your control are at play...this is where my mind jumps to the Minor Arcana in the Tarot.
As humans we need to control where we are in the moment. This is our need for comfort and safety. But know..." This too shall pass." This is what I do. Once I recognize that I am in this state of being I surrender to the process. The interesting thing is it starts to feel better. No, I have not fixed the outside influences taking place, however, on an emotional level I have released the outcome. I have taken an active roll in my day as opposed to a re-active roll.

I have chosen this photo of the Blue Heron to illustrate what it is I am trying to convey.

"He stands alone, a vast sea before him, yet he trusts that everything will be provided."

If you feel alone, bring the Heron to mind and let that veil of peace encompass you, the day will unfold , but with a new perception...and yes, tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Food for Thought...

When that doorway presents itself, do you walk through into the opportunities being presented...or do you walk by this sign-post for change....facilitated by a new understanding.

Myths to Live By-Joseph Campbell

It is refreshing to be provoked in thought beyond the mundane.
‎"Our mythology now, therefore, is to be of infinite space and its light, which is without as well as within. Like moths, we are caught in the spell of its allure, flying to it outward, to the moon and beyond, and flying to it, also, inward."—Joseph Campbell, Myths to Live By

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Not unlike all the years I have trained for this...I find this is a process....

" Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets accomplished"

Saturday, 16 April 2011

The Beginning

My goal is to be informative and help others to understand not only themselves, but the truths behind what we do as Mediums and Psychics. As a Medium, I do talk to those who have passed over. My job is to bring the Two Worlds together and allow healing to take place. When I work on a Psychic Level the information is to help you to understand who you are and to bring to light what you already know on a deeper level.

Click on my "Thread of Truth" page to explore more about what this all means in the bigger picture.

I will be adding a " Book a Reading" page which will allow you to have your own experience. You will be able to choose Mediumship, Psychic, or Tarot Readings to start.

This Blog will change and grow based on the wants and needs of those who choose to follow it. This is my passion. I have trained in England and North North America for the last 16 years and for me it is about the " Truth" within what I do. I love to share and I look forward to having you Join me on this incredible Journey of Your Spirit. I hope you have as much fun as I do exploring the unknown.