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Honoured by Others.....Passing on the Awards...

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In R.M's own words:     
I'm a quirky hyper somewhat pro photographer with aspirations to be a published writer



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Here is a little of what Don has to say:
My name is Don Smith. I’m retired from the newspaper business. I’ve done everything there is (or was) to do in newspapering, all the way from paper boy to publisher. I’m interested in just about everything, but my passions are computers, music, old-time radio, talk radio, science (especially astronomy), religion, politics, and more — not necessarily in that order! These are the things I’ll be talking about with Geezer on this blog.

I am honoured to announce that I have been awarded the Kreative Blogger Award by Ravings, Ramblings and Rants  and the Stylish Blogger Award by Geezer Sayz . I am finally getting the opportunity to pick these awards up and place them on my Blog. I will be linking the Award Photo's back to both of these wonderful Blogger's who recommended Ravenmyth.

What I love about these Awards are the Names...Kreative and Stylish...isn't that what our Artistic World of Blogging is all about? It is the diversity and uniqueness within each blog in the writing's and the artwork that each Author brings to the table....and both these Blogs fit the bill. Please stop by Ravings Ramblings and Rants and Geezer Sayz to share in their own inspirations and leave a little of yourself behind when you comment. now about me...
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My City is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
This is Spanish Banks on a summer day..looking back at the city.


I live at Deer Lake Park in Burnaby, a beautiful bucolic area filled with birds, frogs, coyotes, eagles and most of all quiet...


I like to paint. This is a Nude Acrylic I did from a live model..

This is an Acrylic I did from a Photo I had taken while visiting Rudyard Kipling's Home, a 17th Century Jacobean House in Burwash, East Sussex, England. The home was called Bateman's (please follow the links to see the actual home as it is today and another artist's rendition of his home.  

Making Small Pieces of Art...

Sometimes I like to do what I call " Small Pieces of Art"...that do not take up too much I make Cards and have done some Scrap booking. I made this  Sympathy card for a Friend who had just lost her Dearest Friend.

The first time I ever Scrap Memory of My Beautiful Friend " Annie"
This was a collage of Photo's taken on our Trip together in England. Annie passed soon after we returned home...


I love gardening and the beauty of flowers in pots. I have a deck off my family room that has spectacular views of Deer Lake, The Lions, and the City. The first photo is the pot I planted on the Summer Solstice. The second photo is a close up of one of my pots full of summer flowers.


My favourite place to just be...Kauai. ...the view from our Condo...looking over the blue pacific to Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay.

"It is within the realm of being that we experience ourselves...there are places to just Be"
quote Ravenmyth...

Amateur Photography....

Surf @ Tunnel's Kauai..

Cruise Ship leaving Vancouver for Alaska...looking from 3rd Beach Stanley Park...

System coming in over the North Shore...

Clouds taken from my Deck...

Catching another system..the beauty of living near mountains...

Wake Boards on the Boat Tower...Harold B.C.

My Daughter Nicole at Dinosaur Park, Alberta Canada.

As I am doing 2 Awards, some of you may already have one of them...if so...just grab the other...

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For those of you stopping by...please take the time to visit these Creative and Artistic Blogs...and don't forget to leave a little of yourself behind in the Comment Section...

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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hummingbird....Creature that Opens The Heart

Hummingbird asks....."How do you Heal?"

Hummingbird....she is the tiny creature that "Opens the Heart"...
(quote The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

We are sentient beings....yet we tend to keep ourselves cut off from the "Feeling Heart". "Emotions".....are felt in every cell in our body...yet they can "Be-Still the Beating Heart".

When did "You" become Locked in "Your Heart"...afraid to  "Feel"...?

Throughout History, Humanity has written about "Love" Poems, Stories and Novels. The Human Heart is that symbol for the Expression of all that encompasses "Our" understanding of "External Love" and "Internal Love"


We profess our love freely , as individuals, in our beautiful poems, our stories of love to aspire to and love lost, the little card sent along with a bouquet of Flowers or the Hallmark Card sent on that special occasion.

But what of our " Hearts Love"

Hummingbird Photo-Google

Through Hummingbird we can know the "Joy" of the Old Ways. Let her be the "Symbol" for that awakening of the Heart. We are not meant to live in "Pain and Suffering".

If you feel that sense of Loss of Connection in all things or just some things.... feeling "Unloved".... feeling "Heart Broken" from the unspoken "Hurts"...."Dis-Heartened" by the flood of memories of past pain, ever holding you captive in the Stillness of Your Heart.

Your Heart, afraid to beat again in your Love of Life and it's Joy.

When did you start to think you were Unlovable?

The Hummingbird song brings to you a pure vibration of "Joy" Whale, she Knows who she is. She darts in her element of air, always in motion.....her wings forever the rhythm of the Earth...." The Heartbeat".

Hummingbird Feathers-Google Photo

In Legend, her feathers have Magical Qualities that conjure up Love. Hummingbird Feathers "Open the Heart". Without the Open Heart, you can never taste the nectar and bliss of your own Life.

Hummingbird -Google Photo

Begin to "Know" your own "Magical Qualities"

When you connect to Hummingbird you radiate the essence and colour of the " Heart That Speaks" from "Within". You become that "Joy of Life" that then facilitates the "Fullness of your own Potential". It is from here that "Your Presence" brings touch others and bring out the best in them. You radiate Beauty and you attract Beauty. You are now in step with the Beat of your own Heart. It is here that you are one with your environment. You begin to know instinctively where you are at all times. Your self purpose starts to become more clear....and slowly there is no longer any room for doubt. How can you doubt, when you come from the "Essence of your own Purity"...your "Heart"

Hummingbird Carving

Do you profess "Love to Self"

If we do not "Love" ourselves then can we profess to "Love" another? All "Love" starts with the "Self" and only then , once "Love" is "Aware of Itself" can it "Express Itself".

Learn to fly away from discord and disharmony. Stay in your centre. Bring forth the Musical Sound of your own Laughter, Light up the World with your Beautiful Smile....

"Reclaim your Heartbeat"

Hummingbird -Google Photo

Hummingbird is that Whisper on the Wind, darting in every direction, never loud. Let her be the Symbol of that "Flash of your own Spirit"....remembering the fullness of it's purpose. The Magic of Living.

Hummingbird-Google Photo

She is tiny and other worldly...bringing her that you may remember "Your Beauty".
There is no room for Sadness when your Heart if Full.


What of "Our Hearts Love" we "Know" it at all....or do we "Lock Love In"....only bringing "Love" out when we are comfortable, or when we feel safe.

To "Love" is to "Heal" "Heal" is to "Love"
When your Heart Live...when the Heart stops beating you go into the still silence...a memory whispered on the wind.

Hummingbird Pottery-Coast Salish-Ravenmyth Collection

"Awaken the Heart Within"

Be Joy
Be Love
Be Heartfelt
Beat Again

Open your Heart.....Live Your Hummingbird Within

To Dad and Mom

Today has been a day of Heartfelt Wishes to all our Dad's. My Dad passed on December 19, 2010 at the age of 85 years young.

Today, my Heart is Sad...for it feels the loss of this wonderful "Spirit" who touched my life in so many ways. He lived his Joy and Hummingbird, he was not loud, just a whisper on the wind, quietly guiding from strength and Love.

Because of you Dad...."I Default to Joy"

Love You
Miss You
Thinking of You..."William Stanley Almas"

I Remember

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Whale...Your Voice...Will it be Heard?..

Whale Native Art
Photo Totem Animals

"Whale" is the Record Keeper in "Native Legend"and she was placed here by "Wolf" the "Teacher"

The following is a quote from The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Sams and Carson.

Whale of Mighty Oceans, you have seen it all
Secrets of the Ages are Heard within your Call
Teach me how to hear your words, and how to understand
The very roots of History
Of when our World Began

Let "Whale" and this "Poem" be a metaphor for your " Voice" from the time it came into being...weaving your own story...a Record of your own Legend brought forth through the ages of time and space...a memory...carried in your "D.N.A."

Photo National Geographic

She carries with her, from the depths of another World  the Magical Songs, yet to be learned.....from before ...when her " Voice" had not yet been heard. It is when we hear "Whale Song" that she " Teaches" us to " Know"

Giclee by Robert Bateman

At this very moment, make a choice to follow the "Voice" of "Raven" to a change in your own "Consciousness"

When we do not "Know" or " Understand" she becomes the "Unsung Voice" within every 
"Spirit" ....struggling up through the layers ....choked on the " Unspoken Word" of a "Society" that does not always speak " Truth".

We are so busy trying to honor and respect everything outside of ourselves.
"Why then is it so difficult to honor ....the "Voice"....of the "Spirit Within"....

Your Own Whale Song!

Humpback Whale
Totem Animals

Take a stand and be Heard!

Answer that call of "Raven".....the celebration of your own beautiful " Life"....and yes, all those challenges are part of that beauty...those "Qualities" you are still working on and do not like. The "Qualities you have changed and now embrace".

When you embrace the "Qualities" of "Whale" she becomes the "Voice" of every cell in your body. She carries the "Teaching's" of the ancestors that came before you....for they are all apart of the thread of your " Life"....a part of your D.N.A.
A part of your "Voice"

Humpback Whale
Totem Animals

When "Whale" sings her "Voice"is magnified within her "World"of "Water".....
(the Essence of Emotion)   and is carried forth to be heard by all those willing to hear....
....." The Birth of A Voice"......

Why not let this be your "Voice?"

To "Say Nothing" is to be "Unknown"

You are "Known" through your "Voice".....whether it be to call a "Name" to "Heal" out in Prayer through your "Love" and "Compassion" for another....your "Voice" of "Laughter" in joy and play....your "Voice" in sadness....shedding tears of water....your "Voice"in "Anger"....hollering in "Fear"...

"Your Voice.....Your Voice....Your Voice"

Giclee by Robert Bateman

Break the chain of pattern's that cause your "Voice" to be "Unknown"

The first "Breath" you take when you are "Born to this World" is to "Cry"

" The Birth of Your "Voice"

....'WHEN DID YOU STOP....USING ....YOUR...VOICE?".......

Is your "Voice" heard in the quiet of your mind?....(thoughts drifting in and out)...
What is your " Voice" saying?

Is it a positive "Voice" that you "Hear" encouraging you to be that "Voice in the Wilderness"....saying " What you have to say is meaningful" it a negative "Voice" that you "Hear"...." No one could possibly be interested in what I have to say"...

Embrace that "Voice of the scared child within that is feeling "Fearful"
Encourage the "Words" spoken to "Self" back to a "Supportive Dialogue"....for as you know, we can be our own worst critics. ( Anyone recognize that trait....I know I sure do)

Whale Native Art
Totem Animals

The "Soul" always tries to find a way to express itself. Let your "Voice" be a part of that "Expression"....add it to your "Tool Kit of Life"

Be a good Listener to the "Voices" of others and they will be a good listener to you.
Be a good story teller of your Legend through your own "Voice"

.....Let us "Know You".....

Orca Whales
Totem Animals

Whale Legend says, there is a D.N.A. coding that sound frequencies can bring up memories of "Ancient Knowledge". Some people who have this ability, to "Know" and are unaware of where it comes from are usually psychically developed and "Hear" frequencies that others can not. (There is a new faculty within metaphysics called Claire- knowing)

The sound of the Shaman's Drum brings "Healing and Peace" when aligned with the nuances of the tones. The Drum is the Universal heartbeat and aligns all beings "Heart to Heart"....(quote The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

I am bringing this into the "Voice" is "Sound"

There is a resonance in "Sound"....Have you every been drawn in by a "Voice"
Does it hold you spellbound just by the "Sound of it's Song"
I have...there are just some "Voices" whether in "Song" or "Word"....that hold me captive.

Orca Whale
Totem Animal

Be awakened to your "Voice" is time to use the "Stored Records"
If you have felt the need to "Speak" or "Write" be " Heard" bring forth information that you know not where it came from...if you have felt the need to "Change" how your "Voice" is being used by " You"...then you are answering that call.

You are stepping into a place in your own Legend where you need to "Know".
Find your unique "Voice" and speak your "Language"

Try thinking of it this way...." You are the Melody of the Universe, and the Harmony is the "Song" of the other creatures"....(quote Sams and Carson)

Whale Native Art
Totem Animals

Knowing when to Speak your Voice
Knowing when to Listen
Knowing When.....

....." Your Voice....Will it be Heard?"......

Thank you for being a part of the Journey of your own Legend

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

When Eagles Fly....Spirit....

From Earth to Sky...they Soar they Circle...forever climbing.

Spirit  (the Spirit within a human being is the non-corporeal essence or animation, similar to the Soul , taken to be the seat of the mental, intellectual and emotional powers)

 Eagle Medicine is the Power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live in the Realm of the Spirit and yet remain connected and balanced within the Realm of the Earth. Eagle Soars and observes the expansiveness within the patterns of Life. From the heights of the clouds, Eagle is close to the heavens where the Great Spirit Dwells. ( Quote Sams and Carson, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

Eagle over Alaska-Google

Eagle is never limited by the pulls of the mundane, never held back from the fears of an Empty Spirit. Eagle sees beyond the constraints of that which would hold you back. Whispers, coming from the fears of the patterns created from your early beginnings..." I cannot do this, someone may Judge me. " " I cannot do this, I will fail" " I am not good enough"  "Who would want me?"

the Empty Spirit cannot Soar...!

The Empty Spirit whispers again, stay close to me, do not change. Be my comfort, be here for me. I am your " Fear"...." Nurture Me".

Cloud Photo-Google

But Eagle, continues to Soar...higher and higher...calling...

Follow, and you will know what I know. To See you must fly higher and higher. Free the constraints that hold you the Empty Spirit...allow the ideas, beliefs and inner strength to be the currents that take you higher. Take back your Power....and from these heights you will " See"....where you were, where you are, and where you are going.

The feathers of Eagles are considered to be the most Sacred of Healing Tools. In Native belief, Eagle represents a state of grace achieved through hard work, understanding and a completion of the tests of initiation which results in the taking of ones personal power. It is through the highs and lows of life's experiences that this right is earned. ( Quote, The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals)

Eagle Feathers-Google Photo

It is here where we can re-define ourselves. I feel a great cry to heal. It is everywhere. It is an energetic signature that is permeating our space and time. As a " Sensitive" I feel things that others do not. I have been noticing, more and more, the feel of this signature and the strength of its cry.

Wolf the Teacher...Eagle the Spirit-Google Photo

Listen to Wolf...who brings the Teachings of the Spirit...through Eagle.
You have to re-define self to be a different voice which touches the thread that reverberates within this, " Our Time In History "...even the slightest Whisper..will be heard... 

Too often our " Spirit " listens to those Inner Voices, defined by patterns that " Double Bind "
us in fear to what we perceive to be our " Truth "...whispers of lack.....falling, every falling into a " Spirit" unfulfilled.

We struggle, looking for answers outside ourselves. "Why am I sad?" " Why don't I feel Joy?"
" I forgot how to laugh." " This is all too hard." " I am a failure."

....The key is " I". What am " I " going to do to Change " Me? "......

Wolf calls us to question our Consciousness....Eagle is calling you to attack your personal fears of the unknown and allow the wings of your  " Soul " to be supported by the ever present breezes , the breath of the Great Spirit.....bringing forth..... Illumination of Self.

Inside the Eagle Nebula-Google Photo

And the Eagle flies... higher and higher... sometimes circling..waiting..waiting.. for My catch up with My Spirit.

For I know I " Soar".... I feel the memory of " You"...but I no longer " See" through " Spirit"...

I only see through " Fear "

England Trip 2010-Glastonbury Tor-Photo by Doug

Ok... lets take this a little How do I take a step closer to Stop seeing in Fear.

Bring this Stair Way into is a new Path...we are re-defining. We are all evolving at different paces, each taking that next step...higher...and higher...or maybe, sometime a step back. It does not matter. Let it be a choice. 

Your Spirit Evolution is within the realms of your Own Creation....your own comfort of time and experience. ...choose.

Look around... there you will see the " Helping Hands"..reaching down a stair to Lift you Up...and you in turn doing the same for the person on the stair below you...and sometimes...another...will drop a stair, just to reach up and give you that little push you " Soar"... 

Squamish Eagle-Google Phot0

Higher....and ....Higher...all stepping within your " Limitless Time"....Forward....Back...Higher....and...Higher...

But Never Alone!

...Just a Thought....

Art- Google Photo

Author's personal note....

....Two Eagles Soar....

I felt that lift of the Spirit within as I watched two Eagles Soar over Deer Lake Park. We have a family that lives here...each year returning to nest and raise their young. I watched them Soar...forever going higher...and higher...lifting me as they went...that feeling of being at " One" with something greater than me.

Witnessing this experience became the inspiration for this post. I started to think..." Why do we put ourselves in that position to " Fall" and not " Soar?" " Why do we Hide that beautiful " Spirit" within....

Squamish Eagle-Google Photo

Instead, be that " Voice" ...that "Whispers in the Wind"..." Soaring to Heights" that fulfill Life's Dreams.

Dream of your "Spirit" forever going " Higher"

Squamish Eagle-Google Photo

Eagle asks, " Come Fly With Me"...go Higher....and Higher....


How to search for the Spirit Shape Shift...on the Power of Raven...through the Wisdom of become "Spirit" of Eagle...

Eagle calls you to " Remember"....

To all of you who comment a Heartfelt Thank You for your support and kind words. You are all a part of the thread that keeps the Inspiration flowing and a welcomed addition to the post.